Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 10 Best International Business Class Airport Services Provider 2024 - UK Established in 2005, DragonPass is a leading global travel, lifestyle, and benefit provider with more than 30 million customers worldwide. This innovative company is dedicated to enhancing its membership services, which include lounge access, dining benefits, retail, transport, and fast track services for both business and leisure travellers. Through its unique membership service technology platform, the business provides clients with end-to-end service functionality, self-service options, and a streamlined experience. DragonPass is revolutionising the airport experience for modern travellers with personalised member benefits and pioneering rewards services. We have bestowed on DragonPass an Aviation and Aerospace Award for its transformative approach to air travel. constantly growing. The team continues to add new airports to its network to expand its offerings and develop new, innovative customer centric solutions. Creating enjoyable and seamless travel experiences can be challenging but with the support of its creative team, DragonPass continues to push the boundaries of travel and technology. CEO Andrew Harrison-Chinn shares, “People are at the heart of our offering. We know from listening to travellers that they want a simple, stress-free journey that they can enjoy from start to finish. To make this happen, our products are focused on delivering that experience, whether that’s from a simple and easy-to-use platform or a product that lives up to expectations and adds value to the airport experience. Minimising the stress of going through an airport is different for every traveller and, as a business, DragonPass looks to offer a range of experiences that can help more people enjoy the time they spend in the airport. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so identifying what the customer desires for each product determines what we can develop and how we can position our offering to the people who need it.” Dedicated to defining the future of air travel, DragonPass is passionate about developing innovative solutions to address the challenges that travellers encounter with pioneering products designed to help customers make the most out of their journey. Through technological innovation and continuous development, DragonPass will continue to offer its partners tailored member benefits and rewards services to provide customers with the best possible travel experiences. DragonPass remains at the forefront of transformative change and continues to revolutionise the airport experience for businesses and their valued customers. For its empowering solutions, DragonPass has received this year’s award for Best International Business Class Airport Services Provider – UK. Contact: Andrew Harrison-Chinn, CEO Company: DragonPass Web Address: https://en.dragonpass.com Social Address: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dragonpass-company-limited/ Over the years, DragonPass has created a distinguished lifestyle service ecosystem that delivers extraordinary travel experiences. To stay abreast of the ever-evolving demands of clients and the industry, the business strives to meet the diverse expectations of forward-thinking travellers. At the heart of DragonPass’s mission is the desire to redefine and enrich the airport experience for everyone. Through continuous development and evolution, DragonPass aims to address the current and future challenges of clients with its suite of state-of-the-art solutions. DragonPass has fostered strategic partnerships with blue-chip companies such as Assurant, Investec, Mastercard, Visa, and many more, to offer their clients world-class travel experiences. Its twofold strategy involves developing quality products and ensuring these products are easily accessible. DragonPass is passionate about offering products and services that travellers are eager to use such as airport lounges, fast track lanes, beauty treatments, gym access, meal vouchers, workspaces, and more. Its hardworking team are constantly developing new solutions to meet travellers’ evolving needs. With its user-friendly membership platform that is easy to launch on web and mobile, DragonPass provides clients with a fast and efficient way to engage with their customers. By adopting a digital first approach, the team has created an intuitive interface for travellers that offers its services individually as well as full membership for those seeking to improve their airport experience. DragonPass is dedicated to adapting its solutions to meet businesses’ unique requirements and the demands of its users. By leveraging the latest technology and best practices, the company creates exceptional travel experiences designed to enhance customers’ journeys. With offices in London, Manchester, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Guangzhou, , Shanghai, and Singapore, the DragonPass network is Jan24119