Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 11 Excellence Award in Aerospace Development 2024 - Southeast USA Situated on the southeastern coast of the USA, halfway between New York and Miami, South Carolina is home to one of the country’s most dynamic aerospace centres. Providing employment to 136,000 residents and boasting an economic impact of more than $28 billion, the aerospace industry has become a major pillar of the state’s economy. The driving force behind the success of this sector is its loyal, skilled workforce of South Carolinians, who have proven time and time again that they excel in manufacturing the most advanced, complex products, from premium automobiles to wide-bodied commercial aircrafts. Based in Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, S.C. Commerce is the state’s leading economic development agency, committed to creating economic opportunities and increasing employment options for its residents. To do this, S.C. Commerce works with state agencies, local governments, and key partners to help new and existing businesses to grow and recruit within their industries. By leveraging technology, engaging in innovation, and continuing to diversify the state’s economy, it embraces the future to ensure South Carolina’s sustainable advantage. Within aviation and aerospace, S.C. Commerce ensures that companies have the resources they need to be successful in South Carolina. By fostering a manufacturing and business-friendly environment, the state offers a suitable location for suppliers to settle, making it easier for aerospace enterprises to access the materials they need, whenever they need them. Moreover, with people being the state’s greatest resource, S.C. Commerce aims to raise awareness of the fact that aerospace manufacturing is in high demand and has the potential to become a lifelong, well-paying career. In addition to tapping into talent from the state’s eight military instillations and hundreds of thousands of veterans, South Carolina is committed to helping ensure the state’s dynamic aerospace industry maintains a well-trained local talent pipeline by connecting employers with higher education institutions — ranging from innovation-driven research universities to hands-on training from the statewide technical college system. One such partner in advanced research and development is the University of South Carolina Ronald E. McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, located centrally on the campus of South Carolina’s flagship public university. S.C. Commerce helps partner the McNAIR Center with new and immerging aerospace leaders to apply research across its core pillars of composites, combustion, predictive maintenance and unmanned vehicles. As the state’s vast resource infrastructure and knowledge economy continue to grow, and technological advancements modernize all facets of the aviation and aerospace industry, South Carolina is poised to be the new home and headquarters to American innovation. With this, S.C. Commerce recognizes the need for highly South Carolina Department of Commerce (S.C. Commerce) is an economic development agency that aims to promote economic opportunity. Within the state’s thriving aviation and aerospace industry, the agency is committed to contributing toward the growth of new and existing businesses with support services through the business life cycle, further propelling the sector’s success. skilled, trailblazing talent to support the aerospace industry’s longterm success. S.C. Commerce’s work plays a crucial role in providing South Carolina’s residents with economic opportunities, particularly within the thriving and growing aerospace and aviation industry, that have the potential to significantly improve their quality of life. Passionate about what they do, the agency’s team embraces this great responsibility, working diligently to contribute toward the creation of a better future for their state and its citizens. For the outstanding work that it continues to do, S.C. Commerce has received the Excellence Award in Aerospace Development, Southeast USA, in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024. The agency has recently undergone a significant rebrand with the new tagline “Launch to Legacy,” through which it endeavours to convey the state’s rich history of fostering successful businesses. S.C. Commerce wants companies to know that, when they come to South Carolina, they are establishing roots in a place that offers support for generations with continuing economic development projects. Contact: Sergio Domingues Company: South Carolina Department of Commerce Web Address: www.sccommerce.com