CSR Excellence Awards 2023

ESG Consulting Firm of the Year - Hong Kong In a world where investors hold strong opinions regarding a corporation’s commitment (or lack thereof) to matters of environmentalism and sustainability, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to ignore ESG, and thus necessary for them to source the right solutions that allow them to positively stand out in a crowded field. To this end, Ecomatrix pledges to help those organisations seeking change to add value to their businesses by integrating the latest and greatest in cutting-edge solutions on a company-wide basis, demonstrably assisting in daily business processes to create a culture that is more ESG compliant and happy to be so. There are four key elements that serve as defining values underpinning the effectiveness of Ecomatrix’s solutions, with these taking the form of holistic, effective, excellence, and genuine. Holistic serves to represent the all-encompassing approach taken by the company, one that is ultimately tailored, comprehensive, and robust, carried out on an end-to-basis and inclusive of an integrated assessment and service. The effective nature of such solutions represents the company driving a sustained change and an impact that is defined over a pre-established period of time, allowing both the company and client to be wholly satisfied with the finished outcome. Excellence is the third of these core values, with this highlighting Ecomatrix’s strive to attain best-in-class expertise and knowledge so as to provide excellent delivery that results in sustained success for its clients. Capping this off is a keen sense of remaining genuine, both in intention and practise, so as to deliver results that are visible, measurable, and result in a material difference. By adhering strictly to these four principles, the company is successfully bringing high-value ESG strategies to companies across a host of sectors, in an attempt to drive an increase in sustainability across China, Japan, and South Korea, countries which frequently rank low on sustainability scales. Aiding the company in achieving its goals is a five-fold strategy that spans consulting, training, reporting, scoring, and events. Consulting is of paramount importance for companies holding the outdated view that ESG is simply compliance, rather than a strategic and operational issue. With Ecomatrix’s stellar consulting services, senior leaders in client organisations are empowered to make sustainability a defining element of their corporate strategies. Consulting is just the first step of the process, with training being a necessary second to raise awareness of ESG’s importance and spur on the necessary behavioural changes that drive success. Ecomatrix’s training services provide a comprehensive and effective curriculum that demonstrably benefits management and internal/external stakeholders alike. In addition to this, the company’s reporting service takes the relevant findings from a series of analyses to aid clients in staying ahead of developments in their respective country or industry, enabling them to exceed compliance. With a commitment to driving ESG excellence in Asia, Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited proudly provides a series of end-to-end environmental, social, and governance solutions for corporations across the continent. Proudly serving enterprises, SMEs, and practitioners alike through a holistic approach to ESG that encompasses the areas of consulting, training, reporting, and scoring, the team at Ecomatrix have undertaken more than 50 successful projects, delivered more than 10k hours of training, and awarded more than 3k certifications, making significant progress in fortifying the future of Asia’s ESG landscape. Following on from this is a scoring system, something that allows for the understanding of an organisation’s ESG performance, measuring the changes made and assessing the necessary benchmarks and targets sought to be achieved. With this expert scoring solution in tow, the team bridge gaps by asking the relevant questions and fostering actionable insights. Events are the final area comprising this strategy, with these synergising the efforts made and encouraging continued collective action on how to further improve sustainability. Across these events, the team unite prominent experts and stakeholders under one shared vision – to yield genuine impact. One final area of note is the Ecomatrix CEP (Certified ESG Practitioners) Institute, which offers budding ESG practitioners a host of educational services through a detailed programme inclusive of training spanning both theory and practice. By building off of Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited’s extensive research and expertise in this area, clients are afforded the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field, resulting in the creation of the next generation of ESG specialists that can remain united in their goal of developing a more sustainable world. Contact Details Contact: Kenneth Cheung Company: Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited Web Address: https://ecomatrixesg.com/index.php