Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

Best Secure Transportation Company 2023 - Missouri For the past decade, IFT Group LLC has been closely monitoring patterns across the transportation and logistics industry, and came to the startling realisation that there was an alarming rift between shippers and carriers. This separation paved the way for communication inefficiencies which, ultimately, led to what can only be described as commotion. Phone calls and emails regarding quotes were incredibly disorganised, and the industry definitely suffered as a result. IFT Group LLC, in response, took on the task of becoming the solution. Now, it’s actively building and testing an entirely new platform – one that acts as a direct line between shippers and haulers. This platform is an immediate result of IFT Group LLC’s undeniable devotion to improving the field for the better. As such, any profit it earns is immediately invested back into the company, allowing for extensive research into how to develop the sector for the better. Be it in the form of cloud technologies or automation and real time tracking, IFT Group LLC has pledged to invest in every possible avenue that could lead to beneficial results. What we see today is a culmination of over a decade of avid dedication to the transportation and logistics industry, and it’s incredibly inspiring to learn of the advancements that have been made as a result of IFT Group LLC’s innovative ideas. One such idea is its aforementioned program. Still in the stages of testing and development, HaulerHub is a unique piece of software created specifically for one task - to connect shippers and drivers directly. Its 5 year development is confidently coming to a head, and will soon be the go-to for anybody looking to cut out the middleman. Its effectiveness has already been demonstrated through rigorous testing, and it’s bound to become an invaluable tool throughout the entirety of the industry. In such a time sensitive sector, efficiency is everything, and HaulerHub seems to be the new, upcoming solution to the current inefficiency troubles plaguing a variety of logistics companies. Despite its overwhelming success, IFT Group LLC has not only remained loyal to its local community, but is actively growing in the hopes that it can give back to the people that have had such a positive impact on its ability to flourish. Its incredibly hard work is beyond admirable, but its kind nature is what truly sets this selfless company apart from others of its kind. Not only has it accumulated a steady, consistent client base, but IFT Group LLC has managed to strike a perfect balance between business and volunteer work. One recent example takes place this year, wherein IFT Group LLC volunteered to help pack meals for 9/11 Day of Service, with a collective outcome of over 6.8 million packed meals being offered to families from all over. IFT Group LLC is a perfect example of a transportation and logistics company that has both a good heart and a good head. Time and Founded in 2012, ITF Group LLC is an innovative transportation and logistics company that consistently has its sights set on advancing its technologies for the benefit of its clients. Whether it’s working within freight and transport management, order fulfilment, or supply chains solutions, this Missouri-based company has mastered its craft in order to exceed expectations on a daily basis. We venture into how ITF Group LLC has managed to make such a name for itself, and how its avid commitment to advancement has resulted in its reliable reputation. time again it’s proven that it holds an astounding adeptness within its field, all whilst devoting itself to its surrounding community. By driving the industry forward, IFT Group LLC has undeniably set the standard, and there’s no doubt in our mind that its upcoming HaulerHub platform will completely transform what we think we know about transportation and logistics. Contact: Anna Marie Aveytia Company: ITF Group LLC Web Address: https://itfgroup.com/ Jul23636