Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2023

Most Innovative Door-toDoor Global Ecommerce & Logistics Company 2023 – UK For many businesses starting out in the world of global ecommerce, making the leap into international markets might seem overwhelming, with logistics challenges preventing them from accessing a world of opportunities. With its established network of ecommerce, Ecom Global Systems is here to support businesses and consumers with all aspects of their operations, from startup and growth to processing shipments. Its membership-based programme enables participants to access a range of established tools, reach new customers globally, and share their expertise to improve business margins. Ecom Global Systems developed its innovative technology on clients’ requirements to effortlessly manage their business and oversee the supply chain from manufacturer, shipping, customs, to delivery for customers all over the world. Its global tools include eq8tor, an international ecommerce market platform for B2B and B2C affiliates to seamlessly manage global ecommerce fulfilment and shipping. Clients can also access Reverse Gear, a bespoke cloud-based returns solution dedicated to processing returns, old stock, reselling, neutralising products, and gifting to charities. Alongside these tools, Ecom Global Systems offers its expertise in managing all aspects of global logistics including customs formalities. Explaining how the business meets clients’ global logistical requirements, Ecom Global Systems says, “What makes our approach unique is the combination of our bespoke and cutting-edge technological solutions, combined with our global coverage and the expertise of our experienced team. Managing requirements on a caseby-case basis or on an outsourced basis, we are experts in international freight forwarding and all aspects of global ecommerce.” The business operates as a global team across multiple time zones to provide ongoing marketing support and exhaustive monitoring of clients’ business activities. Industry challenges have left many global supply chains in disarray with labour shortages, rising inflation costs, shipping delays, and increased demand. Ecom Global Systems took time to study customs regulation changes and relayed this information to partners who were able to remain in complete control of their supply chain. This strategy enabled clients to adapt to the changing market needs, avoid the additional expense of redistribution costs/delays and reduce their carbon footprints. Ecom Global Systems is guided by its pioneering technology and prides itself on scalable systems customisable to clients’ requirements. The web app portal enables its members to join a collaborative trading community where they can promote their businesses and take advantage of extensive networking opportunities. The company offers an innovative platform for B2B and B2C clients to trade without A specialist in global ecommerce logistics, Ecom Global Systems is an international cloud-based enterprise offering unrivalled revenue opportunities to businesses and consumers. Using its efficient, successful infrastructure, Ecom Global Systems is focused on enabling traditional logistics and retail companies to take advantage of the rapidly growing global ecommerce revolution. restrictions, operating as one global marketplace structured around moral social responsibility and implementing sustainable practices. Providing an established structure to support businesses with all areas of their operations, Ecom Global Systems offers clients the opportunity to enter the exciting world of global ecommerce. Its high-quality services and dedication to client satisfaction has earnt Ecom Global Systems this year’s award for Most Innovative Door-to-Door Global Ecommerce & Logistics Company – UK. Contact Details Contact: John F O’Brien Company: Ecom Global Systems Web Address: www.EcomGlobalSystems.com Jul23408