Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

14 Best Logistics & Fleet Management Platform 2023: Loginex Since 2021, Loginex has become one of the most trusted partners of major global and local brands alike in managing their logistics services. By placing emphasis on team growth, sustainability, and excellence, Loginex has managed to become a market leader within the sector, all whilst delivering services that are unparalleled within its sector. We venture into how Loginex has built up such a stellar reputation, and how its commitment to greatness allows it to exceed client expectations time and time again. understand how it came to be one of the most trusted logistics and fleet management companies throughout Bangladesh. However, what makes Loginex a truly unique entity is its focus on pursuing sustainability and growth, all whilst caring for its team of highly trained professionals. By maintaining a healthy internal culture, Loginex has successfully cultivated a motivated workforce that’s able to provide superior customer service time and time again. Aligned with the company’s principles, Loginex’s staff have managed to demonstrate an unrelenting eagerness to spread greatness throughout the logistics field, and it’s thanks to this inspiring attitude that it has been able to rise to such impressive heights. Loginex’s environment is one of togetherness, presenting individuals with the freedom to thrive in their roles in new and exciting ways. Loginex places an immense importance on the wellbeing of its team, and has gone above and beyond to empower every expert under its watch. The result is what we see today – a dependable, hard-working collective that’s able to manage the needs of its clients, all whilst ensuring the wellbeing of its staff. Since its inception, Loginex has always worked towards differentiating itself through its stellar customer service, and it has accomplished this twofold in only a short amount of time. This is what truly helps to uplift Loginex as a company – something that competitors simply haven’t been able to match. We’re proud to be a part of Loginex’s next big step towards success. Its journey so far has represented the drive and passion that can come from a startup, and it seems as though this is only the beginning of Loginex’s venture into being Bangladesh’s go-to logistics and fleet management company. Its excellence is second to none, which no doubt has allowed it to consistently hone its practises, all whilst introducing new methods of brilliance to its clients and colleagues alike. We truly believe that Loginex embodies the best of Bangladesh’s logistics sector, and we can’t wait to see it thrive even more in the years ahead. Contact: Dipto Ghosal Company: Loginex Web Address: https://loginex.com.bd/ Loginex is a technology driven logistics service and aggregation marketplace in Bangladesh, with a tight focus on the large scale B2B segments. By providing cargo movement services both outward and inward for a variety of global brands and telematics solutions, it has come to garner a wealth of experience that has allowed it to truly flourish as a business. Following its inception in 2021, Loginex has established invaluable partnerships that have overseen continuous revenue growth in an astonishingly short amount of time. Despite starting with only one client, Loginex now serves over 25 large corporate entities, delivering a comprehensive means for clients to manage their logistics confidently and seamlessly. At its core, Loginex is a company that seeks to create a standardised and digital eco-system for logistics and fleet management, and does so by leveraging cutting-edge technology in order to reach its goal. It recognised the pitfalls within the region’s logistics market, and has avidly sought to solve these issues through innovation, technological prowess, and a keen eye for what clients truly need in order to thrive. As such, it has wholly devoted itself to easy, safe and secure, compliant services that shine among others within the sector. This unwavering sense of responsibility to its clients is what’s earned it such a glowing reputation, and it’s easy to Jul23604