CSR Excellence Awards 2023

24. applies to companies operating in the EU with more than 500 employees and a net turnover of €150 million worldwide. The B-Corp movement has become more prevalent in the UK with more than 5,000 B Corps around the world, unified by a shared goal of building an inclusive and regenerative economic system. In March 2022, Themis was awarded a B-Corp certificate by B Lab, demonstrating the company’s high social and environmental performance. Themis has made a legal commitment by creating a transparent corporate governance structure and helping clients achieve benefit corporation status if available in their jurisdiction. The company exhibits transparency by allowing its performance to be measured by B Lab’s standards with the results publicly available on B Lab’s website; annually, Themis publishes its B Corp Impact Report. Looking to the future, Themis has big plans for 2024 including a collaboration with WWF to deliver a report and risk assessment toolkit on the links between deforestation, land conversion, organised crime, and the financial services industry. Additionally, Themis is working on a School of Financial Crime which will be launched in the coming year. The company also plans to increase its KYC outsourcing services and expand the capacity of its platform to meet the anti-financial crime requirements of governments. Themis is much more than a technology company; it is a purposedriven organisation dedicated to addressing the global challenges of financial crime. Through its innovative technology, research, training, investigation, and outsourcing capabilities, the company provides clients with the tools and knowledge to combat financial crime and reduce its global impact. Themis’s revolutionary platform and extensive software capabilities have led the company to receive this year’s award for Best Global AI-Powered Financial Crime Risk Management Platform. Contact: Lizzie Stewart (Head of Ops), Carel van Randwyck (Head of Impact), Dickon Johnstone (CEO) Company: Themis International Services Ltd Web Address: https://www.wearethemis.com/uk Best Global AI-Powered Financial Crime Risk Management Platform Themis is a leading provider of KYC/AML and other anti-financial crime solutions, dedicated to helping businesses manage financial risk, comply with regulations, and protect their customers. Through innovation, insight, intelligence, and insourcing, the company aims to reduce the global impacts of financial crime. Its award-winning KYC/AML platform helps clients of all sizes manage their financial crime exposure and understand these strategic threats. In addition, Themis conducts proprietary research and investigations to discover the latest criminal threats and techniques and uncover potential links to financial crime. For its pioneering solutions, we have bestowed Themis with a CSR Excellence Award. As an anti-crime financial crime platform, it is Themis’s mission to reduce the global impact of financial crime. The innovative company fulfils its mission through its core business and the Themis Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting victims of financial crime. Themis is an integrated, comprehensive anti-financial crime platform that provides the latest technology, research, training, investigation, and outsourcing capabilities. The cutting-edge platform is built by financial crime subject matter experts, and the entire team completes external ICA financial crime training as part of their role. This training ensures that the team can consistently meet clients’ requirements and build trusting relationships. To achieve its overarching mission, Themis aims to democratise due diligence, making it easier and faster for users of its platform to research their customers, suppliers, and other third parties. With tailored due diligence reports, the company helps clients identify any potential risks or links to financial crime. Themis is available as a pay-as-you-go model, making the technology more accessible for individuals and smaller businesses. The platform also provides jurisdictional and industry specific reports that investigate areas of concern in more detail as well as an anti-financial crime legal, regulatory, and institutional framework. Alongside its state-of-the-art platform, Themis has worked on several initiatives including an Anti-Slavery Hub, a toolkit for financial services firms to help combat modern slavery. Its free digital learning course has been offered to all UK financial institutions and is supported by the UK government and the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. Some of the most recent organisations to integrate this training into their operations include Citi Bank, Lloyds Bank, and Aviva. In 2023, the digital learning course was awarded the “Best Sustainable Investment Education Initiative” Winner by the Sustainable Investment Awards. There is an increasing focus by governments in the EU and UK on modern slavery and environmental crimes with pressure on companies to demonstrate that they are meeting ESG criteria. In January 2024, the EU Parliament and Commission reached a provisional deal on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), which aims to enhance the protection of the environment and human rights globally. The essential elements of this duty for companies are to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for negative human rights and environmental impacts in the company’s operations and value chains. The transparent framework Dec23354