CSR Excellence Awards 2023

Before delving deeper into SoftwareOne’s ESG strategy specifically, the company serves as a leading provider of software, cloud, data and AI solutions, with 9,250 employees and 7,500 independent software vendors in 90 countries... Seven core values guide the company through its operations, with its ESG strategy having been nestled into the wider business strategy ever since it was introduced 3 years ago. As for these values, they pride staying humble, remaining customer focused, keeping employees satisfied, being fast and efficient, radiating passion, maintaining integrity, and embodying discipline across the board. Head of Global ESG Laura Mozden is being celebrated with this award for her prowess in the field of ESG, and prior to diving into the specifics of the company’s policy and the tremendous journey that it has undertaken so far, it is important to note Laura’s centrality to this story, even though specific names are sparse due to the united front of those at SoftwareOne, particularly when it comes to matters of the environment and responsibility. Working with the company’s leadership and Board of Directors, Laura is ultimately responsible for developing and building the company’s sustainability and diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging programmes, arguably the biggest and most important elements of its overarching strategy. Moreover, it is Laura’s duty to oversee the development of the company’ ESG report, from where much of the information for this article has been sourced, as well as ensuring alignment with regulations and standards that extend to also include local and international laws. Something that is touched on below but lends itself to being mentioned in greater detail here, Laura too is the primary candidate for presenting some of the business’ most senior members with the relevant reports on all ESG topics. To this end, Laura has chaired multiple committee meetings in the past on such topics and has honed her skills in the fields of programme and project management. Now, regarding SoftwareOne’s ESG structure and framework specifically, its approach is six-fold, beginning with its Board of Directors and cascading down to three committees that serve to represent the environmental, social, and governance of ESG respectively. Notably, Laura sits on the company’s ESG Team, existing at the heart of this framework, and whose job it is to uphold the governance of ESG, implementing strategic objectives relating to this goal, and communicating these effectively with senior members of the leadership team. Only through this clear and robust framework which emphasises the importance of all across the business can a strategy be formed that achieves the company’s local and global aims. Aligning closely with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has also proven key to success, and of the 17 goals outlined by the UN, SoftwareOne has narrowed things down to 7 of the most Best Software Solutions In-House ESG Specialist (UK): Laura Mozden It is common knowledge that climate change is having a profound impact on us and our planet, and SoftwareOne Holding AG is well-aware of the role it must play in contributing towards an increasingly sustainable future. Such a commitment has resulted in an ESG programme that continues to strive for positive impact within the organisation and the array of communities in which it operates. Since the programme was launched in 2021, those within the company have been unanimous in its support, and this is something that is set only to continue as it increases in complexity and effectiveness. More than just a business ethos, this mindset rather dictates humanity’s future, as only by working together can truly beneficial changes be attained.