CSR Excellence Awards 2023

Best CSR-Focused Logistics Company - Netherlands Having long since embraced the notion that CSR is the future of responsible logistics and sustainability, Bleckmann is a company that utilises its influence in the world of fashion and lifestyle supply chain management to make a real difference. Empowered by a responsible mindset, and determined to inspire the entirety of the logistic sector, real estate markets, and governments to accompany it on this sustainable venture, Bleckmann has become a dependable agent of change. Below, we explore just how Bleckmann developed into the award-winning CSR-focused company it is today. The Renewal Workshop (TRW) solution was created as a direct response to the outcry from consumers and regulators to see a change within the fashion and textile supply chain, with more and more brands hoping to pursue ‘re-commerce’. It identified the desires of a vast majority of brands to extend the lifespans of their products, and set out to assist in making the process of inventory management and supply chain logistics as straight forward as possible. Partner this with the drive to establish trust and exceptional communication, and you’re left with a project that has undoubtedly changed the industry for the better. Bleckmann is the very representation of how a sector-wide transformation is beyond possible, should the right minds come together to make it happen. No better does it demonstrate this than through its avid pursuit of a better world – one in which projects like The Renewal Workshop reach soaring success in the face of challenges and roadblocks. The fashion and textile industry is often known for its potential to produce unnecessary waste, and yet Bleckmann has discovered a way to rewrite this narrative. As such, it stands as an entity unlike any other in the sector – a collective whose passion to do better has extended its reach beyond Europe to a range of continents across the globe. While The Renewal Workshop is an important part of CSR at Bleckmann, it represents just a facet of the company’s CSR commitment. Beyond TRW, Bleckmann spearheads various initiatives including a Zero Waste Programme, transition to renewable energy, finding more sustainable packing options and building a network of more sustainable carriers. Concurrently, they are also developing tools and dashboards for monitoring CO2 emissions, energy consumption and recycling rates. Furthermore, Bleckmann has always acknowledged the importance of diversity within the workforce and is committed to nurturing a fully inclusive organisation. The Business Concept is all about identifying those who have innovative mindsets, and the drive to bring these aspirational projects to life. Bleckmann is one such collective – a company whose vision for the future persists through each action it takes. Sustainable eco awareness is the way in which the world is travelling, and Bleckmann is eager to be the definitive representative of the textile and fashion field. We, for one, can’t wait to see Bleckmann’s admirable influence spread as we enter into a more sustainable, CSR-driven age. Contact Details Contact: Yang Mei Asscheman Company: Bleckmann Web Address: https://www.bleckmann.com/ Initially established in 1862 as a humble transport company, Bleckmann underwent a drastic evolution throughout its lifespan, and now sees itself upholding a market leading position within the supply chain management sector of fashion and lifestyle. Alongside this transformation came a rapid expansion – one that began in Europe and eventually reached all the way out to the US and Asia alike. Enriched by extensive experience in IT solutions, Bleckmann was additionally able to offer a unified platform to customers worldwide, ultimately increasing its reach to the point it finds itself at today. And yet, despite this staggering success story, Bleckmann hasn’t slowed its pace for a moment. Instead, it began to explore the logistics industry in more detail, and quickly came to recognise a glaring issue – there simply wasn’t enough being done about the impact that the sector was having on the environment. Though it’s no easy feat to minimise such an output, Bleckmann soon got to work in order to develop its CSR for the benefit of its people, its capabilities, and the reduction of its negative environmental impact. It’s this characteristic for which Bleckmann is often recognised, and it isn’t difficult to see why. In Bleckmann’s eyes, contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow isn’t just a must, but a genuine responsibility, and it has been pursuing this goal ever since it devised this vision for the future. However, if we were to turn our attention to one major shift within Bleckmann’s history, it would be its Renewal Workshop.