CSR Excellence Awards 2023

13 from conflict and the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as environmental impacts in the form of heavy rains across Brazil, the company relied on its new and robust strategy and expert teams more than ever before. This strategy is discussed in depth below, but it covers a wealth of areas, including several long-term priority commitments in such key fields as water use/disposal, safety, plurality (spanning diversity, equity, and inclusion), and reducing CO2 emissions. Much of this was made possible by the team establishing a holding on the financial markets through trading on the New York Stock Exchange, something that was carried out in order to generate the business’ cash strategy to aid its efforts in attaining these newly implemented goals. Aided by such initiatives, 2022 also saw the company produce just shy of 300,000 tonnes of zinc in its mines, fortifying its frontrunner position in the realm of sustainable mining solutions. The sustainable mining strategy that has afforded Nexa Resources this award consists primarily of two key areas, business strategy and ESG strategy. This business strategy can be further divided into four sub-categories, performance, growth, culture, and ESG. Regarding performance, the team remain wholly focused on generating a consistent, sustainable cash flow by embodying such qualities as operational excellence and cost and capital management, as well as the maximising of revenue. For growth, this includes the company expanding its operations with emphasis on copper, in addition to expanding its zinc market share by increasing the scope of the projects that it undertakes in this area. As for culture, the strategy in this area is centred around building an organisation that is agile and increasingly resilient, something that can be attained by leaders radiating inspiration and nurturing a positive internal culture, providing a working environment that is diverse and dynamic, preparing employees for engagement with sustained prosperity well into the future. ESG is discussed in increased detail in the second half of this strategy, however, it remains a cornerstone of the company’s business strategy, where in short, the goal is to achieve continuous improvement from both a business and ethical standpoint by reinforcing a demonstrable commitment to environmental, social, and governance aspects. Nexa Resources’ ESG plan has been expertly structured around 9 levers (climate change; natural capital; responsible production; human rights; social legacy; health, safety, and well-being; people and culture; integrity; and ESG accountability) and 17 sub-levers (emissions reduction and carbon neutrality, water use and discharge, biodiversity and land-use, management of tailings deposits, waste management (circular economy), decommissioning, human rights, social license to operate, local development, safety, occupational health, well-being, plurality, training and development, ethics and transparency, sustainable value chain, and ESG corporate governance rituals) that expertly span the three dimensions of ESG. Included within this extensive network are the aforementioned commitments for 2030, with these consisting of reducing scope 1 emissions by 20% (or the equivalent of 52,000 tonnes of CO2), a 10% reduction in water consumption across mining operations, 30% of the company’s workforce being women, and a further 30% of women occupying leadership positions, as well as zero fatalities across its operations and the consolidation of all units regarding the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR). Across all elements of the business, there are a total of 169 targets set to be achieved by 2030, with these tackling such key areas as poverty, health, education, and energy. Aripuanã serves as the embodiment of these ESG principles, with this huge project having been commissioned thanks to a series of state-of-the-art technologies and overall operational excellence and a commitment to sustainability that has set a new benchmark for the company and other mining operations alike. For example, a dry stacking method is used for tailings disposal, helping to avoid the use of tailings dams and generating a high reuse rate for water. Furthermore, the project has been incredibly diverse, with 34% of people taken on to its training programme being women, and the general workforce for the project being comprised of a force of 27% women. Guided by a series of long-term commitments and an unparalleled ESG strategy within the mining industry in its region, Nexa Resources has solidified itself as being a worthy recipient of this title and award. The company is setting the gold standard for the future of the industry through its sustainable methods, and the fact that it is able to execute these in such an efficient way as to be one of the world’s leading miners of zinc is an incredibly impressive feat. We wish everyone at the company the best of luck as they continue to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives in the field of ESG and wider CSR, and eagerly await what the team achieve next. Focus on building a positive social legacy Every year, Nexa aims to have an ever closer relationship with the communities in which it operates, based on collaborative work, co-creation of social actions and local sustainable development. By producing diagnoses and regional socio-economic characterization, Nexa aims to promote strategic social action focused on four macro-pillars: income generation, water, education and license to operate. In 2023, the company invested US$ 1,853,222 million in Brazil in development and impact initiatives in infrastructure and services, including social projects in the locations where we operate and projects with local public authorities, divided into 90 projects and 5 different cities. In the income generation pillar, the company promotes initiatives with institutions, partnerships capable of empowering local entrepreneurs and suppliers. Through training, it is possible to develop the local economy, leverage business and even promote access to new markets. In the area of water, the most notable project is the Gente Cuidando das Águas (People Caring for the Waters) project, which aims to provide broad knowledge about the functioning of the Santa Catarina River basin and the importance of its sustainable use in the town of Vazante, in the state of Minas Gerais. This initiative was the only Brazilian initiative among the 200 registered to present at the Regional Water Dialogue, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), which took place in Chile in February 2023. In the area of education, Nexa has the Environmental Education Program and the Education Enhancement Program, both of which aim to promote socio-educational activities related to sustainability, with a view to broadening environmental and social awareness to promote sustainable initiatives and a community environmental outlook. The projects developed by the company emphasize its constant quest to build a positive legacy, based on continuous and close dialogue with communities, striving for good relations and partnership building. Contact Details Contact: Cristiane Paschoin Company: Nexa Resources Web Address: https://www.nexaresources.com/en/nexa/