CSR Excellence Awards 2023

Over fifty years after its inception, DOC Cleaning has expanded to a staff of 1,500 employees and an annual turnover in excess of £30 million. In January 2008, the company was honoured with a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, which DOC proudly retained for a decade. Operating predominantly in London and the Southeast, the company has now expanded its operations to provide its comprehensive services throughout the UK. Its clients value DOC’s commitment to quality work, demonstrated through long-term customers who have been with the company for more than 50 years. DOC Cleaning offers the highest standards of cleaning services, based on science. The DOC team strives to continually innovate and improve its performance and working practices. Services encompass everything from window cleaning to specialist and sanitation services. Its highly skilled team works across areas including office premises, landmark buildings, and public and retail attractions. DOC is proud to include some of the world’s most iconic businesses, museums, and attractions in its extensive portfolio. With the support of its trained workforce, the company offers specialist services such as carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, external maintenance, and much more. DOC is committed to signposting recycling opportunities for clients to help them reduce their impact on the environment. Through its approved partners, the business’s sanitation services include waste collection and disposal, waste destruction, waste management, and recycling. DOC recognises the impact that cleaning services have on the environment and led the green cleaning revolution many years ago by incorporating eco-friendly products. DOC is focused on empowering people and communities through charity, employee welfare, environmental initiatives, and training opportunities. To create a positive impact, the company has developed a robust strategy aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Beyond Cleaning, its sustainability strategy, outlines long-term goals that will ensure DOC makes transparent annual progress. The strategy can be broken down into four key pillars: empowerment, inspiring action, leaving a positive legacy, and creating safer spaces. The company is dedicated to taking essential climate action by utilising the power of collaboration and inspiring change in its stakeholders and the wider industry. By nurturing strong relationships with suppliers, the business creates safe spaces and delivers sustainable solutions to fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities. With its four-year plan, DOC is committed to providing honest and ethical services to benefit its clients and valued communities. DOC’s focus is also on achieving Net Zero and devising workable innovative solutions to meet this goal. On the company’s strategy, Jeff Silver, Head of ESG at DOC says, “Before embarking on our strategy, we maintained that anything that we do would be evidence based with tangible results, and not a greenwashing statement without substance”. The company can highlight the results of their Net Zero project as a perfect example. After carrying out an analysis of emission scopes one, two, and three, in Summer 2023, DOC Cleaning was able to have accurate data to measure its carbon footprint, set a certified Net Zero goal of being a Carbon Net Zero company by 2040 – 10 years ahead of government deadline, and have a fully documented action plan on how this will be achieved. The company has also set an interim target of 64% reduction in emissions by 2030. Targets have been third party verified by our CSR certification partner, Planet Mark, and aligned to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global initiative to tackle environmental impact and set science-based climate targets. DOC Cleaning is within the top 10% of UK registered companies, and first independent cleaning company to have achieved this level of commitment. As leaders in our industry, we feel our experience can help drive the CSR goals of current and potential clients. Lee Andrews, CEO of DOC, commented, “The progress we have made from our strategy demonstrates a full understanding of the subject of CSR. Furthermore, our governance structure around CSR ensures that everyone, at every level, has some responsibility and we ensure that understanding is tailored to the needs of that role so we can provide the relevant but correct level of client service.” Just as important is the social value of products used. Jeff Silver, is currently working to with a social enterprise called Amplify Goods, to provide a unique Net Positive Impact brand soap to clients. Amplify Goods provides businesses with net-zero circular supply chain solutions and uses the profits to support changemakers around the world. Pink pearlized soap and handwash, currently used in offices and public facilities all over the UK, has been proven to be harmful to human health and creates substantial waste that is damaging to the environment. In comparison, Amplify Goods’ products are biodegradable, vegan, safe Most Sustainable Multi-Disciplinary Cleaning Company - UK Established in 1972 as a small family business, DOC Cleaning has since grown into a thriving enterprise with an emphasis on high standards, building trusting relationships, and family values. At its core, the company focuses on cleaning buildings to an exceptional standard, upholding the reputation of its esteemed clients, and nurturing a positive environment for its staff. Its hardworking team understands that a cleaner property is a more efficient property and aims to create great experiences and safer spaces through its work. This year, we have awarded DOC Cleaning with a CSR Excellence Award for its outstanding work.