Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

Marine & Maritime PR Experts of the Year 2023 - UK Knights MPR experts work with companies of all sizes and geographical reach in maritime, energy, technology, manufacturing and aerospace industries to consistently create and distribute relevant and valuable information about a company’s product or service. It applies PR techniques to help build mutually beneficial relationships between a company and the public, with the core of its PR offering focused on brand awareness, reputation management, and building trust and credibility with a company’s audience. The essential ingredient in the recipe of Knights MPR’s communications activity is in delivering consistent and compelling storytelling that develops a favourable opinion of a brand, and which targets a specific audience to attract and retain new customers and encourage them to have a favourable opinion of a brand. Typically, it applies metrics to campaigns that revolve around leads, sales, and engagement in content marketing, social shares, website traffic, CTR (Click-Through-Rate), post engagement (comments/ likes), and SEO performance. Lead generation, conversions, and sales data are also critical metrics for determining the success of how campaigns are performing. Customers and consumers trust brands that know what they’re talking about and deliver content in a way that is informative and educational. This is why Knights MPR believe in developing the right influencers to help scale content marketing efforts, and it has helped companies draw out their own in-house experts to become industry thought leaders. Through the way Knights MPR engages on commercial and industry insights, it has proved that compelling, content-led PR and communications can be an extremely effective tool for raising the profile of a company and gaining traction for ideas and initiatives as a mainstream concern. Governments, businesses, organisations, and consumers have recognised that urgent climate action must be taken, and in this decade of zero emissions transition, everyone must be part of a profound transformation. What everyone does today will determine the state of the planet that is handed over to future generations. Knights MPR believes that those companies best prepared for future market, environment and energy turbulence are those working now to make life and the environments in which they operate cleaner, better, and safer; decarbonizing their operations ‘here and now’ – not waiting for tomorrow. Its own business model encapsulates an ambition to help all its clients to communicate and engage with their stakeholders on their In today’s digital era where a single message can make or break the perception of a brand, the creation of timely content that resonates with a business’s customers and its consumers is critical. Content should positively shape perceptions using the available channels across the full communications mix. Amplified in the right way, it will help to grow brand awareness. Knights MPR’s approach lies in its ability to deliver a hybrid communications solution, combining both public relations (PR) and content-led marketing efforts. low carbon projects, and to create a lasting positive legacy. These are usually projects that grow economies; improve the resiliency of a nation’s infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunity; and drive a focus to get the world closer to net zero; as well as tackle critical environmental challenges to protect people and the planet. It will only work with companies that have this ‘blue’ or ‘green’ circular economy focus, and are intent on accelerating progress to make the world a cleaner, better, and safer place. Working with its clients, Knights MPR aims to raise awareness of the biggest challenges in the industry, and it focuses on helping its clients communicate how they are working towards achieving a fully decarbonised and circular economy that will build the resilience of tomorrow’s commercial infrastructure and supply chains that the world relies on. Knights MPR works hard to bring greater focus, clarity, and awareness through a highly executed programme covering the full communications mix. The team at Knights MPR enjoy the challenge of working with companies across their supply chains – offshore and onshore – and gain a huge amount of satisfaction representing companies that are driven through innovation and collaboration. Ultimately, as an agency with clients internationally, Knights MPR is responsible for ensuring that communications help to nurture an engaging culture that influences how the business and its people and services are viewed, and acted upon – which should always be the overall goal. It is praised by clients for its agility and responsiveness, technical, political and business understanding, and it has successfully delivered work with real, measurable results, from changes to the legislative and regulatory environment, to shifts in opinion and market perception. Knights MPR is passionate about helping companies to create and deliver compelling insight and campaigns that inspire public communities, create business trust and build awareness with audiences worldwide. This is why what the team at Knights MPR say it isn’t just about creating stories – it’s about creating a state of mind. Contact Details Company: Knights MPR Name: Jason Knights Email: [email protected] Website: www.knightsmpr.com Address: London and Cornwall Jul23400