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The Business Concept’s highly anticipated Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards returns in 2023! If your business is at the forefront of any area of the logistics and supply chain management industry then the Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023 is the perfect opportunity to prove definitively that you are ahead of your competing peers! Logistics, warehousing and supply chain management services are integral to the adequate functioning of modern society. As is evident in times of international crisis, without the brilliant minds who provide these services, the world’s vital needs would not be met. Slowly but surely, supply capabilities and delivery demand are rebalancing globally, thus logistics and supply chain management companies are returning to a much more comfortable position. Now that consumer and commercial demand are at a more manageable level, this allows those in the industry to focus further on their own development. In areas ranging from digital transformation to customer service and sustainability, the logistics and supply chain management industry is primed to become even more reliable and resilient than it already is. Perhaps your business is an innovative maverick, running at peak efficiency and inspiring your peers as a shining example of what’s possible. Or maybe your customer service is second to none and delivery expectations are always met! Whatever your strengths are and whatever sets you apart from the crowd, the Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023 serves to commend you for your success! About the Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2023 Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor

Contents 4. ShipTop: Most Innovative eCommerce Fulfillment Business 2023- North America 6. Knights MPR: Marine & Maritime PR Experts of the Year 2023- UK 7. Avenidas Best Package Delivery Company 2023 - Lisbon 8. At Home Services Ltd: Best Warehouse Renovations Contractor 2023 - UK 9. Transglobal Travel & Logistics Ltd: Best Air & Sea Freight Company 2023 - Sierra Leone 10. Ecom Global Systems: Most Innovative Door-to-Door Global Ecommerce & Logistics Company 2023 – UK 11. Bleckmann: Best End To End Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Logistics Specialists 2023 - Europe 12. Total Quality Logistics Maldives: Leading Logistics Freight Forwarding Company 2023 - the Maldives 13. IL2000: Most Engaged 3PL 2023 - USA 14. ITF Group LLC: Best Secure Transportation Company 2023 - Missouri 15. Loginex: Best Logistics & Fleet Management Platform 2023: Loginex 16. Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Private) Limited Best Pharmaceutical Distribution Enterprise 2023 - South Asia 17. The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM): Most Innovative International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2023

With warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, ShipTop is a leading provider of tech-enabled eCommerce fulfillment and thirdparty logistics (3PL) solutions. The company offers multi-channel order fulfillment services to eCommerce merchants, helping them effectively streamline their order fulfillment and distribution processes across channels like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and more. In 2021, ShipTop was founded with the goal of helping online merchants thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape. Since then, the company has served as a trusted partner to businesses seeking efficient and reliable fulfillment solutions. In a populated industry, ShipTop stands out from its competitors thanks to its cutting-edge technology, which seamlessly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces. The system provides clients with real-time order and inventory management, ensuring a smooth and streamlined fulfillment process. ShipTop’s onboarding process is efficient and hassle free; all clients need to do is connect their store to the online portal and send their inventory to one of the company’s fulfillment centers for storage. Clients are truly at the heart of ShipTop and everything it does. It works hard to listen to their needs and provide them with personalized solutions and exceptional customer service. To foster trust and collaboration with clients, ShipTop communicates transparently and openly with them, keeping them informed about their inventory, order status, and any relevant updates. Through this, it aims to build strong, long-lasting client relationships. ShipTop is committed to achieving excellence in the logistics, warehouse, and supply chain market in order to deliver outstanding results to its clients. For this reason, the company maintains stringent quality control measures at every stage of the fulfillment process, from receiving inventory to order processing and shipping. Owning and operating its own warehouses, ShipTop is able to maintain full control over the fulfillment process and ensure the best standard of service. This way, clients can trust that ShipTop will deliver services that are accurate, safe, and comply with industry standards. With increasing competition, ShipTop believes in the importance of continuous development and innovation. It regularly analyses its processes and performance to identify any areas with potential for improvement. It continuously works to refine its operations in order to remain at the forefront of its field, implementing the latest industry best practices and keeping up with technological advancement. For example, it regularly invests in advanced data analytics, AI-driven logistics, and IoT-enabled warehouse management systems to enhance its overall performance. Moreover, operating in a rapidly changing industry, it is also important that ShipTop stays ahead of emerging industry Serving customers that range from startups with plans for growth to global enterprises seeking more efficient fulfillment, ShipTop offers a wide range of fast and reliable shipping options through partnerships with respected carriers and couriers like UPS, Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. With an expert team, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering customer focus, the company enables businesses to scale using third-party logistics (3PL). developments and regulatory changes. To do this, the company maintains strong partnerships with industry associations, attends relevant conferences, and actively engages with regulatory authorities. It closely monitors industry trends to ensure that it is prepared to proactively adapt to regulatory updates and implement necessary compliance measures promptly. With a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to innovation, ShipTop remains agile and well-prepared to effectively navigate the ever-evolving logistics landscape. Furthermore, ShipTop understands that its staff play a vital role in its success. The company believes that attracting top talent is crucial to maintaining an exceptional standard of service and a high level of innovation. Employing various strategies to attract new staff, including online job portals, social media, and industry-specific platforms, the company has built a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of eCommerce fulfillment and logistics. With several years of experience, the team have amassed a high level of expertise, allowing the company to tackle complex challenges with ease and ensure that clients’ requirements are thoroughly satisfied. To enhance the performance of its talented employees, ShipTop has worked hard to create an internal culture that revolves around teamwork, innovation, and customer-centricity. The company encourages open communication, collaboration, and continuous learning amongst its team, ensuring that employees feel valued for their diverse perspectives and ideas. The team also take part in regular training sessions, team-building activities, and workshops that are designed to reinforce the company’s core values of customer success, ownership and responsibility, innovation and simplicity, collaborative growth, and mutual respect. Since its establishment, ShipTop has received several positive reviews from its clients, praising its outstanding services and the hard work of its team. For example, one satisfied customer shares, “Working with ShipTop has been a game changer for our business. Its all-in-one fulfillment platform streamlines our shipping process and helps us save on costs. The team is knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions we have. We highly recommend ShipTop to any business looking to improve their shipping operations.” As a result of its continued excellence, ShipTop has been awarded Most Innovative eCommerce Fulfillment Business, North America, in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023. In the coming months, ShipTop looks forward to expanding its service offerings and strengthening its position as a leading eCommerce fulfillment partner. The company is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, with plans to enhance its proprietary fulfillment technology to provide seamless integrations with even more eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces. This will further enable its clients to Most Innovative eCommerce Fulfillment Business 2023- North America

5. effortlessly manage their orders and inventory while benefiting from an efficient fulfillment process. As well as this, ShipTop’s plans include exploring methods of reducing its carbon footprint, expanding its warehouse network to offer more strategic locations across Canada and the US, strengthening its relationships with clients, and enhancing its offerings to include more innovative value-added services. With boundless dedication, innovation, and relentless focus on excellence, ShipTop is confident in its ability to shape the future of eCommerce fulfillment and remain at the forefront of industry advancements. We are thrilled to offer our sincere congratulations to ShipTop and its dedicated team for their success in this year’s Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards program. We look forward to seeing what they will go on to accomplish in the years to come and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors. Contact: Luis Alva Company: ShipTop Web Address: shiptop.com

Marine & Maritime PR Experts of the Year 2023 - UK Knights MPR experts work with companies of all sizes and geographical reach in maritime, energy, technology, manufacturing and aerospace industries to consistently create and distribute relevant and valuable information about a company’s product or service. It applies PR techniques to help build mutually beneficial relationships between a company and the public, with the core of its PR offering focused on brand awareness, reputation management, and building trust and credibility with a company’s audience. The essential ingredient in the recipe of Knights MPR’s communications activity is in delivering consistent and compelling storytelling that develops a favourable opinion of a brand, and which targets a specific audience to attract and retain new customers and encourage them to have a favourable opinion of a brand. Typically, it applies metrics to campaigns that revolve around leads, sales, and engagement in content marketing, social shares, website traffic, CTR (Click-Through-Rate), post engagement (comments/ likes), and SEO performance. Lead generation, conversions, and sales data are also critical metrics for determining the success of how campaigns are performing. Customers and consumers trust brands that know what they’re talking about and deliver content in a way that is informative and educational. This is why Knights MPR believe in developing the right influencers to help scale content marketing efforts, and it has helped companies draw out their own in-house experts to become industry thought leaders. Through the way Knights MPR engages on commercial and industry insights, it has proved that compelling, content-led PR and communications can be an extremely effective tool for raising the profile of a company and gaining traction for ideas and initiatives as a mainstream concern. Governments, businesses, organisations, and consumers have recognised that urgent climate action must be taken, and in this decade of zero emissions transition, everyone must be part of a profound transformation. What everyone does today will determine the state of the planet that is handed over to future generations. Knights MPR believes that those companies best prepared for future market, environment and energy turbulence are those working now to make life and the environments in which they operate cleaner, better, and safer; decarbonizing their operations ‘here and now’ – not waiting for tomorrow. Its own business model encapsulates an ambition to help all its clients to communicate and engage with their stakeholders on their In today’s digital era where a single message can make or break the perception of a brand, the creation of timely content that resonates with a business’s customers and its consumers is critical. Content should positively shape perceptions using the available channels across the full communications mix. Amplified in the right way, it will help to grow brand awareness. Knights MPR’s approach lies in its ability to deliver a hybrid communications solution, combining both public relations (PR) and content-led marketing efforts. low carbon projects, and to create a lasting positive legacy. These are usually projects that grow economies; improve the resiliency of a nation’s infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunity; and drive a focus to get the world closer to net zero; as well as tackle critical environmental challenges to protect people and the planet. It will only work with companies that have this ‘blue’ or ‘green’ circular economy focus, and are intent on accelerating progress to make the world a cleaner, better, and safer place. Working with its clients, Knights MPR aims to raise awareness of the biggest challenges in the industry, and it focuses on helping its clients communicate how they are working towards achieving a fully decarbonised and circular economy that will build the resilience of tomorrow’s commercial infrastructure and supply chains that the world relies on. Knights MPR works hard to bring greater focus, clarity, and awareness through a highly executed programme covering the full communications mix. The team at Knights MPR enjoy the challenge of working with companies across their supply chains – offshore and onshore – and gain a huge amount of satisfaction representing companies that are driven through innovation and collaboration. Ultimately, as an agency with clients internationally, Knights MPR is responsible for ensuring that communications help to nurture an engaging culture that influences how the business and its people and services are viewed, and acted upon – which should always be the overall goal. It is praised by clients for its agility and responsiveness, technical, political and business understanding, and it has successfully delivered work with real, measurable results, from changes to the legislative and regulatory environment, to shifts in opinion and market perception. Knights MPR is passionate about helping companies to create and deliver compelling insight and campaigns that inspire public communities, create business trust and build awareness with audiences worldwide. This is why what the team at Knights MPR say it isn’t just about creating stories – it’s about creating a state of mind. Contact Details Company: Knights MPR Name: Jason Knights Email: [email protected] Website: www.knightsmpr.com Address: London and Cornwall Jul23400

678. Best Package Delivery Company 2023 - Lisbon Grupo Avenidas (Avenidas) emerges as a pioneering force in logistics and transportation, marked by a decade of excellence, and has now been crowned as the Best Package Delivery Company 2023 – Lisbon. We explore the factors that have contributed to the firm’s ongoing success. In Lisbon’s dynamic logistics, warehouse, and supply chain transport market, Avenidas faces challenges synonymous with the industry. Escalating demand and competition fuelled by the e-commerce boom, infrastructural limitations, and supply chain disruptions require the company’s agile and forward-thinking approach. The ongoing quest for qualified talent and the need to remain adaptable in the face of regulatory changes further underline the complexity of the operational landscape. To tackle these challenges head-on, Avenidas employs strategies such as embracing technology, cultivating collaborative partnerships, adopting sustainable practices, pursuing continuous improvement, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. These strategies empower Avenidas to navigate the existing challenges and overcome unforeseen obstacles, as demonstrated by its track record. Avenidas’ integration of technology into its operations for peak efficiency encompasses advanced warehouse and transportation management systems, data analytics, automation, and supply chain visibility tools. By proactively staying ahead of emerging industry developments and regulatory changes, the company remains well-informed through collaborations with technology partners, industry associations, and regulatory bodies. This ensures it can adapt seamlessly to changing landscapes and stay at the forefront of the field. Regarding the ethos of the firm, internal culture is at the heart of Avenidas’ achievements, meticulously cultivated to align with its overarching vision. Through clear communication of its values, leading by example, fostering engagement, promoting learning and development, and aligning performance management with its values, Avenidas nurtures a culture that resonates with both existing employees and potential recruits. Also, Avenidas leverages strong employer branding, clear job descriptions, strategic talent sourcing, effective screening and assessment methods, and a focus on cultural fit, skills, competencies, values, and attitude alignment when attracting new staff. These practices enable the company to attract individuals who align with its culture and vision, contributing to a cohesive and motivated workforce. While specific plans for the remainder of 2023 and the upcoming years may vary, companies like Avenidas often prioritise expansion, technological advancements, sustainability initiatives, talent development, and enhancing the customer experience. These strategies position Avenidas for growth and resilience in a dynamic industry. While exact details may not be available, Avenidas is poised to seize opportunities, adapt to challenges, and continue its trajectory of success. Overall, it is easy to see why Avenidas’ core competencies are why it has succeeded in the way it has. With industry leadership, technological innovation, commitment to customer service, sustainability initiatives, employee development, and a positive outlook for the future, there will be success for Avenidas. The interplay between these elements showcases Avenidas as a forward-thinking, customer-centric, and industry-leading mobility company in the bustling logistics and transportation landscape. Company Name: Avenidas Web Address: www.avenidas.pt Contact Email [email protected] Grupo Avenidas is a distinguished mobility company that stands at the forefront of the transportation and logistics sector, specialising in a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse client needs. With a history spanning over a decade, Avenidas has solidified its reputation as a trusted name since its inception in 2016. The company’s primary focus lies in providing innovative solutions encompassing courier and delivery services, efficient goods transportation, and mobility options for businesses and individuals. Avenidas prides itself on its ability to be reliable, be operationally efficient, and achieve great customer satisfaction. This dedication has propelled the firm to become a leading player in the industry. Avenidas attributes its success to a combination of factors. Its investment in cutting-edge technology and the development of a robust network of partners ensures seamless operations and timely deliveries. Innovation remains the foundation of its ethos, allowing it to adapt to evolving customer demands and maintain a competitive edge. The company operates with a profound dedication to excellence across all facets of its services. This is evident in the leadership team’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Its dedicated team of professionals, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a modern fleet, positions the organisation to provide bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Collaboration and fostering long-term partnerships stand as cornerstones of Avenidas’ approach. By closely collaborating with clients, the company gains a deep understanding of client needs and crafts customised solutions that streamline transportation and logistics complexities. Jul23056

Best Warehouse Renovations Contractor 2023 - UK At Home Services was born in 2014 and incorporated in 2017 by Founder and Managing Director Darren Hall along with Operations Manager Peter Harber. With collective experience of over 30 years in building services, they decided that there was a place and a need for At Home Services Group. This was due to incredibly rapid growth and successful relationships that were built since the very beginning. In 2020 the Company was joined by Matt Barrell, Commercial Director, to further enhance the service proposition within the commercial sector. Matt’s background is within commercial property, with him having successfully supported numerous acquisitions, asset management strategies, refurbishments, and extensive projects within the commercial office / and industrial sectors with the UK’s leading provider of flexible managed workspace. Matt shares, “Following the extensive change of how ‘space’ and value is perceived post pandemic the strategies companies and landlords need to adopt has never been of greater importance, given the value of property in today’s market. Understanding the local demographic, paired with an appreciation for a wider regional and national offerings has contributed to ‘space’ needing to be reengineered, where we see demands for the countries best and most attractive environmentally and sustainable space in the greatest of needs. “The Instant Group has recently launched a new index to provide flexible office occupiers with information to assess how their building owners and operators track sustainability data. This again demonstrates the ongoing appetite for space to be redefined and revalued with a clear requirement to be sustainable, practical, collaborative, and human centric, so we are looking to exciting times ahead as this family business heads forward.” At Home Services Group is experienced in scalable refurbishment programmes, having worked closely with many Surveying and Architectural practices across the South East, along with private investors At Home Services Group is a property maintenance and general building contractors with specific strengths within the commercial office and co working, warehouse and industrial space and leisure parks. Here we talk to Commercial Director Matt Barrell as the company wins its title in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023. Jul23251 to offer a personal service which achieves a fundamental transformation in productivity and delivery. The company’s 5* Trustpilot reviews offer a customer a platform where they can share their unique and streamlined experiences. Customers it has worked with continue, to this day, to return to work with At Home Services. This is due to a common simple commitment of a joinedup partnership built on the foundations of integrity, team cohesion, professionalism, and shared enjoyment of success – always with a willingness to commit passionately to providing the best experiences. At Home Services’ core values are the very lifeblood of the business. Its excellent company culture is inclusive, encouraging, and welcoming for its team members and customers. This unique selling point has garnered a lot of recognition, business, and support for At Home Services as it continues to care for its customers across many sectors. As a key player in the commercial sector, this contractor ensures every endeavour is treated as more than just a job – the team work tirelessly to transform through their renovations, elevating the commercial, domestic, and social housing sectors on a daily basis. Each project is carried out with utmost respect and good intentions, and each project results in further success for At Home Services and its many customers. Matt draws our article to a close as he tells us, “At Home Services are therefore delighted to accept The Business Concept’s, Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023 for Best Warehouse Renovations Contractor 2023 – UK.” We’re sure to see the business continue to improve the scene throughout the spheres in which it works. Congratulations! Contact Details: Company: At Home Services Ltd Contact: Matt Barrell Website: https://www.athomeservicesgroup.co.uk/

The company is invested in long-term partnerships with its affiliates and aims to provide outcomes for every customer’s logistics and travel challenges. Valving excellence and a high level of professionalism, TransGlobal Travel & Logistics continues to lead the way with its innovative solutions and advancements in the freight forwarding and logistics service industry. Contact Details Contact: Claudius Williams-Tucker Company: Transglobal Travel & Logistics Ltd Web Address: http://transglobalsl.com Best Air & Sea Freight Company 2023 - Sierra Leone TransGlobal Travel & Logistics Ltd is an established provider of unrivalled travel, transportation, freight, warehousing, and logistics services to companies in over 180 countries around the world. The company delivers a reputable service, combining its strategy of global sourcing, substantial buying power, and broad project expertise to create tailor-made solutions for its customers. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics, a subsidiary of Knightsbridge Group Holdings Limited, is part of the Sierra Leone Diversification Project. The project was created to increase the investment and growth of small and medium enterprises and stimulate entrepreneurship in critical sectors. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics exemplifies the project’s aims by developing innovative ideas to diversify the country’s economy. The company utilises its industry knowledge to deliver exceptional freight forwarding services, logistics, and travel management programmes worldwide. Its overall goal is to be the most customer-centric provider of its specialised services in Sierra Leone. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics is dedicated to creating customised solutions and providing its customers with a competitive advantage in every element of their supply chain. The company prides itself on values of excellence, expertise, development for its talented team, integrity, collaboration, and accountability. Nurturing a culture of collaboration between its workers, clients, and partners allows TransGlobal Travel & Logistics to meet the unique needs of its individual customers across the world. Describing the importance of its business relationships, TransGlobal Travel & Logistics Managing Director, Claudius Williams-Tucker says, “We believe that long-term relationships, founded on trust and mutual advantage, are vital for sustainable business success. We ensure this mutual advantage by understanding the needs and aspirations of our customers, employees, and partners. We work to build collaborative relationships based on our high-performance standards and conduct our business with openness and flexibility.” This year, TransGlobal Travel & Logistics has been honoured with the award for Best Air & Sea Freight Company 2023, Sierra Leone. Ocean container freight is the most cost-effective means to transport products for businesses. Navigating deliveries in modern ocean container freights is a company speciality and its systems ensure goods are easily traceable on voyage. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics uses an industry-focused approach to freighting and logistics, with accomplished personnel and unparalleled expertise, to create the securest, most efficient container transportation service on the market today. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics also offers express air freight services worldwide to ensure time-critical shipments arrive on schedule. Through a combination of air and road freight options, the company can offer door-to-door service for its clients. Working with a wide range of airlines allows for competitive pricing and its expertise in customs documentation ensures clearance for nonEU destinations. An industry leader in logistics management, TransGlobal Travel & Logistics has a proven track record in larger projects and cargo forwarding. The company can guide businesses through planning, budgeting, and expediting all the way through to final delivery. Risk assessments identify any potential risks so that expediting services can be tailored to fit the project requirements. TransGlobal Travel & Logistics is committed to providing customised service solutions for all clients and industries. Jul23118

Most Innovative Door-toDoor Global Ecommerce & Logistics Company 2023 – UK For many businesses starting out in the world of global ecommerce, making the leap into international markets might seem overwhelming, with logistics challenges preventing them from accessing a world of opportunities. With its established network of ecommerce, Ecom Global Systems is here to support businesses and consumers with all aspects of their operations, from startup and growth to processing shipments. Its membership-based programme enables participants to access a range of established tools, reach new customers globally, and share their expertise to improve business margins. Ecom Global Systems developed its innovative technology on clients’ requirements to effortlessly manage their business and oversee the supply chain from manufacturer, shipping, customs, to delivery for customers all over the world. Its global tools include eq8tor, an international ecommerce market platform for B2B and B2C affiliates to seamlessly manage global ecommerce fulfilment and shipping. Clients can also access Reverse Gear, a bespoke cloud-based returns solution dedicated to processing returns, old stock, reselling, neutralising products, and gifting to charities. Alongside these tools, Ecom Global Systems offers its expertise in managing all aspects of global logistics including customs formalities. Explaining how the business meets clients’ global logistical requirements, Ecom Global Systems says, “What makes our approach unique is the combination of our bespoke and cutting-edge technological solutions, combined with our global coverage and the expertise of our experienced team. Managing requirements on a caseby-case basis or on an outsourced basis, we are experts in international freight forwarding and all aspects of global ecommerce.” The business operates as a global team across multiple time zones to provide ongoing marketing support and exhaustive monitoring of clients’ business activities. Industry challenges have left many global supply chains in disarray with labour shortages, rising inflation costs, shipping delays, and increased demand. Ecom Global Systems took time to study customs regulation changes and relayed this information to partners who were able to remain in complete control of their supply chain. This strategy enabled clients to adapt to the changing market needs, avoid the additional expense of redistribution costs/delays and reduce their carbon footprints. Ecom Global Systems is guided by its pioneering technology and prides itself on scalable systems customisable to clients’ requirements. The web app portal enables its members to join a collaborative trading community where they can promote their businesses and take advantage of extensive networking opportunities. The company offers an innovative platform for B2B and B2C clients to trade without A specialist in global ecommerce logistics, Ecom Global Systems is an international cloud-based enterprise offering unrivalled revenue opportunities to businesses and consumers. Using its efficient, successful infrastructure, Ecom Global Systems is focused on enabling traditional logistics and retail companies to take advantage of the rapidly growing global ecommerce revolution. restrictions, operating as one global marketplace structured around moral social responsibility and implementing sustainable practices. Providing an established structure to support businesses with all areas of their operations, Ecom Global Systems offers clients the opportunity to enter the exciting world of global ecommerce. Its high-quality services and dedication to client satisfaction has earnt Ecom Global Systems this year’s award for Most Innovative Door-to-Door Global Ecommerce & Logistics Company – UK. Contact Details Contact: John F O’Brien Company: Ecom Global Systems Web Address: www.EcomGlobalSystems.com Jul23408

170. Best End To End Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Logistics Specialists 2023 - Europe With extensive experience and expertise related to logistics in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Bleckmann helps its clients deliver on the promises they make to their customers with its end-to-end logistics solutions. As a full-service supply chain provider, the company delivers a full range of custom services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, value-added services, distribution, fulfilment, reverse logistics, and customs handling. Facing greater pressure to demonstrate commitment to sustainability, many companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry are looking to make their supply chain more environmentally friendly. Bleckmann believes that the logistics sector does not have to be part of the climate problem. Instead, it aims to be a part of the solution through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures and policies, taking various actions to reduce the ecological footprint of itself and its clients. Currently, its focus is on reducing waste as it works to achieve sustainable growth. Bleckmann believes that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Since it made the small decision to switch from plastic to paper coffee cups some years ago, the company has been taking steps towards sustainability. The company’s CSR Manager, Ron Thijssen, comments, “From the beginning, we kept in mind that the key is not only achieving big goals. Implementing concrete steps in smaller projects is just as important.” As consumers and regulators increasingly demand a more responsible fashion and textile supply chain, more and more brands are looking to recommerce. Bleckmann has worked to deliver circular solutions to its clients through The Renewal Workshop, an appealing solution that allows them to unleash the value of returns and unsellable inventory. It does this through a proprietary process designed to restore used or otherwise damaged garments to like-new condition. Furthermore, Bleckmann has commenced the construction of a larger circular fulfilment centre in the Netherlands. In this, the company has paid attention to the origins of the materials used, ensuring that they are non-toxic, of natural origin, and dismountable at any stage. Furthermore, it has worked to reduce waste on the building site, opting for the most environmentally friendly options for waste disposal, including recycling and reuse. Considering its vast knowledge of the fashion and lifestyle industry and its commitment to enhancing the sustainability of its clients, it is no surprise that Bleckmann has been awarded Best End To End Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Logistics Specialists, Europe, in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023. We are delighted to congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing how its ambitious plans for sustainability and growth will unfold in the years to come. Contact: Gerard Van Der Zanden Company: Bleckmann Web Address: www.bleckmann.com Since its foundation in 1862, Bleckmann has evolved from a transport company into a provider of complete supply chain solutions with specific expertise in e-fulfilment. Over the years, the business has expanded across Europe and into the US and Asia, serving customers that range from well-established fashion houses to eCommerce startups across the world. It has invested in the best IT solutions, enabling it to offer a unified platform to its worldwide customer base. Bleckmann has leveraged the experience and knowledge it has gained, passed down from team member to team member, in order to expand its activities. Despite its growth, the company has maintained the spirit of an agile entrepreneur; it has been driven to excel, passionate about logistics, and committed to putting people first since 1862. With a team of around 5,000 employees and sales of €545 million, the company has the scale and flexibility to support clients of all sizes, providing them with world-class solutions. Having started out as a small transport company, Bleckmann knows what it’s like to be a small business with big ambitions. It has amassed a strong knowledge of fashion and lifestyle logistics and understands what it takes to meet the high expectations of the industry’s customers. It is committed to helping its clients grow their businesses further through logistics, with the support of the right technologies, innovative solutions, and continuous improvements. It understands that every client is unique and that every project it takes on is different, so it thoroughly considers the complex requirements and biggest challenges of each business to create a unique approach and best-fit solution for their specific needs. Jul23151

Leading Logistics Freight Forwarding Company 2023 - the Maldives Offering services to help manage the supply chain for businesses, Total Quality Logistics Maldives aims to reduce auxiliary expenditure and factors that cause inefficiency by practicing Total Quality Management (TQM) and Kaizen concepts throughout its operations. TQM is a management framework that works to achieve success by improving quality and prioritising customer satisfaction. This customer-centred approach has enabled the company to develop a first-class infrastructure that has led to sustained profit growth for clients. Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that focuses on continuously improving operations and creating an efficient work environment. Applying TQM and Kaizen principles ensures the company maintains focus on continuous learning and development to thrive in the global market. Total Quality Logistics Maldives prides itself on delivering sustainable services and solutions through its insider knowledge of target markets and substantial resources. With increasing international economic interdependence, companies need augmented, global distribution of their products. Total Quality Logistics Maldives provides its innovative service through fostering a supportive, internal culture and making investments in service expansions. Total Quality Logistics Maldives aims to deliver cost effectiveness, reliable service, health, safety, and environmentally sustainable policies. The company promises its valued stakeholders that it will adhere to five core values: integrity, accountability, customer commitment, open communication, and collaboration. Its steadfast business ethics and guarantee of high-quality customer service makes Total Quality Logistics Maldives the best choice of logistics service provider. The state of the logistics, warehousing, and supply chain in local and global markets is highly fluctuating with the market size predicted to continue growing exponentially. Major challenges affecting operations include rising fuel/freight costs, increased labour rates, higher commodity prices, and amplified consumer demands/expansion in supply chain. As a solution, Total Quality Logistics Maldives is a novel freight forwarding company, providing reliable, costeffective solutions for air, sea, and inland freight, customs clearance, project logistics, heavy lifts, and cargo insurance. Established in 2021, the company provides its high-quality, specialised services across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Total Quality Logistics Maldives is an industryleading logistics service provider, striving to achieve client satisfaction through its expertise and dependable international service network. Jul23148 the business has implemented a more visible transportation management system that provides clients with real time tracking, allowing them to see the full supply chain for a more cost-effective service and minimised labour costs. In response to rapidly changing supply chain requirements, Total Quality Logistics Maldives also works with a network of third-party logistics providers to resolve carrier issues and improve existing logistics operations, such as warehousing and order fulfilment. These logistics providers have access to a large carrier pool who can identify carriers to meet particular loads, fulfilling customer requirements and market demands in a timely fashion. The company champions its strong internal culture, mentorship opportunities, and commitment to employee’s professional development. Total Quality Logistics Maldives attracts its competitive employees through its stellar reputation and unbeatable performance in the management of its services. Its remote workforce enables its staff to work from anywhere, opening the potential hiring pool to the industry’s best talent. This arrangement also creates a better work/life balance. Employees with good mental health have increased productivity, more consistent output, and produce better results overall. Total Quality Logistics Maldives is currently progressing plans to improve its services and transportation systems along with the expansion of branch offices in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China. The business continues to strive for client satisfaction and its mission to be the best quality customer service team in its profession. Total Quality Logistics Maldives looks forward to exceeding expectations and leading the evolution of the supply chain management industry for years to come. Contact Details Contact: Shafeek Nasirudeen Company: Total Quality Logistics Maldives Web Address: https://www.gtran.net/com/tqlm/

Despite the challenges facing the industry in recent years, namely in the form of AI and new, driverless vehicles, IL2000 has not once lost its spark. It hasn’t shown an ounce of hesitation in optimising and realigning itself in order to uphold its status as the most reliable, engaging 3PL currently operating within the US, and it’s for this reason that it’s been able to maintain such a consistent level of excellence over the past two decades. With such an inspiring passion for supply chain logistics solutions, we’re sure that IL2000 will continue to flourish for the sake of its team and its clients, and we’re excited to see what the next step looks like for this trustworthy, dependable 3PL. We believe that Techa Pacitto, IL2000’s CEO, puts it best when she details how “My outlook for IL2000 is the same as it’s always been. I want IL2000 to relentlessly pursue brilliant supply chain solutions. I want our team to build a reputation, not just for its unparalleled experience, but for our ability to listen — and our radical responsiveness to a customer’s evolving demands. That’s what sets us apart.” Contact: Wendy Mackenzie Company: IL2000 Web Address: https://www.il2000.com/ Most Engaged 3PL 2023 - USA For over 23 years, IL2000 has been delivering third-party transportation and logistics services to a variety of partners. Through utilising a proprietary transportation management system, combined with comprehensive customer collaboration and logistics engineering, it’s managed to make quite the name for itself within the supply chain network. Now, IL2000 is renowned for its ability to operate seamlessly across a multitude of business segments, and we explore how its brilliance has earned it a stellar reputation forged on incredible client engagement. IL2000 is a USA-based 3PL that has, since 1999, been setting itself apart as a unique entity within the nation’s logistics industry. By focusing on delivering exceptional, comprehensive logistics management services that are tailored to each individual client’s needs, IL2000 has earned the trust of customers across a wide variety of sectors. Be it LTL and TL managed transportation services, international freight forwarding, or freight bill audit and pay, IL2000 has demonstrated time and time again that its reliable, bespoke solutions are simply one of a kind within the industry. It recognises the need for a deeper level of engagement within its field, and has gone above and beyond to ensure that clients feel heard, respected, and prioritised at all times. Customer needs are considered first and foremost by the excellent team behind IL2000, and it’s this quality that has allowed it to secure the trust of an array of clients. IL2000 values its partners’ profitability just as much as its own, allowing it to approach each request as seriously as the next. Combine this with a devotion to capturing the very meaning of excellence through its incredible customer service and continuous improvement, and you’ve got a selfless 3PL that truly has the success of others at the forefront of its operations. This is, however, just one quality that makes IL2000 such an astounding entity. It has an incredibly realistic outlook on its industry, which serves to enrich its solutions twofold, all whilst enhancing the outcome of its client collaborations. Of course, no 3PL is capable of success without a robust foundation of core values. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that IL2000 has an avid dedication to the qualities that first propelled it towards greatness. Not only has it placed an immense focus on engaging with the client, but it prioritises the trust and relationships that it’s able to build with new and previous partners alike. Aside from delivering bespoke logistics solutions, IL2000 centres itself around an unwavering sense of respect and precision. Accomplishing its customers’ goals is what it excels in, and it does so whilst embracing communication and remaining true to the needs of each individual involved. The result is a hard working collective that knows how to have fun, all whilst delivering on its promise of incredible client engagement. IL2000 adopts an incredibly hands-on approach when tackling any of its clients’ supply chain requirements, resulting in an invaluable understanding that only serves to increase the satisfaction of both the collective and its partners alike. Every aspect of the process is handled by a team of passionate individuals, each equipped with the skills and expertise to forge real logistics solutions that address every possible need. This is all achieved whilst demonstrating an impressive level of foresight, ensuring that both client and company are prepared for anything, and have the means to adapt to secure the perfect outcome time and time again. Jul23348

Best Secure Transportation Company 2023 - Missouri For the past decade, IFT Group LLC has been closely monitoring patterns across the transportation and logistics industry, and came to the startling realisation that there was an alarming rift between shippers and carriers. This separation paved the way for communication inefficiencies which, ultimately, led to what can only be described as commotion. Phone calls and emails regarding quotes were incredibly disorganised, and the industry definitely suffered as a result. IFT Group LLC, in response, took on the task of becoming the solution. Now, it’s actively building and testing an entirely new platform – one that acts as a direct line between shippers and haulers. This platform is an immediate result of IFT Group LLC’s undeniable devotion to improving the field for the better. As such, any profit it earns is immediately invested back into the company, allowing for extensive research into how to develop the sector for the better. Be it in the form of cloud technologies or automation and real time tracking, IFT Group LLC has pledged to invest in every possible avenue that could lead to beneficial results. What we see today is a culmination of over a decade of avid dedication to the transportation and logistics industry, and it’s incredibly inspiring to learn of the advancements that have been made as a result of IFT Group LLC’s innovative ideas. One such idea is its aforementioned program. Still in the stages of testing and development, HaulerHub is a unique piece of software created specifically for one task - to connect shippers and drivers directly. Its 5 year development is confidently coming to a head, and will soon be the go-to for anybody looking to cut out the middleman. Its effectiveness has already been demonstrated through rigorous testing, and it’s bound to become an invaluable tool throughout the entirety of the industry. In such a time sensitive sector, efficiency is everything, and HaulerHub seems to be the new, upcoming solution to the current inefficiency troubles plaguing a variety of logistics companies. Despite its overwhelming success, IFT Group LLC has not only remained loyal to its local community, but is actively growing in the hopes that it can give back to the people that have had such a positive impact on its ability to flourish. Its incredibly hard work is beyond admirable, but its kind nature is what truly sets this selfless company apart from others of its kind. Not only has it accumulated a steady, consistent client base, but IFT Group LLC has managed to strike a perfect balance between business and volunteer work. One recent example takes place this year, wherein IFT Group LLC volunteered to help pack meals for 9/11 Day of Service, with a collective outcome of over 6.8 million packed meals being offered to families from all over. IFT Group LLC is a perfect example of a transportation and logistics company that has both a good heart and a good head. Time and Founded in 2012, ITF Group LLC is an innovative transportation and logistics company that consistently has its sights set on advancing its technologies for the benefit of its clients. Whether it’s working within freight and transport management, order fulfilment, or supply chains solutions, this Missouri-based company has mastered its craft in order to exceed expectations on a daily basis. We venture into how ITF Group LLC has managed to make such a name for itself, and how its avid commitment to advancement has resulted in its reliable reputation. time again it’s proven that it holds an astounding adeptness within its field, all whilst devoting itself to its surrounding community. By driving the industry forward, IFT Group LLC has undeniably set the standard, and there’s no doubt in our mind that its upcoming HaulerHub platform will completely transform what we think we know about transportation and logistics. Contact: Anna Marie Aveytia Company: ITF Group LLC Web Address: https://itfgroup.com/ Jul23636