Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

170. Best End To End Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Logistics Specialists 2023 - Europe With extensive experience and expertise related to logistics in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Bleckmann helps its clients deliver on the promises they make to their customers with its end-to-end logistics solutions. As a full-service supply chain provider, the company delivers a full range of custom services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, value-added services, distribution, fulfilment, reverse logistics, and customs handling. Facing greater pressure to demonstrate commitment to sustainability, many companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry are looking to make their supply chain more environmentally friendly. Bleckmann believes that the logistics sector does not have to be part of the climate problem. Instead, it aims to be a part of the solution through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures and policies, taking various actions to reduce the ecological footprint of itself and its clients. Currently, its focus is on reducing waste as it works to achieve sustainable growth. Bleckmann believes that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Since it made the small decision to switch from plastic to paper coffee cups some years ago, the company has been taking steps towards sustainability. The company’s CSR Manager, Ron Thijssen, comments, “From the beginning, we kept in mind that the key is not only achieving big goals. Implementing concrete steps in smaller projects is just as important.” As consumers and regulators increasingly demand a more responsible fashion and textile supply chain, more and more brands are looking to recommerce. Bleckmann has worked to deliver circular solutions to its clients through The Renewal Workshop, an appealing solution that allows them to unleash the value of returns and unsellable inventory. It does this through a proprietary process designed to restore used or otherwise damaged garments to like-new condition. Furthermore, Bleckmann has commenced the construction of a larger circular fulfilment centre in the Netherlands. In this, the company has paid attention to the origins of the materials used, ensuring that they are non-toxic, of natural origin, and dismountable at any stage. Furthermore, it has worked to reduce waste on the building site, opting for the most environmentally friendly options for waste disposal, including recycling and reuse. Considering its vast knowledge of the fashion and lifestyle industry and its commitment to enhancing the sustainability of its clients, it is no surprise that Bleckmann has been awarded Best End To End Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Logistics Specialists, Europe, in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023. We are delighted to congratulate the company on this achievement and look forward to seeing how its ambitious plans for sustainability and growth will unfold in the years to come. Contact: Gerard Van Der Zanden Company: Bleckmann Web Address: www.bleckmann.com Since its foundation in 1862, Bleckmann has evolved from a transport company into a provider of complete supply chain solutions with specific expertise in e-fulfilment. Over the years, the business has expanded across Europe and into the US and Asia, serving customers that range from well-established fashion houses to eCommerce startups across the world. It has invested in the best IT solutions, enabling it to offer a unified platform to its worldwide customer base. Bleckmann has leveraged the experience and knowledge it has gained, passed down from team member to team member, in order to expand its activities. Despite its growth, the company has maintained the spirit of an agile entrepreneur; it has been driven to excel, passionate about logistics, and committed to putting people first since 1862. With a team of around 5,000 employees and sales of €545 million, the company has the scale and flexibility to support clients of all sizes, providing them with world-class solutions. Having started out as a small transport company, Bleckmann knows what it’s like to be a small business with big ambitions. It has amassed a strong knowledge of fashion and lifestyle logistics and understands what it takes to meet the high expectations of the industry’s customers. It is committed to helping its clients grow their businesses further through logistics, with the support of the right technologies, innovative solutions, and continuous improvements. It understands that every client is unique and that every project it takes on is different, so it thoroughly considers the complex requirements and biggest challenges of each business to create a unique approach and best-fit solution for their specific needs. Jul23151