Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024


The Business Concept is proud to deliver the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024 for another exciting annual edition! Each year, we aim to spotlight innovation and commitment to service across the breadth of the aviation and aerospace sectors. With categories for every specialism, we’re set to salute industry leaders in aerial technology, luxury tours and travel, aircraft design, manufacture, and maintenance, and more! After a turbulent few years marked by challenges, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, international airspace disruptions caused by the RussiaUkraine conflict, and an energy crisis, aviation professionals have worked hard to regain altitude. Despite these setbacks, the industry has embraced forward-thinking trends in rising automation and heightened guest experience to emerge resilient. The Business Concept is out to identify those propelling the aviation and aerospace industries to new heights, whether that be through dedication to outstanding customer satisfaction, innovation in manufacturing and design, or commitment to quality in products and services. Sofi Parry - Senior Editor Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024.

Contents 4. ESP Global Services: Best Global Aviation IT Support Company 2024 6. Marq-One Ltd: Aerospace Electronics Solutions Firm of the Year 2024 - the Midlands 7. Eclipse Air Charter Inc: Best International Luxury Aircraft Charter Company 2024 - Canada 8. flydocs: Aircraft Transition Management of the Year 2024 - UK 9. Radisson Red Miami Airport: Best Airport Hotel 2024 - Florida 10. DragonPass: Best International Business Class Airport Services Provider 2024 - UK 11. South Carolina Department of Commerce: Excellence Award in Aerospace Development 2024 - Southeast USA 12. Aviator Air Flight School: Best FBO & Flight School 2024 - Southern USA

Best Global Aviation IT Support Company 2024 Effective global operations are coordinated by its global service desk, with centres in the UK, India and Trinidad, and its spares, repairs, and logistics hub with depots across the globe, supporting its clients wherever they are located. This fully operational global footprint enables an efficient and convenient service that feels like it is being delivered by a local company which has developed into an IT support approach that applies equally to any global business with multiple international locations, wide campuses, and demanding security requirements. ESP is recognised as an expert in aviation IT support with a true understanding of the requirements of this industry. It supports every type of airport and airline technology, including CUTE/CUPPS, CUSS, bag drop, biometrics devices, electromechanical access gates, e-boarding equipment, security and immigration gates, FIDS, BRS, retail EPOS and in-store IT, AODB, security lanes, airline and airport back office and corporate end user computing. The cornerstone of this credibility is its global service desk that handles a huge volume of calls simultaneously from multiple locations. Years of investment, ingenuity and innovation has produced a sophisticated and streamlined service that is equally appealing to its clients with it also running multi-lingual service desks for businesses across the globe, who benefit from the economy of scale such an established entity can provide. ESP technicians operate across the globe, delivering an extensive array of services on an impressive scale. Whether it’s field technicians for IT issues as they arise, often resolving them remotely, or a complete managed service with full-time technicians on site – it has the capacity and capability to keep its clients up and running 24/7, 365 days a year. ESP’s Lifecycle Management Services provides an end-to-end collaborative solution for the management of clients’ end-user computing assets to ensure they maximise the value and return on investment of their hardware. Coordinated by its logistics centres, ESP can receive, asset tag, stage and distribute product stocks anywhere in the world either to replenish local client stocks, or for local ESP technicians to install the new equipment, and then retire and dispose of the old equipment, completing the lifecycle. ESP’s mission is to delight their customers every time by having the best people providing the best service anywhere in the world. That means if they see a challenge they find a solution. They believe in using a combination of market-leading systems customised to support the way they want to deliver service, and internally developed enhancement, tools, and processes to better respond to the needs of their clients. espADA offers valuable insights into the performance of equipment and services in airports. It uses simple to interrogate heatmaps to visualise problems within locations and help identify the root cause of fault trends. espHelp is a selfservice platform that works across multiple platforms enabling ESP Global Services was established in the early 90’s to provide tailored IT services to support the aviation industry. With operational centres strategically located across the globe, this year’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards recognises ESP’s reputation for delivering customer-centred, targeted and tailored solutions to this fast-paced and continuously evolving industry.

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 5 any user to quickly log faults and track progress to resolution. ESP AirportNow® provides an interactive self-service solution for endusers, auto-routing of incidents, and a mobile-integrated toolset for on-site technicians packaged as a complete value chain service management toolset tailored for the demanding needs of airport IT environments. Built on the market-leading ServiceNow® ITSM platform, ESP AirportNow® offers a comprehensive, customised, and competitively priced solution that can be integrated into any existing service desk or technical team. Looking to the future, Andy Jenner, ESP’s CEO shares; “We are thrilled to be the Best Global Aviation IT Support Company of 2024 in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards which we feel is an ideal testimony to the reputation we have built over the last three decades. 2024 is a highly exciting year as we look to bring our innovations from the UK and Europe further into the US aviation market. We are confidently approaching these opportunities with the knowledge that the experience gained elsewhere will have profound benefits there.” Contact: Andy Jenner Company: ESP Global Services Web Address: www.espglobalservices.com

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 6 Jan24038 Aerospace Electronics Solutions Firm of the Year 2024 - the Midlands Although early 2020 brought with it Covid-19, Mark refused to let his spirits be dampened on what he saw as a sizeable gap in the market, having noticed that many companies across his fields of expertise would often struggle with things such as compliance, competency, and cost reduction. Following on from the impacts brought about by the pandemic, rising living costs, a potential recession, and more industry specific issues such as problems with supply chains, such concerns were only exacerbated. Through Mark’s comprehensive service, unmatched customer skill, status as a qualified IPC trainer, and engineer with two decades of experience, he today helps clients to effectively identify problems and solve them as swiftly as possible. The holistic approach Mark takes to training is bolstered by a keen awareness that it is the experience garnered from such sessions, not just the content, which is important for a client, and in keeping with this, Mark strives to deliver his sessions at their workplaces, at a time that suits them. Reasons for doing so are three-fold, the first is that training at this scale helps to maximise cost efficiency, the second is that the team are familiar with the setting and equipment which makes learning and retaining the information much easier, and third, by fitting the training around a client’s deadlines, disruption is kept to a minimum, meaning everybody is in a better frame of mind to be learning the necessary skills for success. Qualities that define Mark are his open-mindedness, supportive nature, and relentless curiosity, and combined with his experience and leadership skills, he is afforded a unique opportunity to see the gaps an internal member of staff might not, taking the appropriate time and means to work out and implement the necessary solutions. While this may sound like a dream, the process is often not easy, and can be painful at first, sometimes having to hear things that they do not want to hear, but Mark guides them along. Since the process takes time, an instantaneous result is rarely on the cards. But, by taking a team back to basics and getting involved, Mark gets results, and builds a stellar reputation for clients. Through Marq-One, the training Mark provides is of an internationally recognised and standardised level, with its core focus being centred on the clients, helping them to achieve what it is they set out do, aided by a systems and core competency analysis to outline areas that need improvement. Support is given at every stage, and Mark’s assessment methods and peerless approach to customer service have resulted in him attracting and retaining some of the sector’s leading organisations, complete with unanimously positive testimonials and a host of recommendations. 2024 is set to be no different, with Mark already taking bookings throughout the first and second quarters. With the business entering its fourth year, the results that MarqOne has amassed speak for themselves. So far, Mark has yielded approximately £2.7 million in direct savings for client organisations, he has trained over 600 people across in excess of 70 courses. Figures like this simply speak for themselves, and the niche that Mark has carved out for himself across the aerospace, automotive, and defence industries has genuinely helped businesses in cost reduction, improving quality, and forging strong reputations. As for the future, Mark is seeking out the right candidates to help him expand his team, so that he can continue to assist those in the electronic manufacturing sphere increase their profitability. With MarqOne Ltd, those working in the industry can have the uppermost faith in the calibre of service and support they are receiving and look forward to improved operations and reduced costs. Contact: Mark Yearby Company: Marq-One Ltd Web Address: https://www.marq-one.co.uk/ When Mark Yearby set up the business Marq-One Ltd in February 2020, he did so on the back of more than 20 years of direct industry experience, excelling in the fields of electronic and operational leadership across the aerospace, automotive, and defence industries. While Mark had filled various positions inclusive of telecoms and automotive, aerospace, and computer systems, it was a love of electronics that resulted in him feeling it was time to give back to the industry he knew and loved, in a way that was educational and fulfilling. Under the Marq-One banner, Mark has immeasurably aided those across the industry to regain the control they have lost, taking them back to square one, if necessary, to build a business that thrives.

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 7 Jan24218 Best International Luxury Aircraft Charter Company 2024 - Canada Founded in Toronto, Eclipse is passionate about achieving sustainable success and delivering value to clients with no capital investments, long-term commitments, or membership fees. Whether flying for business or pleasure, members can enjoy all the advantages of a private jet charter while securing excellent deals on one-way flights, transient aircraft, and empty leg pricing. Through its membership program, clients can experience cutting-edge jet travel that matches a maximum of two parties to charter a flight to their chosen destination. By investing in emerging technologies and its hard-working team, Eclipse remains at the forefront of innovation and ensures that every flight surpasses clients’ expectations. At Eclipse, safety is paramount, and the company ensures that every jet charter adheres to the stringent worldwide standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). All aircraft are certified under Part 135 FAA Regulations, complying with strict maintenance and operational requirements. Its crew is highly skilled and trained on the latest safety standards, demonstrating the company’s steadfast commitment to flight safety. Dedicated Charter Consultants are available 24/7 via phone or email to provide clients with the perfect aircraft charter solution for their unique requirements. Moving forward, Eclipse will continue to invest in innovation, technology, and its industrious staff to reimagine the future of private jet travel. Its pioneering rideshare solutions allow professional clients to experience the comfort and luxury of a private jet for a fraction of the cost. With no long-term commitment or hidden costs, Eclipse offers members fantastic value without compromising on the safety and security of its passengers. In the rapidly changing aviation industry, the innovative company is committed to continuously evolving its services to help clients achieve their personal and business travel goals. Eclipse Air Charter and its bespoke jet charter solutions have received our award for this year’s Best International Luxury Aircraft Charter Company – Canada. Contact: Yasmin Alam Company: Eclipse Air Charter Inc. Web Address: https://eclipseaircharter.com/ Established in 2016, Eclipse Air Charter is an on-demand private aircraft charter company and a Canadian pioneer for its combination of aviation, luxury, and technology. With offices in Toronto, New York & London, the company offers global air charter solutions and is constantly evolving to meet the demands of clients and the wider market. Through its expertise and experience, the dedicated team collaborates with its clients to assist them in achieving their personal and business travel goals, regardless of how many passengers or how complex their itinerary. For Eclipse Air Charter’s innovative work within a dynamic industry, we have bestowed on the company an Aviation and Aerospace Award.

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 8 Since flydocs does not operate as a traditional business, rather existing as a globally serving remote company, its ability to scope the best talent from anywhere in the world to continue its sustained success. Employing highly skilled individuals in the fields of engineering and IT ensures the business has proven itself capable of harnessing the capabilities of leading talent from every corner of the world. flydocs has dedicated R&D teams to stay at the forefront of what will come next. Increased automation and further integration of AI and machine learning continue to grow and evolve. The primary way that flydocs stays ahead is by working closely with its clients, prolific industry bodies, and fellow engineers. This enables flydocs to understand the host of constantly shifting regulatory changes that dictate the way companies in the sector operate. This supports the company when it comes to future development, which, André tells us, is “focused on creating solutions for airlines and lessors to help streamline the management of assets, minimise cost exposure, maximise profitability, and keep aircraft in the air as much as possible.” In closing, several flydocs’ team members fed back on the elements they believe most effectively separate the company from its competitors in this space. Across these responses, common themes were the transparency, personalisation, and clarity afforded to clients across the board, solidifying flydocs’ distinction in the field of aircraft maintenance data. Contact Details Contact: Hester McQueen Company: flydocs Web Address: https://flydocs.aero/ Aircraft Transition Management of the Year 2024 - UK Founded in 2007, flydocs has more than 300 employees situated around the globe and has an expansive client base spanning more than 75 airlines, lessors, and MROs. What truly sets this global company apart in the wider aviation sector is its highly experienced team of engineering professionals, each with a substantial background in aircraft technical projects and transitions; supporting over 790+ successful transition projects since the company’s inception. This, combined with its suite of impactful services, results in a business known for its tailored solutions that can support clients throughout the entire aircraft lifecycle of aviation services seamlessly. Across its wide range of digital solutions, flydocs can future-proof client business - guaranteeing an on-demand compliance service that can keep a fleet wholly operational, simplify aircraft transitions, and ultimately succeed in safeguarding a client’s assets. The overarching aim across this host of solutions is to support its clients by protecting them from the uncertainties present in this constantly evolving market, while simultaneously driving down costs and streamlining operational efficiency. Wizz Air noted in a customer testimonial, “flydocs has successfully completed lease return projects for Wizz Air in the past, which gave us great insight into the power of their system. Now with full access to flydocs, we have the right platform to manage all of our records across the entire portfolio. The wide business and technical support services flydocs provides is also expected to add significant value to our operations as we continue to expand and transition aircraft.” During the 15 years flydocs has been operating, it has continuously improved its products and services. Each of these is effectively managed so that the business can continue to deploy innovative solutions beneficial to those within the aviation industry. Offering flexible and scalable solutions and thus managing capacity demand to solve the issue of engineering talent shortages through its products and services. flydocs has continued to excel by leveraging the latest technologies and implementing these into its services, consistently investing in them to further develop and expand its offerings whilst working together in partnership with its clients. Such a pioneering approach when it comes to adopting the latest technologies has proven integral when it comes to solidifying the future of the aviation industry. As André tells us, “the aviation industry is struggling because working conditions, especially for engineers, aren’t very attractive. Bad weather, odd hours, and environmental concerns, like CO2 emissions, make people, especially younger ones, not want to work in aviation.” Through its technology-driven solutions, however, flydocs is making the industry much more appealing and sustainable, increasing its overall attractiveness to new talent. An industry leader in the field of aviation data, records, and asset management, flydocs is renowned in industry circles for its effective digitising and managing of aircraft records and data. flydocs’ core specialised engineering services successfully support seamless aircraft transitions and lease returns, and this accomplishment has won the award. Across this diverse range of services, the most significant impact stems from an unwavering dedication to safety, compliance, and overall operational effectiveness. flydocs remains wholly committed to providing innovative solutions tailored to the aviation industry’s unique needs. Chief Executive Officer André Fischer tells us more. Feb24048

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 9 provide guests with the best possible experience. With rooms available that include both king- and queen-size beds, with either one or two beds available per room, children and adults alike can revel in this relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the hotel and the array of things to experience in the surrounding area. So, whether a prospective guest is a solo traveller on business or is seeking somewhere to spend the night before a long flight with their family and pets, Radisson Red Miami Airport is a premier and convenient destination that is certain to leave all who stay there well-rested and ready for the day ahead. Contact: Marcel Pena Company: Radisson Red Miami Airport Address: 3401 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33142 Phone: (786) 798-6369 Web Address: www.radissonhotelsamericas.com Best Airport Hotel 2024 - Florida Owned by Miami Rivier Point Hotel, LLC, part of Riviera Point Invest + Development, and located a mere five-minute shuttle ride from Miami International Airport, Radisson Red Miami Airport is nestled just a short journey away from the diverse and dynamic neighbourhoods of Miami, with this ideally situated hotel not only being in excellent proximity to the airport, but also placing its patrons approximately two miles from the nearby Little Havana, as well as close to other such hotspots inclusive of Wynwood, Cloral Gables, and South Beach. Complete with 157 modern and spacious rooms, Radisson Red Miami Airport is the best airport hotel in the area to relax and recharge before or after a flight. From the modern art which graces the walls to the smart TVs that can stream content directly from a guest’s personal device, Radisson Red Miami Airport emphasises the modern elements of a hotel stay, streamlining the travel experience so as to provide guests with the ultimate stress-free destination whereby they can relax and stretch their legs either before or after a long flight, enjoying all that sunny Florida has to offer. The hotel boasts floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, with these offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and sweeping city that defines Miami’s beauty, making it the perfect introduction to Florida or simply an excellent location for those seeking the nearby excursions. Not only is the location of this hotel ideal, but it also boasts both an excellent sky bar and internal restaurant, the Flamingo Sky Bar and OUIBar + KTCHN, respectively. Open from 7-11am daily for breakfast and then again from 1-10pm as a bar and for dinner, the latter’s restaurant menu is inspired by Miami’s bustling local street food scene and serves as the perfect choice for everything from enjoying a simple cup of coffee on the patio through to grabbing a quick breakfast while on the go. In a similar vein, the chilled-out music, urban views, and mellow atmosphere of Flamingo Sky Bar make it ideal for spending an evening enjoying a pint with loved ones, with a range of high and low seating options available. Aside from these fantastic places to dine or hang out, Radisson Red Miami Airport also possesses an excellent on-site fitness centre on one of the hotel’s upper floors, again offering tremendous views for a guest to enjoy as they workout. With everything from top-of-the-range cardio machines to yoga balls and free weights, this is the perfect spot to get a sweat on, whatever time of the day (or night) it is desired. Meeting/event spaces, banquet rooms, and a boardroom are also available, making the hotel an ideal candidate for those all-important work meetings or events, aided further by its placement just a short shuttle ride away from the famous Miami Airport Convention Center. Other amenities include a seasonal swimming pool, a stacked games room that features both table football and table tennis, a snack shop that sells all the best treats for a quick bite after a late night or ahead of a big morning, a valet cleaning service, a safe, parking, premium free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. Radisson Red Miami Airport is also a proud pet-friendly establishment, with dogs and cats less than 30 pounds being welcomed, up to two per room. This is just the hotel, and as a premier travel destination visited by people from all over the world, there are no shortage of things to do and see nearby, such as watching the local basketball team, Miami Heat, put on a fantastic show at the Miami-Dade Arena. Whatever it is that a guest gets up to, they will be greeted, served, and assisted by a team of expert staff, with parent company Reliance Point Hospitality taking great pride in their investment in the right people who are aware of the latest trends in the world of hospitality so as to Jan24310

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 10 Best International Business Class Airport Services Provider 2024 - UK Established in 2005, DragonPass is a leading global travel, lifestyle, and benefit provider with more than 30 million customers worldwide. This innovative company is dedicated to enhancing its membership services, which include lounge access, dining benefits, retail, transport, and fast track services for both business and leisure travellers. Through its unique membership service technology platform, the business provides clients with end-to-end service functionality, self-service options, and a streamlined experience. DragonPass is revolutionising the airport experience for modern travellers with personalised member benefits and pioneering rewards services. We have bestowed on DragonPass an Aviation and Aerospace Award for its transformative approach to air travel. constantly growing. The team continues to add new airports to its network to expand its offerings and develop new, innovative customer centric solutions. Creating enjoyable and seamless travel experiences can be challenging but with the support of its creative team, DragonPass continues to push the boundaries of travel and technology. CEO Andrew Harrison-Chinn shares, “People are at the heart of our offering. We know from listening to travellers that they want a simple, stress-free journey that they can enjoy from start to finish. To make this happen, our products are focused on delivering that experience, whether that’s from a simple and easy-to-use platform or a product that lives up to expectations and adds value to the airport experience. Minimising the stress of going through an airport is different for every traveller and, as a business, DragonPass looks to offer a range of experiences that can help more people enjoy the time they spend in the airport. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so identifying what the customer desires for each product determines what we can develop and how we can position our offering to the people who need it.” Dedicated to defining the future of air travel, DragonPass is passionate about developing innovative solutions to address the challenges that travellers encounter with pioneering products designed to help customers make the most out of their journey. Through technological innovation and continuous development, DragonPass will continue to offer its partners tailored member benefits and rewards services to provide customers with the best possible travel experiences. DragonPass remains at the forefront of transformative change and continues to revolutionise the airport experience for businesses and their valued customers. For its empowering solutions, DragonPass has received this year’s award for Best International Business Class Airport Services Provider – UK. Contact: Andrew Harrison-Chinn, CEO Company: DragonPass Web Address: https://en.dragonpass.com Social Address: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dragonpass-company-limited/ Over the years, DragonPass has created a distinguished lifestyle service ecosystem that delivers extraordinary travel experiences. To stay abreast of the ever-evolving demands of clients and the industry, the business strives to meet the diverse expectations of forward-thinking travellers. At the heart of DragonPass’s mission is the desire to redefine and enrich the airport experience for everyone. Through continuous development and evolution, DragonPass aims to address the current and future challenges of clients with its suite of state-of-the-art solutions. DragonPass has fostered strategic partnerships with blue-chip companies such as Assurant, Investec, Mastercard, Visa, and many more, to offer their clients world-class travel experiences. Its twofold strategy involves developing quality products and ensuring these products are easily accessible. DragonPass is passionate about offering products and services that travellers are eager to use such as airport lounges, fast track lanes, beauty treatments, gym access, meal vouchers, workspaces, and more. Its hardworking team are constantly developing new solutions to meet travellers’ evolving needs. With its user-friendly membership platform that is easy to launch on web and mobile, DragonPass provides clients with a fast and efficient way to engage with their customers. By adopting a digital first approach, the team has created an intuitive interface for travellers that offers its services individually as well as full membership for those seeking to improve their airport experience. DragonPass is dedicated to adapting its solutions to meet businesses’ unique requirements and the demands of its users. By leveraging the latest technology and best practices, the company creates exceptional travel experiences designed to enhance customers’ journeys. With offices in London, Manchester, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Guangzhou, , Shanghai, and Singapore, the DragonPass network is Jan24119

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 11 Excellence Award in Aerospace Development 2024 - Southeast USA Situated on the southeastern coast of the USA, halfway between New York and Miami, South Carolina is home to one of the country’s most dynamic aerospace centres. Providing employment to 136,000 residents and boasting an economic impact of more than $28 billion, the aerospace industry has become a major pillar of the state’s economy. The driving force behind the success of this sector is its loyal, skilled workforce of South Carolinians, who have proven time and time again that they excel in manufacturing the most advanced, complex products, from premium automobiles to wide-bodied commercial aircrafts. Based in Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, S.C. Commerce is the state’s leading economic development agency, committed to creating economic opportunities and increasing employment options for its residents. To do this, S.C. Commerce works with state agencies, local governments, and key partners to help new and existing businesses to grow and recruit within their industries. By leveraging technology, engaging in innovation, and continuing to diversify the state’s economy, it embraces the future to ensure South Carolina’s sustainable advantage. Within aviation and aerospace, S.C. Commerce ensures that companies have the resources they need to be successful in South Carolina. By fostering a manufacturing and business-friendly environment, the state offers a suitable location for suppliers to settle, making it easier for aerospace enterprises to access the materials they need, whenever they need them. Moreover, with people being the state’s greatest resource, S.C. Commerce aims to raise awareness of the fact that aerospace manufacturing is in high demand and has the potential to become a lifelong, well-paying career. In addition to tapping into talent from the state’s eight military instillations and hundreds of thousands of veterans, South Carolina is committed to helping ensure the state’s dynamic aerospace industry maintains a well-trained local talent pipeline by connecting employers with higher education institutions — ranging from innovation-driven research universities to hands-on training from the statewide technical college system. One such partner in advanced research and development is the University of South Carolina Ronald E. McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, located centrally on the campus of South Carolina’s flagship public university. S.C. Commerce helps partner the McNAIR Center with new and immerging aerospace leaders to apply research across its core pillars of composites, combustion, predictive maintenance and unmanned vehicles. As the state’s vast resource infrastructure and knowledge economy continue to grow, and technological advancements modernize all facets of the aviation and aerospace industry, South Carolina is poised to be the new home and headquarters to American innovation. With this, S.C. Commerce recognizes the need for highly South Carolina Department of Commerce (S.C. Commerce) is an economic development agency that aims to promote economic opportunity. Within the state’s thriving aviation and aerospace industry, the agency is committed to contributing toward the growth of new and existing businesses with support services through the business life cycle, further propelling the sector’s success. skilled, trailblazing talent to support the aerospace industry’s longterm success. S.C. Commerce’s work plays a crucial role in providing South Carolina’s residents with economic opportunities, particularly within the thriving and growing aerospace and aviation industry, that have the potential to significantly improve their quality of life. Passionate about what they do, the agency’s team embraces this great responsibility, working diligently to contribute toward the creation of a better future for their state and its citizens. For the outstanding work that it continues to do, S.C. Commerce has received the Excellence Award in Aerospace Development, Southeast USA, in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024. The agency has recently undergone a significant rebrand with the new tagline “Launch to Legacy,” through which it endeavours to convey the state’s rich history of fostering successful businesses. S.C. Commerce wants companies to know that, when they come to South Carolina, they are establishing roots in a place that offers support for generations with continuing economic development projects. Contact: Sergio Domingues Company: South Carolina Department of Commerce Web Address: www.sccommerce.com

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 12 Jan24039 Best FBO & Flight School 2024 - Southern USA Boasting a rich history of unparalleled service, Aviator Air is committed to serving its community with outstanding aeronautical education. As seasoned flight school owners, Samantha and Brian Messersmith strive for excellence and work hard to provide an exceptional student experience. Their shared passion for student success continues to shape their operations, ensuring that the business invests in the latest technology to provide the highest quality of flight training. Its experienced instructors aim to develop professional relationships with students to fully support them on their flying journeys. Through a combination of honesty and transparency, instructors foster a growth mindset and guide students on the path to success. Within the company, Samantha Messersmith runs the front office, personally facilitating communication between instructors and students. It is her role to reach out to students, asking them how they feel about their training experience. She promotes the business’s pursuit of excellence through open dialogue and a commitment to student success. Aviator Air has established a culture of empowerment where instructors demonstrate genuine care and interest in their students’ development. Flight training can be demanding but the company’s emphasis of transparent communication ensures students are fully supported throughout their education. With the Discovery Flight service, Aviator Air provides prospective students with an opportunity to feel like a real pilot. Before the flight, participants will learn about how the flight school operates and receive an informative lesson on pre-flight procedures. The excitement begins when the instructor has reached a safe altitude, where students can take the controls and experience flying a genuine aircraft. The session counts towards the hours required to obtain a pilot’s license should participants decide to continue flying. With the Professional Pilot plan, Aviator Air provides students with a breakdown of the cost of completing their certificates and ratings in private, instrument, and commercial aviation. The plan details the hours that students must log in ground instruction and flight hours to complete their education. During training, students will have the opportunity to fly several aircraft to develop their skills using different equipment. Aviator Air allows students to pay as you go or offers finance support with Flight Training Finance and Meritize. Aviator Air strives to maintain the quality of its services and safety of its instruction. Since its inception, the business has added one plane per year and now boasts a fleet of six exceptional aircraft. This steady growth strategy has enabled Aviator Air to meet the demand for its services while ensuring its planes integrate the latest technology and preserve their aesthetic. In addition to the company’s focus on technological development, Aviator Air also takes the time to regularly detail its aircrafts to ensure planes always look their best. At Aviator Air, the company measures its success through student achievement and has fostered a supportive culture to meet its goals. Its emphasis on honest and transparent communication between students and instructors ensures that students receive the best possible training experience and feel well-equipped to fly. With Owners Samantha and Brian Messersmith setting a stellar example, instructors are dedicated to nurturing student development, providing them with the knowledge and tools to become outstanding pilots. Recognised in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards, Aviator Air Flight School strives to provide exceptional service and quality flight instruction to help students turn their dream careers into reality. We are excited to see what the future holds for Aviator Air as it continues to shape the professional pilots of tomorrow. Contact: Samantha Messersmith Company: Aviator Air Flight School Web Address: https://aviatorair.com/ Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Aviator Air Flight School is a full service fixed-based operator (FBO) and flight school. For over 20 years, the business has delivered inspiring service and flight instruction to prepare the next generation of pilots. Through its combination of exemplary aircraft and a flight simulator, Aviator Air strives to be the best location for flight training. For anyone interested in learning to fly, Aviator Air Flight School offers premier training with an emphasis on flight safety and quality education.