Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

Best Pharmaceutical Distribution Enterprise 2023 - South Asia Who do you turn to if you need to transport something that needs to be kept cold, from one side of the country to the other? How will you ensure the goods are maintained in nominal conditions, which is to say within the accepted level of tolerances? How can you rely on them making it to their destination in good shape? Well, why not take a look at the experts, Messrs Muller & Phipps (M&P). They are more than aware of the technical considerations every brand and business has to worry about on a daily basis, and can step in to ensure your worries evaporate like magic. M&P can ensure product availability when, where, and as required, with a service that spans a wide spectrum of necessary events. This includes importation, warehousing, stock control, invoicing, cash collection, transportation & delivery, product packaging, repacking, and labelling. It has vast experience in the Cool Chain Network, enabling it to handle logistics and distribution for products requiring a specific temperature. This encompasses food stuffs, vaccines, and lifesaving drugs. Its extensive truck fleet, with integral cold storage capabilities, reduces the risk of liability, and provides safe transportation, distribution, and product storage. M&P uses data loggers to provide 24/7 recording, making sure temperatures are under constant monitor when necessary. This method promises reliability, and maintains an expected product efficacy across the entire system. This is vitally important when it comes to M&P’s involvement with the pharmaceutical industry where, as a full-line distributor, it is a driver of excellence. Its mission is to be a regional partner for all sales and distribution of healthcare, consumer, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication products. With its physical capacity stretching to over 69 depots, 6 satellite depots, 16 stockists, and more than 590 temperaturecontrolled vans, it is already a major player in the business. M&P has a long and varied history in helping retailers and wholesalers. It has been leading the way when it comes to delivery services and ensuring goods get to where they need to be since 1912! Granted, things have moved on a long way from the camel carts used by its ancestors in the early days, to the innovative solutions it can provide now, but one thing hasn’t changed: its reputation as an honest, ethical, and law-abiding business entity. It leads the way in distribution with its strong legacy and vast experience always behind it to support its ambitions. M&P Karachi, Pakistan based M&P is a logistics company proffering distribution services within the pharmaceutical sector, as well as the supply of financial processes, telecommunications, IT, marketing and consumer goods management. It is a dependable omni channel partner, with a secure nationwide network, but its core service is that of its precision distribution capabilities. It concentrates on minimising distances, and promising client satisfaction. is proud of its rich heritage, which it thinks helps to sharpen its sense of the future. Its best-in-class services for pharmaceutical clients means that its frequency and reach is unmatched. As it continues to expand its physical footprint across Pakistan, its agile and growth focused pharma sales and distribution division is the best choice for registered and OTC brands of various therapeutic groups, including a variety of product specifications, dosage forms, and temperature requirements. Its distribution excellence begins with its knowledgeable shop-to-shop sales calls leading to the initial physical booking. This has led to an operational renaissance, whereby evening meds supply and home delivery have become de rigueur. Its cool chain transportation and multi-coverage systems fully support B2C and B2B e-commerce capabilities and outlet coverage for businesses and their customers. The pharmaceutical division also has strong connections with government institutions, local hospitals, clinics, and customers in the retail and wholesale vicinity all across Pakistan. It has a vision to become the country’s first choice distribution house, supporting numerous diverse businesses, and committed to further expansion in regional markets. As the winner of Best Pharmaceutical Distribution Enterprise 2023 - South Asia, it is certainly well on its way to becoming the largest distribution house in Pakistan and taking brands to the places they need to be. Our sincere congratulations go out to Muller & Phipps. Company: Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Private) Limited Web Address: https://mulphico.pk/company/ Contact Name: Syed Imran Ali Jul23414 “On annual average, M&P is Reaching out to 55,000+ outlets, in 780+ Towns/Cities on a 6-day cycle. This extended coverage and frequency is unmatched with any other pharma distributor.”