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Nexa Resources: Sustainable Mining Strategy Organization of the Year - Brazil THE BUSINESS CONCEPT. CSR Excellence Awards 2023

The Business Concept is delighted to launch the CSR Excellence Awards as we aim to recognise the firms and individuals who implement CSR concepts into their day-to-day operations. The Business Concept covers all aspects of the business world, and with this in mind, we feel it’s important to pay attention to those who remain conscious of how their business can evolve and adapt to positively impact society and the environment. After all, its not just about what you deliver, it’s how you deliver it! Over the past few years, CSR initiatives have become increasingly prevalent and have been adopted by businesses who intend to give back to society. Here at The Business Concept, we want to commend this endeavor as it demonstrates an increased awareness of an evolving society, plus an awareness of the important role that businesses can play in promoting ethical behaviour and attitudes. The CSR Excellence Awards 2023 will encompass all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether your business is an advocate for ethical, environmental, philanthropic, or financial initiatives (or a mixture of the above!), we welcome your participation and look forward to discovering how strive to make a difference. Sofi Parry - Senior Editor CSR Excellence Awards 2023.

Contents 4. MNG Airlines: CSR-Focused Airline of the Year - EMEA 6. SoftwareOne Holding AG: Best Software Solutions In-House ESG Specialist (UK): Laura Mozden 8. DOC Cleaning Limited: Most Sustainable Multi-Disciplinary Cleaning Company - UK 10. Team ITG: Best Sustainable Technology Led Marketing Agency - Europe 12. Nexa Resources: Sustainable Mining Strategy Organization of the Year - Brazil 14. Bentley Motors: Best For Social Sustainability in Luxury Automotive Manufacturing 15. Wilton & Bain: Best CSR & Sustainability Recruitment Provider - Europe 16. ESG Portfolio Management GmbH: Most Impactful ESG Management Firm - Germany 17. Power NI: Sustainable Electricity Supplier of the Year - Northern Ireland & Customer Service Excellence Award 18. Diversey: Best Hygiene & Infection Prevention Cleaning Solutions Company South East Asia & Best Personal Hygiene Circular Economy Initiative (South East Asia): Soap for Hope 19. Bleckmann: Best CSR-Focused Logistics Company - Netherlands 20. JinkoSolar Co., Ltd: Most Impactful Solar Panel Solutions Company & Zero Carbon Excellence Award 21. Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming: Best Responsible Gambling Program 22. Moog Inc.: Best Carbon Emissions Reduction Program 23. Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited: ESG Consulting Firm of the Year - Hong Kong 24. Themis International Services Ltd: Best Global AI-Powered Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

CSR-Focused Airline of the Year - EMEA MNG Airlines, Turkey’s first private cargo airline, began running scheduled cargo services in 1997 to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with a mid-range Airbus A300. Its fleet has since expanded to include four Airbus A300-600, two Airbus A330300F, two Airbus A321F and an A330-200F. The airline now operates across various countries, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from global corporations to small businesses. The business aims to become an industrial leader for its unparalleled services and client-oriented approach. MNG Airlines has previously been listed as one of the best A300/A310 operators in the world and has received six awards from Airbus. Its extensive services include scheduled and charter flights, cargo and ground handling and warehousing. With its charter flights, MNG Airlines offers clients customised plane and capacity options. The company also provides additional ad hoc services for major airlines, integrators, and acclaimed brokers. MNG Airlines boasts a fully equipped warehouse performing customs warehouse registry, stacking, cargo search, and cargo delivery procedures operating under İstanbul Airport Customs (IGA). In 2000, the warehouse underwent renovations to increase its service capacity and now has a volume of 60,000 m3 and 7,000 Euro-palette capacity. Additionally, the company has facilities in Izmir, Ankara, Adana, and Antalya, ensuring efficient cargo handling and further solidifying their commitment to streamlined operations. With its unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility, MNG Airlines is a pioneer in its industry. The airline is dedicated to integrating sustainable principles across all its operations to minimise its impact on the planet. Client testimonials and case studies demonstrate the significant effect of the company’s sustainability initiatives and have made the company clients’ preferred choice. To create meaningful change, the business continually invests in technology, nurtures a culture of innovation, and is committed to ethical business practices. MNG Airlines is also passionate about fostering community engagement and collaborates with local organisations and businesses. The airline leads the way with its sustainable practices which help to build a more resilient business environment. In the rapidly evolving aviation sector, MNG Airlines is dedicated to improving its flight systems based on the latest technological advances. The company prioritises safety, security, and quality throughout its operations. Its main objective is to maintain a continuous management system, enhanced by its safety and security systems to provide complete customer satisfaction. Customers are at the heart of MNG Airlines, and the company aims to meet their individual needs with ad hoc and scheduled flights to over 60 destinations across four continents. Through its reliable and consistent delivery services, the business ensures that clients’ cargo always arrives on time and in excellent condition. MNG Airlines has fostered a dynamic and supportive company culture that places emphasis on innovation, excellence, and environmental stewardship. In its inclusive environment, employees are celebrated for their individual contributions, and ongoing training ensures that staff contribute to driving positive change. Moving forward, MNG Airlines is dedicated to further advancing its sustainability efforts. In the near future, the company plans to invest in eco-friendly technologies and alternative fuels and increase its community engagement initiatives. As of 2024, MNG Airlines will launch a new comprehensive sustainability strategy, outlining specific goals and actions for the coming years. This detailed plan demonstrates the business’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for the air cargo industry. The future looks bright for MNG Airlines as it continues to lead the industry with its dedication to eco-friendly practices and community wellbeing. Its evolution is defined by its unparalleled focus on safety, security, and precision which has solidified the company as a trusted partner in global logistics. MNG Airlines remains steadfast in its commitment to technological innovation, enhancing its systems to provide clients with increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. By employing innovative strategies and technologies, the business is able to provide reliable and consistent services while practising environmental stewardship. With its ethical and sustainable logistic solutions, MNG Airlines has become the airline of choice for its many valued customers. For its winning combination of innovation and corporate sustainability, we have bestowed MNG Airlines with a CSR Excellence Award. Contact Details Contact: Gamze Ete Kuran Company: MNG Airlines Web Address: https://www.mngairlines.com/ Dec23094 Established in 1996, MNG Airlines is a prominent air cargo carrier that emphasises exceptional customer experience, innovation, and environmental responsibility. As specialists in air freight services, the airline delivers goods with speed, security, and precision while practising environmental stewardship. In its pursuit of social and environmental responsibility, the company has become a trusted partner in the global logistics industry. MNG Airlines’ unification of technological innovation and corporate social responsibility has led the company to receive our award for CSR-Focused Airline of the Year – EMEA.


Before delving deeper into SoftwareOne’s ESG strategy specifically, the company serves as a leading provider of software, cloud, data and AI solutions, with 9,250 employees and 7,500 independent software vendors in 90 countries... Seven core values guide the company through its operations, with its ESG strategy having been nestled into the wider business strategy ever since it was introduced 3 years ago. As for these values, they pride staying humble, remaining customer focused, keeping employees satisfied, being fast and efficient, radiating passion, maintaining integrity, and embodying discipline across the board. Head of Global ESG Laura Mozden is being celebrated with this award for her prowess in the field of ESG, and prior to diving into the specifics of the company’s policy and the tremendous journey that it has undertaken so far, it is important to note Laura’s centrality to this story, even though specific names are sparse due to the united front of those at SoftwareOne, particularly when it comes to matters of the environment and responsibility. Working with the company’s leadership and Board of Directors, Laura is ultimately responsible for developing and building the company’s sustainability and diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging programmes, arguably the biggest and most important elements of its overarching strategy. Moreover, it is Laura’s duty to oversee the development of the company’ ESG report, from where much of the information for this article has been sourced, as well as ensuring alignment with regulations and standards that extend to also include local and international laws. Something that is touched on below but lends itself to being mentioned in greater detail here, Laura too is the primary candidate for presenting some of the business’ most senior members with the relevant reports on all ESG topics. To this end, Laura has chaired multiple committee meetings in the past on such topics and has honed her skills in the fields of programme and project management. Now, regarding SoftwareOne’s ESG structure and framework specifically, its approach is six-fold, beginning with its Board of Directors and cascading down to three committees that serve to represent the environmental, social, and governance of ESG respectively. Notably, Laura sits on the company’s ESG Team, existing at the heart of this framework, and whose job it is to uphold the governance of ESG, implementing strategic objectives relating to this goal, and communicating these effectively with senior members of the leadership team. Only through this clear and robust framework which emphasises the importance of all across the business can a strategy be formed that achieves the company’s local and global aims. Aligning closely with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has also proven key to success, and of the 17 goals outlined by the UN, SoftwareOne has narrowed things down to 7 of the most Best Software Solutions In-House ESG Specialist (UK): Laura Mozden It is common knowledge that climate change is having a profound impact on us and our planet, and SoftwareOne Holding AG is well-aware of the role it must play in contributing towards an increasingly sustainable future. Such a commitment has resulted in an ESG programme that continues to strive for positive impact within the organisation and the array of communities in which it operates. Since the programme was launched in 2021, those within the company have been unanimous in its support, and this is something that is set only to continue as it increases in complexity and effectiveness. More than just a business ethos, this mindset rather dictates humanity’s future, as only by working together can truly beneficial changes be attained.

7. important. These selections were made based on a host of factors, from addressing stakeholder intereststhrough to utilising the results the company found in the undertaking of a materiality assessment, something discussed further below. For now, these 7 highlyprioritised goals are, #4 – quality education, #5 – gender equality, #8 – decent work and economic growth, #10 – reduced inequalities, #11 – sustainable cities and communities, #13 – climate action, and #17 – partnership for the goals. Upon setting out on its ESG journey back in 2021, Laura and the team sought to know more about the wider aspirations for the programme, and this soon led to the construction of a materiality assessment, something that was completed in four stages. These stages were as follows: identifying key stakeholders, benchmarking the organisation against technical materiality requirements of peers, interviewing, discussing, and assessing these topics to understand their impact, and finally, putting said results into a materiality matrix, which maps the impact of each topic and its relevance to the overall business. Through this mode of assessment, topics could then easily be ordered, ranging from significant to most significant on the x axis, and important to more important on the y axis. After careful plotting, the team found that the that the most important elements for them were the privacy and data protection of clients, and diversity and equal opportunities for all. Leveraging these results, an effective, tailored ESG strategy was created centred around five commitments. These are, being climate responsible, helping to cut downstream emissions, promoting an inclusive and diverse culture, supporting positive digital transformation, and furthering corporate governance. Having focused specifically on the past, it is now time to shift gears to the present and future of SoftwareOne, beginning with its ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, hitting its climate responsibility goal. Since the company provides software, cloud, data and AI solutions, it does not manufacture physical products.. Thus, its scope 1 and 2 emissions relate largely to its office spaces and energy consumption, heating, and cooling, as well as office waste and company vehicles. In addressing these concerns, the team are transitioning to use renewable energy across their offices, as well as switching to electric company vehicles and doubling down on internal recycling initiatives. When it comes to the company cutting its downstream emissions, this process revolves predominantly around aiding clients on their own ESG journeys, assisting them by reducing their carbon footprints. This is achieved through a Cloud Sustainability programme, which has been implemented for the purposes of providing clients with emissions data that is specific and accurate, as well as invaluable advice that can aid in a company’s understanding of the complex nature of cloud emissions, and how to advance their measurement, compliance and optimize through Cloud Financial Operations or FInOps.. This represents SoftwareOne’s wider commitments within the space, as not only is it interested in its own policies, but also those of its clients and partners. The third element of this strategy is promoting a culture that is inclusive and diverse, something that has always been challenging in the traditionally male-dominated technology industry. A couple of years ago, women made up just 27% of employees across the industry, and only 14% of these were from minority backgrounds. Taking the steps to remedy this, SoftwareOne’s spanning of a multitude of continents and geographies creates an atmosphere that is positive and welcoming for all, with everybody being afforded equal opportunities for learning and development and afforded a harmoniouswork-life balance. Moreover, the company has created SoftwareOne Impact, an initiative that helps nonprofits leverage technology for good, furthering the scale and success of their mission areas, and providing opportunities to local communities and those that need them most. Across this noble cause, the primary incentive is to empower through technology, creating programmes that can directly benefit the communities in which the company operates, and its people live. Spanning multiple industries from the environmental to healthcare, education, and humanitarian, successful partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have really helped the team to further their reach and increase the impact of this noble incentive. Finally, the fifth element comprising this five-point ESG strategy is centred on SoftwareOne furthering its corporate governance, something that it does not only through a fantastic compliance programme, but also by remaining acutely aware of the new issues brought about when the business expands. The team have revelled in the opportunity to manage the risks of any unethical behaviour and promote compliance more generally, with employees and third parties being kept well informed on matters pertaining to conflicts of interest, anti-corruption, and third-party risk. Heading this up has been the company’s compliance team, who have collaborated effectively with the cybersecurity, data privacy, and legal teams. To finish, SoftwareOne has a series of ambitions for 2030 that it is seeking to reach, with these spanning three areas, climate commitment, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Its climate commitment ambitions are to secure net zero for scope 1 and 2 to reduce its footprint, simultaneously aiding its clients to do the same. Regarding social responsibility, these are to become a globally recognised employer of choice for diversity and provide digital services to 3000 nonprofits or communities. For corporate governance, ambitions include making code of conduct training mandatory, promoting a ‘speak-up’ culture, obtaining 1000 supplier ESG assessments, and improving data protection. With such a complex and rigorous understanding and implementation of ESG across its services, the business is well on its way to achieving its targets, and it is easy to see why SoftwareOne Holding AG is a global leader in the field, representing an unwavering commitment to our planet and communities in a way that few other organisations around the world do. We are proud to champion Laura Mozden with this award, for her excellent in-house solutions in the field that have made all of this possible and wish and her and the rest of the team the best of luck for the future. Contact: Laura Mozden Company: SoftwareOne Holding AG Web Address: https://report.softwareone.com/esg22/ Dec23154

Over fifty years after its inception, DOC Cleaning has expanded to a staff of 1,500 employees and an annual turnover in excess of £30 million. In January 2008, the company was honoured with a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, which DOC proudly retained for a decade. Operating predominantly in London and the Southeast, the company has now expanded its operations to provide its comprehensive services throughout the UK. Its clients value DOC’s commitment to quality work, demonstrated through long-term customers who have been with the company for more than 50 years. DOC Cleaning offers the highest standards of cleaning services, based on science. The DOC team strives to continually innovate and improve its performance and working practices. Services encompass everything from window cleaning to specialist and sanitation services. Its highly skilled team works across areas including office premises, landmark buildings, and public and retail attractions. DOC is proud to include some of the world’s most iconic businesses, museums, and attractions in its extensive portfolio. With the support of its trained workforce, the company offers specialist services such as carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, external maintenance, and much more. DOC is committed to signposting recycling opportunities for clients to help them reduce their impact on the environment. Through its approved partners, the business’s sanitation services include waste collection and disposal, waste destruction, waste management, and recycling. DOC recognises the impact that cleaning services have on the environment and led the green cleaning revolution many years ago by incorporating eco-friendly products. DOC is focused on empowering people and communities through charity, employee welfare, environmental initiatives, and training opportunities. To create a positive impact, the company has developed a robust strategy aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Beyond Cleaning, its sustainability strategy, outlines long-term goals that will ensure DOC makes transparent annual progress. The strategy can be broken down into four key pillars: empowerment, inspiring action, leaving a positive legacy, and creating safer spaces. The company is dedicated to taking essential climate action by utilising the power of collaboration and inspiring change in its stakeholders and the wider industry. By nurturing strong relationships with suppliers, the business creates safe spaces and delivers sustainable solutions to fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities. With its four-year plan, DOC is committed to providing honest and ethical services to benefit its clients and valued communities. DOC’s focus is also on achieving Net Zero and devising workable innovative solutions to meet this goal. On the company’s strategy, Jeff Silver, Head of ESG at DOC says, “Before embarking on our strategy, we maintained that anything that we do would be evidence based with tangible results, and not a greenwashing statement without substance”. The company can highlight the results of their Net Zero project as a perfect example. After carrying out an analysis of emission scopes one, two, and three, in Summer 2023, DOC Cleaning was able to have accurate data to measure its carbon footprint, set a certified Net Zero goal of being a Carbon Net Zero company by 2040 – 10 years ahead of government deadline, and have a fully documented action plan on how this will be achieved. The company has also set an interim target of 64% reduction in emissions by 2030. Targets have been third party verified by our CSR certification partner, Planet Mark, and aligned to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global initiative to tackle environmental impact and set science-based climate targets. DOC Cleaning is within the top 10% of UK registered companies, and first independent cleaning company to have achieved this level of commitment. As leaders in our industry, we feel our experience can help drive the CSR goals of current and potential clients. Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC, commented, “The progress we have made from our strategy demonstrates a full understanding of the subject of CSR. Furthermore, our governance structure around CSR ensures that everyone, at every level, has some responsibility and we ensure that understanding is tailored to the needs of that role so we can provide the relevant but correct level of client service.” Just as important is the social value of products used. Jeff Silver, is currently working to with a social enterprise called Amplify Goods, to provide a unique Net Positive Impact brand soap to clients. Amplify Goods provides businesses with net-zero circular supply chain solutions and uses the profits to support changemakers around the world. Pink pearlized soap and handwash, currently used in offices and public facilities all over the UK, has been proven to be harmful to human health and creates substantial waste that is damaging to the environment. In comparison, Amplify Goods’ products are biodegradable, vegan, safe Most Sustainable Multi-Disciplinary Cleaning Company - UK Established in 1972 as a small family business, DOC Cleaning has since grown into a thriving enterprise with an emphasis on high standards, building trusting relationships, and family values. At its core, the company focuses on cleaning buildings to an exceptional standard, upholding the reputation of its esteemed clients, and nurturing a positive environment for its staff. Its hardworking team understands that a cleaner property is a more efficient property and aims to create great experiences and safer spaces through its work. This year, we have awarded DOC Cleaning with a CSR Excellence Award for its outstanding work.

9. for aquatic systems, and manufactured in the UK from RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. The brand offers hardy dispenser bottles in place of single-use plastic and a reverse supply chain to collect, clean, and refill bulk containers. Through its network of suppliers, Amplify Goods is dedicated to continually improving its ingredients, packaging, logistics, waste streams, and energy management. The future of DOC will involve the company expanding outside of London to larger UK cities as well as exploring new industry sectors that would benefit from its comprehensive services. In 2024, the business will release its first annual report based on the Beyond Cleaning strategy, which will outline its tangible progress and plans for moving forward. In the coming year, DOC will also hold its first Employee Annual Awards to recognise the valuable contributions of its workforce. DOC Cleaning is a family company that prides itself on maintaining high quality standards and fostering meaningful relationships with clients. With its exceptional services, the business delivers positive experiences and creates efficient, safer environments for clients’ customers, staff, and visitors. DOC is dedicated to empowering people and communities to take the necessary steps to protect the planet for future generations. With Beyond Cleaning, its innovative sustainability strategy, the company aims to achieve a Net-Zero goal and create a positive impact on society. Through its extensive suite of services, DOC delivers sustainable solutions with bespoke cleaning founded by science. Moving forward, the business will continue to innovate and enhance its eco-friendly services to revolutionise the cleaning industry. For its unrivalled commitment to excellence, DOC Cleaning has received our award for this year’s Most Sustainable MultiDisciplinary Cleaning Company – UK. Contact Details Contact: Jeff Silver Company: DOC Cleaning Limited Web Address: www.doccleaning.co.uk Dec23183

Best Sustainable Technology Led Marketing Agency - Europe Since being founded back in 2009, Team ITG has been revolutionising the way that the industry operates, one campaign at a time. 2023 saw the company put an even sharper focus on ‘People & Planet’, making major strides in reducing its environmental impact and refining its approach to social consciousness. Employees are increasingly looking to work for businesses that share their values, and Team ITG’s industry-leading approach to social and environmental issues is a key reason why it’s able to attract and retain top marketing talent. And it’s not simply a case of boosting moral – these initiatives also saw the company receive the second tier of accreditation from Best Companies in 2023. Similarly, consumers are also becoming more socially conscious, making them more likely to support organisations that embody strong morals and ethical practices. Team ITG is one such organisation, with innovations such as state-of-the-art Virtual Production technology at the company’s Capture Studios offering a sustainable alternative to traditional film and photography shoots – reducing travel by creating ultra-realistic CG environments in a studio rather than journeying to multiple locations around the world. On its environmental work, Carl says, “We support our clients wherever possible to deliver sustainability initiatives that have a real impact. For example, we’ve helped numerous brands reduce waste from print POS by putting new ways of working in place, such as enabling individual stores or locations to order exactly what they need through our marketing technology, rather than relying on estimates from the central marketing team. We also look for opportunities to transition clients from traditional print POS to digital signage, which improves their sustainability credentials in the long run.” ISO 14001, 50001 and SA8000 certifications are indicative of Team ITG’s proactive approach to managing social and environmental issues – and by staying ahead of the curve in this regard, the team are also able to protect the company’s reputation and the financial side of the business. An EcoVadis Gold rating has been secured for the last two years (with the score rising in 2023), demonstrating its commitment to ethical sourcing and reducing resource consumption, with waste disposal costs being mitigated and overall energy efficiency increased. According to Carl, “Social and environmental consciousness is not only a responsible business practice, but also a strategic imperative in today’s global business landscape. More importantly, though, it’s just the right thing to do. “2023 saw us fully calculate our carbon footprint and officially become Climate Partner Certified. This means we’re committed to setting reduction targets and offsetting our residual emissions to ensure our UK operations are completely carbon neutral.” Things don’t end here – the ITG Impact Forest saw one million trees planted in Africa, helping to restore natural landscapes and enhance biodiversity in areas negatively impacted by climate change. When the planted trees reach maturity, it’s estimated that the project will offset approximately 475k tonnes of CO2. This is set to continue into 2024 and will take on a more global feel, covering the territories that Team ITG operate in (Europe, America and Asia-Pacific). Given that one of the company’s overarching goals is to be globally recognised as a leading sustainable marketing agency, this year it will produce a full sustainability report – showcasing how this is more than just a commitment, and in fact something that informs decisions and actions on a daily basis. As Carl explains, “We aim to avoid jumping on sustainability trends as a box-ticking exercise, and instead set our own agenda. Innovation is central to everything we do across Team ITG, and plays a big part in driving us to explore and implement cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies and practices.” CSR in a modern business setting can be broken down into a series of key elements, and Team ITG has made it its mission to tackle each head on, resulting in a comprehensive all-round approach. Beginning with environmental responsibility, the business already has a number of certifications (detailed above) that more than meet these requirements. In addition, as of Q3 2023, all of the company’s UK-based sites run on electricity that is 100% renewable. Second in this list of defining CSR characteristics is diversity, equity and inclusion, something driven by the company through its established network of Diversity Champions (sitting within Team ITG’s wider Wellbeing programme), and the incorporation of DEI across all elements of the business. The Wellbeing team, incidentally, were named ‘Team of the Year’ at the 2023 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards. In terms of community engagement and philanthropy, Team ITG has several core initiatives in these areas. Employees are provided with one day of paid leave each year to volunteer for a cause close to their hearts, the company has a charity donation matching scheme, and it supports a variety of charities and organisations in communities local to its offices. Dec23329 Transforming the way that some of the world’s most renowned brands approach their marketing, Team ITG offers end-to-end marketing services spanning fields such as strategy and creative; film, television, and photography; creative production; data and insights; digital performance marketing; apps and websites; digital and print management; as well as marketing technology. Clients include Sky, KFC, Puma, Costa, Virgin Media, and Renault, with Team ITG working on some of their biggest campaigns in a socially and environmentally conscious fashion. Head of Health, Safety, Sustainability & Facilities – Carl Brooks – tells us more about the company’s dedication to delivering world-class marketing with sustainability at its heart.

11 As we’ve touched on above, Wellbeing is a key pillar of Team ITG’s culture and employees also get a paid Wellbeing Day to take as they see fit, along with access to a host of resources around this subject (ranging from seminars to vital mental health contact links) through a dedicated online portal. A newly released LMS platform has made CSR training mandatory across the company, helping Team ITG to uphold its ethics and values while implementing its vision for the future. Of course, none of this would be possible without full buy-in from the workforce. Employees have the opportunity to become Sustainability Ambassadors, and the carefully nurtured culture emphasises the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Collaboration and innovation are championed throughout the business, and the overall sense of positivity around the culture is seen not simply as a way to boost morale, but as a cornerstone of Team ITG’s success. Upholding this culture requires awareness and continual maintenance of a number of key elements. The first of these revolves around inclusive leadership, with the company’s leadership team keen to ensure that their workplace equally values the thoughts and opinions of every employee. Carl opens up on this a little further, stating, “We prioritise diverse perspectives and actively seek input from all our team members to give everyone a real sense of belonging and contribution. Open communication is the lifeblood of a healthy culture, whether that’s through regular team meetings, committee meetings or digital communication channels. Everyone has a platform to share their ideas, along with any concerns.” As we’ve touched on, employee development is integral for attracting and retaining talent across Team ITG’s expert departments, as is recognition of outstanding work. The business’ quarterly employee award programme goes that extra mile in crafting a positive atmosphere and highlighting the amazing work that is carried out each and every day. Flexible policies around home and office work also contribute to a feeling of validation, helping to reduce burnout and supporting the notion that a happy, well-rested team is more likely to deliver the outstanding creative work that sets Team ITG apart. Group CEO, Simon Ward, says, “I’ve always been of the opinion that our people are what makes this company so special. Creating the culture that we enjoy at Team ITG doesn’t happen overnight – it’s been a conscious effort ever since the business was formed in 2009, and it needs outstanding people at every level to bring it all together. I’m incredibly proud of how much we’ve achieved with regards to what we know as ‘People & Planet’, and while the progress (especially in recent years) has been phenomenal, it’s also built on a recognition that there’s always more we can do, and a real desire to make it happen.” With a happy and hardworking team, Team ITG believes that the rest of 2024 will see greater expansion of its ongoing CSR commitments, whether that’s implementing carbon reduction measures aligned to science-based targets, or the release of the aforementioned sustainability report. The company has also set itself the ambitious goal of surpassing its EcoVadis Gold rating, and finally achieving the coveted Platinum status that it so narrowly missed out on in 2023. These future plans are all geared towards Team ITG operating in an entirely environmentally and socially conscious manner, and it’s clearly on the way to meeting that goal. Contact: Carl Brooks Company: Team ITG Web Address: https://teamitg.com/esg

Sustainable Mining Strategy Organization of the Year - Brazil Originating from the establishment of Companhia Mineira de Metais (CMM) in Brazil back in 1956, Nexa Resources has spent decades growing and reinventing itself, solidifying its status as one of the leading producers of zinc in the world. The Nexa Resources brand was created in 2017 and represented the merging of the company’s previously separate Brazilian and Peruvian operations into one, guided by identical principles. Zinc produced in these Latin America mines is used in industries across the world, with applications spanning agriculture to aeroplane manufacturing. In a similar vein, the business’ copper is used in the production of cars and smartphones, and both materials are used in crafting renewable energy. With more than 65 years of experience under its belt to leverage and eyes fixed firmly on the future, a couple of years ago in 2022, the company made the public pledge to expand its ESG focus. This involved the implementing of a clear and meticulously designed strategy for the next several years, laying the groundwork for a series of goals it aims to achieve by 2030, and further targets for well into the future, with these predominantly spanning the environmental and the social, supported by a robust governance structure. Centring their operations around an ethos of driving a mining strategy that changes the world, the team were acutely aware of the necessity of aligning their operations with increasing demands for sustainable practice. Six polymetallic mines are operated by the company, with three of these being situated in Peru - Cerro Lindo, El Porvenir, and Atacocha, two in the state of Minas Gerais – Vazante and Morro Agudo, and Aripuanã in Mato Grosso, the newest and arguably most impressive. In addition to these six mining outfits, three zinc smelters are in operation, Cajamarquilla, in Peru, and Três Marias and Juiz de Fora, in Brazil, all of which are responsible for zinc production, as well as zinc oxide and a series of other by-products. Cajamarquilla also happens to be one of the world’s largest zinc smelters by volume, and the largest across North and South America. More than 5,500 employees make up Nexa Resources’ workforce, and more than 8,500 permanent contractors and 3,795 temporary contractors complete these operations, with contractors largely operating in the fields of technology deployment, automation, engineering, and mineral exploration. Working in an industry that can be dangerous at times, the safety of all concerned continues to be of the uppermost priority for the company, with its operations being focused largely on ways to constantly improve safety protocols, achieved through the undertaking of detailed identification and management of risks, as well as the improvement of standards, and the implementation of effective controls. 2022 saw further evolution within the company, with it realising its growth ambition by ramping up its activities at Matto Grosso’s Aripuanã mine, a project developed with strict adherence to this ESG strategy, specifically the elements regarding a performance that was sustainably sound and bolstered by a design that was low cost and would yield a long life. This mine and its adherence to ESG is discussed further below, but this project ultimately serves as Nexa Resources’ largest development in Brazil, costing $632m, and it is expected that once the mine reaches fruition, more than 70% of the zinc that the company smelts will come from its own mines, up from the approximately 50% in 2022. That same year, the company attained a record EBITDA of $760m, welcomed a new CEO, and as previously mentioned, set about significantly expanding, updating, and strengthening its ESG strategy. Since 2022 also saw huge impacts on the global economy stemming Jan24394 Nexa Resources is driven by a relentless mission to impactfully integrate sustainable mining practices into our ever-changing world, with its eight operations that are distributed between Brazil and Peru, three refineries and six mines, serving the global market in a way that causes minimal disruption to the environment. Accounting for approximately 4% of the world’s zinc production and acting as Latin America’s only metallic zinc producer outside of Mexico, Nexa Resources is also a keen producer of copper, lead, silver, and gold as by-products. Across this operation, sound governance standards and a robust structure are in place that allow for operations to be carried out effectively and ethically on a global scale, paving the way for the future of the mining industry.

13 from conflict and the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as environmental impacts in the form of heavy rains across Brazil, the company relied on its new and robust strategy and expert teams more than ever before. This strategy is discussed in depth below, but it covers a wealth of areas, including several long-term priority commitments in such key fields as water use/disposal, safety, plurality (spanning diversity, equity, and inclusion), and reducing CO2 emissions. Much of this was made possible by the team establishing a holding on the financial markets through trading on the New York Stock Exchange, something that was carried out in order to generate the business’ cash strategy to aid its efforts in attaining these newly implemented goals. Aided by such initiatives, 2022 also saw the company produce just shy of 300,000 tonnes of zinc in its mines, fortifying its frontrunner position in the realm of sustainable mining solutions. The sustainable mining strategy that has afforded Nexa Resources this award consists primarily of two key areas, business strategy and ESG strategy. This business strategy can be further divided into four sub-categories, performance, growth, culture, and ESG. Regarding performance, the team remain wholly focused on generating a consistent, sustainable cash flow by embodying such qualities as operational excellence and cost and capital management, as well as the maximising of revenue. For growth, this includes the company expanding its operations with emphasis on copper, in addition to expanding its zinc market share by increasing the scope of the projects that it undertakes in this area. As for culture, the strategy in this area is centred around building an organisation that is agile and increasingly resilient, something that can be attained by leaders radiating inspiration and nurturing a positive internal culture, providing a working environment that is diverse and dynamic, preparing employees for engagement with sustained prosperity well into the future. ESG is discussed in increased detail in the second half of this strategy, however, it remains a cornerstone of the company’s business strategy, where in short, the goal is to achieve continuous improvement from both a business and ethical standpoint by reinforcing a demonstrable commitment to environmental, social, and governance aspects. Nexa Resources’ ESG plan has been expertly structured around 9 levers (climate change; natural capital; responsible production; human rights; social legacy; health, safety, and well-being; people and culture; integrity; and ESG accountability) and 17 sub-levers (emissions reduction and carbon neutrality, water use and discharge, biodiversity and land-use, management of tailings deposits, waste management (circular economy), decommissioning, human rights, social license to operate, local development, safety, occupational health, well-being, plurality, training and development, ethics and transparency, sustainable value chain, and ESG corporate governance rituals) that expertly span the three dimensions of ESG. Included within this extensive network are the aforementioned commitments for 2030, with these consisting of reducing scope 1 emissions by 20% (or the equivalent of 52,000 tonnes of CO2), a 10% reduction in water consumption across mining operations, 30% of the company’s workforce being women, and a further 30% of women occupying leadership positions, as well as zero fatalities across its operations and the consolidation of all units regarding the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR). Across all elements of the business, there are a total of 169 targets set to be achieved by 2030, with these tackling such key areas as poverty, health, education, and energy. Aripuanã serves as the embodiment of these ESG principles, with this huge project having been commissioned thanks to a series of state-of-the-art technologies and overall operational excellence and a commitment to sustainability that has set a new benchmark for the company and other mining operations alike. For example, a dry stacking method is used for tailings disposal, helping to avoid the use of tailings dams and generating a high reuse rate for water. Furthermore, the project has been incredibly diverse, with 34% of people taken on to its training programme being women, and the general workforce for the project being comprised of a force of 27% women. Guided by a series of long-term commitments and an unparalleled ESG strategy within the mining industry in its region, Nexa Resources has solidified itself as being a worthy recipient of this title and award. The company is setting the gold standard for the future of the industry through its sustainable methods, and the fact that it is able to execute these in such an efficient way as to be one of the world’s leading miners of zinc is an incredibly impressive feat. We wish everyone at the company the best of luck as they continue to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives in the field of ESG and wider CSR, and eagerly await what the team achieve next. Focus on building a positive social legacy Every year, Nexa aims to have an ever closer relationship with the communities in which it operates, based on collaborative work, co-creation of social actions and local sustainable development. By producing diagnoses and regional socio-economic characterization, Nexa aims to promote strategic social action focused on four macro-pillars: income generation, water, education and license to operate. In 2023, the company invested US$ 1,853,222 million in Brazil in development and impact initiatives in infrastructure and services, including social projects in the locations where we operate and projects with local public authorities, divided into 90 projects and 5 different cities. In the income generation pillar, the company promotes initiatives with institutions, partnerships capable of empowering local entrepreneurs and suppliers. Through training, it is possible to develop the local economy, leverage business and even promote access to new markets. In the area of water, the most notable project is the Gente Cuidando das Águas (People Caring for the Waters) project, which aims to provide broad knowledge about the functioning of the Santa Catarina River basin and the importance of its sustainable use in the town of Vazante, in the state of Minas Gerais. This initiative was the only Brazilian initiative among the 200 registered to present at the Regional Water Dialogue, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), which took place in Chile in February 2023. In the area of education, Nexa has the Environmental Education Program and the Education Enhancement Program, both of which aim to promote socio-educational activities related to sustainability, with a view to broadening environmental and social awareness to promote sustainable initiatives and a community environmental outlook. The projects developed by the company emphasize its constant quest to build a positive legacy, based on continuous and close dialogue with communities, striving for good relations and partnership building. Contact Details Contact: Cristiane Paschoin Company: Nexa Resources Web Address: https://www.nexaresources.com/en/nexa/

14. Best For Social Sustainability in Luxury Automotive Manufacturing For more than a century, Bentley Motors has been providing extraordinary luxury experiences for its customers. Founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919, headquartered in Crewe, Cheshire, in the UK, the cars are designed, engineered, and hand-crafted by over 4,000 dedicated colleagues. Through its prestigious history, the brand has become wellrespected and celebrated worldwide, but Bentley is not a company willing to rely on its past glories, made apparent by its intention to become the leader in sustainable luxury mobility. Reflecting its importance to the brand, sustainability is part of the corporate mission, to ‘inspire customers with a magical fusion of craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability.’ ALC is all about targeting and supporting key social issues to make sure Bentley focuses its efforts on the most pressing areas. To identify these issues, the team conducted a social audit, delivered with the Charities Aid Foundation. This audit involved many stakeholders, including Bentley’s board, colleagues, local council, national partners and community groups. The audit identified a range of salient societal issues and challenges, both local and national. The identified areas were then woven into the ALC Strategy and programme focus areas. Under the new ALC strategy, in 2023, Bentley supported more than 320 charitable donations across all regions of the UK. Key projects included the new UK wide ALC Small Grants programme, which in the first year of operation has a projected impact reach of 27,339 people. Under the new strategy, Bentley set up a new ALC Crewe Fund in partnership with the Cheshire Community Foundation, supporting projects in its hometown of Crewe with grants of up to £24,000 over a 12 month period. Since the launch, they have funded 20 projects helping over 10,000 people in the local community in Crewe. Bentley has continued to innovate with the setup of a new endowment fund. This is an invested fund, generating income for grant making. The fund will remain in place for the benefit of Crewe for eternity. A legacy for the town. The initial funds from the endowment have been used to set up a Crisis Fund with four local charities. The support given to the charities enables them to purchase goods or services, to alleviate crisis situations, delivering a truly grass roots programme. In the education space, Bentley worked as part of a collaborative group to establish the Crewe University Technical College (UTC) which launched in 2016. A specialist engineering and design college for 14–19-year-olds. As a founding partner, the company helped to secure £10.6 million of UK government investment. Bentley input into the UTC’s tailored curriculum and work closely with them, to feed in expert advice and make sure the curriculum keeps matching current and future manufacturing requirements. In 2023, Bentley delivered various projects with the students such as challenging them to design steering wheels for future BEV models to running CV masterclasses. With the advancement of the ALC strategy over the past year, this now serves as the perfect opportunity to celebrate Bentley for all of its achievements in the realm of social sustainability, celebrating its role and responsibility to society, making positive change, both locally and systemically. Contact: Michael McDermott Company: Bentley Motors Web Address: https://corporate.bentley/en/bentley-corporate.html Shortly after Bentley Motors unveiled its centenary concept car, the Bentley EXP 100 GT, the company launched the “Beyond100” strategy, outlining its plans to make a step change in the luxury sustainable automotive market, to become the world’s premier brand in this sector. Beyond100 has sustainability at its core, and reinvents every aspect of the business in order to deliver on the goal to become the leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility. This sustainability-focused transformation isn’t just about technology, it signifies a redefinition of Bentley’s enduring commitment to timeless luxury, environmental responsibility, engagement in social inclusion and innovative practices. In 2022, Bentley announced £2.5 billion for Sustainability related investments to support the Beyond100 strategy and transition to a full Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) portfolio. By 2026, Bentley aims to have wholeheartedly embraced electrification, with vehicles only being produced that are plug-in hybrid or battery electric. Moreover, Bentley is aiming to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by the end of 2030. However, looking beyond the product portfolio and environmental aspects, the award for social sustainability has been recognised due to the focus put on Community Investment as a key material topic for the business. Advancing Life Chances Bentley has a clear aim – “to support people and planet to thrive by advancing life chances.” To achieve this, Bentley developed and rolled out in 2023 the Advancing Life Chances (ALC) Strategy, which focuses on helping people: • to improve Access to essential services, • Empowering individuals and communities, • improving Quality of Life and • building a Better Future. Dec23248