Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

Leading Logistics Freight Forwarding Company 2023 - the Maldives Offering services to help manage the supply chain for businesses, Total Quality Logistics Maldives aims to reduce auxiliary expenditure and factors that cause inefficiency by practicing Total Quality Management (TQM) and Kaizen concepts throughout its operations. TQM is a management framework that works to achieve success by improving quality and prioritising customer satisfaction. This customer-centred approach has enabled the company to develop a first-class infrastructure that has led to sustained profit growth for clients. Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that focuses on continuously improving operations and creating an efficient work environment. Applying TQM and Kaizen principles ensures the company maintains focus on continuous learning and development to thrive in the global market. Total Quality Logistics Maldives prides itself on delivering sustainable services and solutions through its insider knowledge of target markets and substantial resources. With increasing international economic interdependence, companies need augmented, global distribution of their products. Total Quality Logistics Maldives provides its innovative service through fostering a supportive, internal culture and making investments in service expansions. Total Quality Logistics Maldives aims to deliver cost effectiveness, reliable service, health, safety, and environmentally sustainable policies. The company promises its valued stakeholders that it will adhere to five core values: integrity, accountability, customer commitment, open communication, and collaboration. Its steadfast business ethics and guarantee of high-quality customer service makes Total Quality Logistics Maldives the best choice of logistics service provider. The state of the logistics, warehousing, and supply chain in local and global markets is highly fluctuating with the market size predicted to continue growing exponentially. Major challenges affecting operations include rising fuel/freight costs, increased labour rates, higher commodity prices, and amplified consumer demands/expansion in supply chain. As a solution, Total Quality Logistics Maldives is a novel freight forwarding company, providing reliable, costeffective solutions for air, sea, and inland freight, customs clearance, project logistics, heavy lifts, and cargo insurance. Established in 2021, the company provides its high-quality, specialised services across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Total Quality Logistics Maldives is an industryleading logistics service provider, striving to achieve client satisfaction through its expertise and dependable international service network. Jul23148 the business has implemented a more visible transportation management system that provides clients with real time tracking, allowing them to see the full supply chain for a more cost-effective service and minimised labour costs. In response to rapidly changing supply chain requirements, Total Quality Logistics Maldives also works with a network of third-party logistics providers to resolve carrier issues and improve existing logistics operations, such as warehousing and order fulfilment. These logistics providers have access to a large carrier pool who can identify carriers to meet particular loads, fulfilling customer requirements and market demands in a timely fashion. The company champions its strong internal culture, mentorship opportunities, and commitment to employee’s professional development. Total Quality Logistics Maldives attracts its competitive employees through its stellar reputation and unbeatable performance in the management of its services. Its remote workforce enables its staff to work from anywhere, opening the potential hiring pool to the industry’s best talent. This arrangement also creates a better work/life balance. Employees with good mental health have increased productivity, more consistent output, and produce better results overall. Total Quality Logistics Maldives is currently progressing plans to improve its services and transportation systems along with the expansion of branch offices in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China. The business continues to strive for client satisfaction and its mission to be the best quality customer service team in its profession. Total Quality Logistics Maldives looks forward to exceeding expectations and leading the evolution of the supply chain management industry for years to come. Contact Details Contact: Shafeek Nasirudeen Company: Total Quality Logistics Maldives Web Address: https://www.gtran.net/com/tqlm/