CSR Excellence Awards 2023

Most Impactful ESG Management Firm - Germany Frankfurt’s ESG Portfolio Management engages with its portfolio companies, helping them to increase their overall sustainability. As proof of its pioneering efforts in the field, the company received its second Sustainable Investment Award in 2023, championing it as the ESG Multi-Asset Fund of the Year once more, with it having previously won the same award in 2020. Guiding the company through its search is a desire to secure the triple win. The three elements of this are as follows. Firstly, sustainable products and services should have better market opportunities, ensuring a competitive advantage and long-term profitability. Second, shares and bonds for such companies offer greater opportunity and reduced risks, while finally, sustainable products and services, as well as striving to protect the planet and reduce waste, have a positive effect on everybody across the world. Seeking this out is what drives the company forward, spurred on by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Chief among these is sustainability, which acts as a defining feature for the company’s operations and stands second only to the management of its investment funds. As Christoph explains, sustainability is something that, “our entire organisation focuses on”. Consistency is key in helping achieve this goal. Actions that the company take, serve as extensions of its values, and it adheres particularly closely to such SDGs as zero hunger (#2), good health and well-being (#3), quality education (#4), affordable and clean energy (#7), responsible consumption and production (#12), and climate action (#13). Besides overseeing this operation, Christoph delivers sustainable investment seminars to whole departments and boards, and even to an entire bank’s staff in one recent case, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the insightful discussions and gave extremely positive feedback. The seminars are performed mostly virtually to reduce carbon footprint. With Christoph at the helm, ESG Portfolio Management not only offers sustainable investment funds, but can provide tailored solutions in the form of mandates, consulting, and seminars like those discussed above. The overarching aim is to make the world a better place for all, celebrating those like-minded companies who pride sustainability as much as Christoph and the team do. An ability to differentiate oneself from the competition in the sector is important to ensure consistency. ESG Portfolio Management has effectively adopted a series of markers that point to it being the best possible option for clients, such as achieving an MSCI ESG rating of AAA for its funds and reducing climate risk. Since regulation in the Across Europe’s robust ESG landscape, ESG Portfolio Management GmbH stands as a beacon for impact, offering an array of investment solutions, mandates, and white label funds to clients such as family offices, endowments, pension funds, and private investors. The team ultimately invests in companies that possess exceptional ESG qualities and have a positive impact on the sustainable development goals. Those companies that strive to significantly reduce their emissions into the future can be aided by ESG Portfolio Management’s commitment to make them even better. Founder and Managing Partner Christoph Klein tells us more about the impactful solutions that have won the firm this award. field of sustainable funds is complicated and fast-moving, the team strives to achieve the highest results and reports transparently. In many ways, the company remains ahead of the curve, evidenced by its decision to not invest in companies that start new fossil fuel projects way ahead of the restrictions placed on this by the French SRI label in December 2023. When it comes to the internal culture present within ESG Portfolio Management, employees are not offered any incentives that are not wholly aligned with the needs of clients or its sustainable assets. As Christoph explains, “we like to hire highly motivated working students and spend significant time in their development and education”, with some even staying on and becoming ESG analysts or portfolio managers. Strong links are kept with new and former team members alike, with all of this bolstered by a highly experienced international advisory board whose members give their all in supporting the company. ESG Portfolio Management GmbH is a service provider that remains flexible and open to satisfying the needs of clients, offering its wide range of services to help its clients achieve their goals, and welcoming new investors regardless of size. Contact Details Contact: Christoph Klein [email protected] Company: ESG Portfolio Management GmbH Web Address: https://www.esg-portfolio-management.com/ Dec23219