CSR Excellence Awards 2023

11 As we’ve touched on above, Wellbeing is a key pillar of Team ITG’s culture and employees also get a paid Wellbeing Day to take as they see fit, along with access to a host of resources around this subject (ranging from seminars to vital mental health contact links) through a dedicated online portal. A newly released LMS platform has made CSR training mandatory across the company, helping Team ITG to uphold its ethics and values while implementing its vision for the future. Of course, none of this would be possible without full buy-in from the workforce. Employees have the opportunity to become Sustainability Ambassadors, and the carefully nurtured culture emphasises the importance of social and environmental responsibility. Collaboration and innovation are championed throughout the business, and the overall sense of positivity around the culture is seen not simply as a way to boost morale, but as a cornerstone of Team ITG’s success. Upholding this culture requires awareness and continual maintenance of a number of key elements. The first of these revolves around inclusive leadership, with the company’s leadership team keen to ensure that their workplace equally values the thoughts and opinions of every employee. Carl opens up on this a little further, stating, “We prioritise diverse perspectives and actively seek input from all our team members to give everyone a real sense of belonging and contribution. Open communication is the lifeblood of a healthy culture, whether that’s through regular team meetings, committee meetings or digital communication channels. Everyone has a platform to share their ideas, along with any concerns.” As we’ve touched on, employee development is integral for attracting and retaining talent across Team ITG’s expert departments, as is recognition of outstanding work. The business’ quarterly employee award programme goes that extra mile in crafting a positive atmosphere and highlighting the amazing work that is carried out each and every day. Flexible policies around home and office work also contribute to a feeling of validation, helping to reduce burnout and supporting the notion that a happy, well-rested team is more likely to deliver the outstanding creative work that sets Team ITG apart. Group CEO, Simon Ward, says, “I’ve always been of the opinion that our people are what makes this company so special. Creating the culture that we enjoy at Team ITG doesn’t happen overnight – it’s been a conscious effort ever since the business was formed in 2009, and it needs outstanding people at every level to bring it all together. I’m incredibly proud of how much we’ve achieved with regards to what we know as ‘People & Planet’, and while the progress (especially in recent years) has been phenomenal, it’s also built on a recognition that there’s always more we can do, and a real desire to make it happen.” With a happy and hardworking team, Team ITG believes that the rest of 2024 will see greater expansion of its ongoing CSR commitments, whether that’s implementing carbon reduction measures aligned to science-based targets, or the release of the aforementioned sustainability report. The company has also set itself the ambitious goal of surpassing its EcoVadis Gold rating, and finally achieving the coveted Platinum status that it so narrowly missed out on in 2023. These future plans are all geared towards Team ITG operating in an entirely environmentally and socially conscious manner, and it’s clearly on the way to meeting that goal. Contact: Carl Brooks Company: Team ITG Web Address: https://teamitg.com/esg