Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

The Business Concept- Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024 | 8 Since flydocs does not operate as a traditional business, rather existing as a globally serving remote company, its ability to scope the best talent from anywhere in the world to continue its sustained success. Employing highly skilled individuals in the fields of engineering and IT ensures the business has proven itself capable of harnessing the capabilities of leading talent from every corner of the world. flydocs has dedicated R&D teams to stay at the forefront of what will come next. Increased automation and further integration of AI and machine learning continue to grow and evolve. The primary way that flydocs stays ahead is by working closely with its clients, prolific industry bodies, and fellow engineers. This enables flydocs to understand the host of constantly shifting regulatory changes that dictate the way companies in the sector operate. This supports the company when it comes to future development, which, André tells us, is “focused on creating solutions for airlines and lessors to help streamline the management of assets, minimise cost exposure, maximise profitability, and keep aircraft in the air as much as possible.” In closing, several flydocs’ team members fed back on the elements they believe most effectively separate the company from its competitors in this space. Across these responses, common themes were the transparency, personalisation, and clarity afforded to clients across the board, solidifying flydocs’ distinction in the field of aircraft maintenance data. Contact Details Contact: Hester McQueen Company: flydocs Web Address: https://flydocs.aero/ Aircraft Transition Management of the Year 2024 - UK Founded in 2007, flydocs has more than 300 employees situated around the globe and has an expansive client base spanning more than 75 airlines, lessors, and MROs. What truly sets this global company apart in the wider aviation sector is its highly experienced team of engineering professionals, each with a substantial background in aircraft technical projects and transitions; supporting over 790+ successful transition projects since the company’s inception. This, combined with its suite of impactful services, results in a business known for its tailored solutions that can support clients throughout the entire aircraft lifecycle of aviation services seamlessly. Across its wide range of digital solutions, flydocs can future-proof client business - guaranteeing an on-demand compliance service that can keep a fleet wholly operational, simplify aircraft transitions, and ultimately succeed in safeguarding a client’s assets. The overarching aim across this host of solutions is to support its clients by protecting them from the uncertainties present in this constantly evolving market, while simultaneously driving down costs and streamlining operational efficiency. Wizz Air noted in a customer testimonial, “flydocs has successfully completed lease return projects for Wizz Air in the past, which gave us great insight into the power of their system. Now with full access to flydocs, we have the right platform to manage all of our records across the entire portfolio. The wide business and technical support services flydocs provides is also expected to add significant value to our operations as we continue to expand and transition aircraft.” During the 15 years flydocs has been operating, it has continuously improved its products and services. Each of these is effectively managed so that the business can continue to deploy innovative solutions beneficial to those within the aviation industry. Offering flexible and scalable solutions and thus managing capacity demand to solve the issue of engineering talent shortages through its products and services. flydocs has continued to excel by leveraging the latest technologies and implementing these into its services, consistently investing in them to further develop and expand its offerings whilst working together in partnership with its clients. Such a pioneering approach when it comes to adopting the latest technologies has proven integral when it comes to solidifying the future of the aviation industry. As André tells us, “the aviation industry is struggling because working conditions, especially for engineers, aren’t very attractive. Bad weather, odd hours, and environmental concerns, like CO2 emissions, make people, especially younger ones, not want to work in aviation.” Through its technology-driven solutions, however, flydocs is making the industry much more appealing and sustainable, increasing its overall attractiveness to new talent. An industry leader in the field of aviation data, records, and asset management, flydocs is renowned in industry circles for its effective digitising and managing of aircraft records and data. flydocs’ core specialised engineering services successfully support seamless aircraft transitions and lease returns, and this accomplishment has won the award. Across this diverse range of services, the most significant impact stems from an unwavering dedication to safety, compliance, and overall operational effectiveness. flydocs remains wholly committed to providing innovative solutions tailored to the aviation industry’s unique needs. Chief Executive Officer André Fischer tells us more. 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