Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 6 Jan24038 Aerospace Electronics Solutions Firm of the Year 2024 - the Midlands Although early 2020 brought with it Covid-19, Mark refused to let his spirits be dampened on what he saw as a sizeable gap in the market, having noticed that many companies across his fields of expertise would often struggle with things such as compliance, competency, and cost reduction. Following on from the impacts brought about by the pandemic, rising living costs, a potential recession, and more industry specific issues such as problems with supply chains, such concerns were only exacerbated. Through Mark’s comprehensive service, unmatched customer skill, status as a qualified IPC trainer, and engineer with two decades of experience, he today helps clients to effectively identify problems and solve them as swiftly as possible. The holistic approach Mark takes to training is bolstered by a keen awareness that it is the experience garnered from such sessions, not just the content, which is important for a client, and in keeping with this, Mark strives to deliver his sessions at their workplaces, at a time that suits them. Reasons for doing so are three-fold, the first is that training at this scale helps to maximise cost efficiency, the second is that the team are familiar with the setting and equipment which makes learning and retaining the information much easier, and third, by fitting the training around a client’s deadlines, disruption is kept to a minimum, meaning everybody is in a better frame of mind to be learning the necessary skills for success. Qualities that define Mark are his open-mindedness, supportive nature, and relentless curiosity, and combined with his experience and leadership skills, he is afforded a unique opportunity to see the gaps an internal member of staff might not, taking the appropriate time and means to work out and implement the necessary solutions. While this may sound like a dream, the process is often not easy, and can be painful at first, sometimes having to hear things that they do not want to hear, but Mark guides them along. Since the process takes time, an instantaneous result is rarely on the cards. But, by taking a team back to basics and getting involved, Mark gets results, and builds a stellar reputation for clients. Through Marq-One, the training Mark provides is of an internationally recognised and standardised level, with its core focus being centred on the clients, helping them to achieve what it is they set out do, aided by a systems and core competency analysis to outline areas that need improvement. Support is given at every stage, and Mark’s assessment methods and peerless approach to customer service have resulted in him attracting and retaining some of the sector’s leading organisations, complete with unanimously positive testimonials and a host of recommendations. 2024 is set to be no different, with Mark already taking bookings throughout the first and second quarters. With the business entering its fourth year, the results that MarqOne has amassed speak for themselves. So far, Mark has yielded approximately £2.7 million in direct savings for client organisations, he has trained over 600 people across in excess of 70 courses. Figures like this simply speak for themselves, and the niche that Mark has carved out for himself across the aerospace, automotive, and defence industries has genuinely helped businesses in cost reduction, improving quality, and forging strong reputations. As for the future, Mark is seeking out the right candidates to help him expand his team, so that he can continue to assist those in the electronic manufacturing sphere increase their profitability. With MarqOne Ltd, those working in the industry can have the uppermost faith in the calibre of service and support they are receiving and look forward to improved operations and reduced costs. Contact: Mark Yearby Company: Marq-One Ltd Web Address: https://www.marq-one.co.uk/ When Mark Yearby set up the business Marq-One Ltd in February 2020, he did so on the back of more than 20 years of direct industry experience, excelling in the fields of electronic and operational leadership across the aerospace, automotive, and defence industries. While Mark had filled various positions inclusive of telecoms and automotive, aerospace, and computer systems, it was a love of electronics that resulted in him feeling it was time to give back to the industry he knew and loved, in a way that was educational and fulfilling. Under the Marq-One banner, Mark has immeasurably aided those across the industry to regain the control they have lost, taking them back to square one, if necessary, to build a business that thrives.