CSR Excellence Awards 2023

270. Best Responsible Gambling Program Launched in 2019 by renowned hospitality brand Hard Rock International, PlayersEdge is an innovative program designed to educate casino goers about responsible gambling and help them to better manage their gaming habits. Implemented across all Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming properties, the initiative aims to reach all types of players. Here, we dive deeper into Hard Rock International’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and what it aims to accomplish through PlayersEdge. them. Using a segmented education strategy, the program caters to the requirements of all individual player profiles, taking into account their cultural and linguistic needs. Hard Rock International partners with qualified local agencies that offer gambling counselling and other services to specific communities, such as Chinese or Spanish-speaking populations. These partnerships guide the training programs provided to casino team members as well as the educational messages delivered to players. PlayersEdge has now been implemented across all Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming locations. Recently, Hard Rock International has focused on expanding the program by designing and launching a budgeting tool for slot machine players. This feature is part of an e-wallet, allowing players to set the amount of money and time that they would like to spend gambling in advance. To help evaluate the success of this tool, Hard Rock International is partnering with an independent academic researcher to study its use. The results of this investigation will be used to make informed changes and adaptations to the tool as it is gradually implemented across all Hard Rock Casinos in the USA. Furthermore, the insights gained from the study may be applied to the brand’s digital online gaming platform and have the potential to influence policy decisions across the world, impacting the casino gaming industry globally. For PlayersEdge, Hard Rock International has been awarded Best Responsible Gambling Program in the CSR Excellence Awards 2023. On top of its new budgeting tool, the company will soon be adding further to the program by implementing a two-hour classroom session for all supervisors who are trained to look out for signs of problem gambling and offer support. Contact Details Contact: Paul Pellizzari Company: Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming Web Address: hardrock.com Established in 1971, Hard Rock International is one of the world’s most well-recognized hospitality brands, with hotels, casinos, Rock Shops®, live performance venues, and cafés in over 70 countries. The brand owns the largest and most valuable collection of authentic music memorabilia, with over 88,000 pieces displayed at locations across the world. This collection started in 1979 when the original London café was given a guitar by influential guitarist Eric Clapton, who asked for it to be hung up on the wall above his preferred seat. Having obtained astonishing growth over the last five decades, Hard Rock International has become known for its casinos, where visitors can try their hand at classic games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker, or tap into thousands of the world’s hottest slots. Two of its Florida-based hotel and casino venues are owned and operated by Seminole Gaming, including the iconic ‘Guitar Hotel’ in Hollywood. In 2020, Hard Rock International launched Hard Rock Digital, an online sportsbook, retail sportsbook, and internet gaming platform that is pioneering the future of online sports betting and interactive gaming. As a global brand with significant presence in multiple countries, Hard Rock International understands the importance of prioritizing its CSR efforts. The company’s social responsibility is built around six key areas, including philanthropy, championing diversity, taking environmental responsibility, supporting indigenousowned businesses, preventing human trafficking, and promoting responsible gambling. Currently operating 13 casinos globally, Hard Rock International is committed to helping those who have problems with gambling. Although most of its customers wager for entertainment, effectively managing their time and money, there are some who struggle to control their behavior and therefore experience harm. In order to promote responsible gambling, the company launched PlayersEdge, a branded education program designed to inform gamblers about healthy play habits. It also trains casino team members to observe the signs of possible gambling problems, intervene appropriately, and refer at-risk players to professional help. PlayersEdge is designed to meet the needs of all gamblers, including new and casual players, seasoned regulars, those displaying problem behaviors, and those at risk of developing