CSR Excellence Awards 2023

CSR-Focused Airline of the Year - EMEA MNG Airlines, Turkey’s first private cargo airline, began running scheduled cargo services in 1997 to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with a mid-range Airbus A300. Its fleet has since expanded to include four Airbus A300-600, two Airbus A330300F, two Airbus A321F and an A330-200F. The airline now operates across various countries, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from global corporations to small businesses. The business aims to become an industrial leader for its unparalleled services and client-oriented approach. MNG Airlines has previously been listed as one of the best A300/A310 operators in the world and has received six awards from Airbus. Its extensive services include scheduled and charter flights, cargo and ground handling and warehousing. With its charter flights, MNG Airlines offers clients customised plane and capacity options. The company also provides additional ad hoc services for major airlines, integrators, and acclaimed brokers. MNG Airlines boasts a fully equipped warehouse performing customs warehouse registry, stacking, cargo search, and cargo delivery procedures operating under İstanbul Airport Customs (IGA). In 2000, the warehouse underwent renovations to increase its service capacity and now has a volume of 60,000 m3 and 7,000 Euro-palette capacity. Additionally, the company has facilities in Izmir, Ankara, Adana, and Antalya, ensuring efficient cargo handling and further solidifying their commitment to streamlined operations. With its unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility, MNG Airlines is a pioneer in its industry. The airline is dedicated to integrating sustainable principles across all its operations to minimise its impact on the planet. Client testimonials and case studies demonstrate the significant effect of the company’s sustainability initiatives and have made the company clients’ preferred choice. To create meaningful change, the business continually invests in technology, nurtures a culture of innovation, and is committed to ethical business practices. MNG Airlines is also passionate about fostering community engagement and collaborates with local organisations and businesses. The airline leads the way with its sustainable practices which help to build a more resilient business environment. In the rapidly evolving aviation sector, MNG Airlines is dedicated to improving its flight systems based on the latest technological advances. The company prioritises safety, security, and quality throughout its operations. Its main objective is to maintain a continuous management system, enhanced by its safety and security systems to provide complete customer satisfaction. Customers are at the heart of MNG Airlines, and the company aims to meet their individual needs with ad hoc and scheduled flights to over 60 destinations across four continents. Through its reliable and consistent delivery services, the business ensures that clients’ cargo always arrives on time and in excellent condition. MNG Airlines has fostered a dynamic and supportive company culture that places emphasis on innovation, excellence, and environmental stewardship. In its inclusive environment, employees are celebrated for their individual contributions, and ongoing training ensures that staff contribute to driving positive change. Moving forward, MNG Airlines is dedicated to further advancing its sustainability efforts. In the near future, the company plans to invest in eco-friendly technologies and alternative fuels and increase its community engagement initiatives. As of 2024, MNG Airlines will launch a new comprehensive sustainability strategy, outlining specific goals and actions for the coming years. This detailed plan demonstrates the business’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for the air cargo industry. The future looks bright for MNG Airlines as it continues to lead the industry with its dedication to eco-friendly practices and community wellbeing. Its evolution is defined by its unparalleled focus on safety, security, and precision which has solidified the company as a trusted partner in global logistics. MNG Airlines remains steadfast in its commitment to technological innovation, enhancing its systems to provide clients with increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. By employing innovative strategies and technologies, the business is able to provide reliable and consistent services while practising environmental stewardship. With its ethical and sustainable logistic solutions, MNG Airlines has become the airline of choice for its many valued customers. For its winning combination of innovation and corporate sustainability, we have bestowed MNG Airlines with a CSR Excellence Award. Contact Details Contact: Gamze Ete Kuran Company: MNG Airlines Web Address: https://www.mngairlines.com/ Dec23094 Established in 1996, MNG Airlines is a prominent air cargo carrier that emphasises exceptional customer experience, innovation, and environmental responsibility. As specialists in air freight services, the airline delivers goods with speed, security, and precision while practising environmental stewardship. In its pursuit of social and environmental responsibility, the company has become a trusted partner in the global logistics industry. MNG Airlines’ unification of technological innovation and corporate social responsibility has led the company to receive our award for CSR-Focused Airline of the Year – EMEA.