Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2024

The Business Concept is proud to deliver the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024 for another exciting annual edition! Each year, we aim to spotlight innovation and commitment to service across the breadth of the aviation and aerospace sectors. With categories for every specialism, we’re set to salute industry leaders in aerial technology, luxury tours and travel, aircraft design, manufacture, and maintenance, and more! After a turbulent few years marked by challenges, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, international airspace disruptions caused by the RussiaUkraine conflict, and an energy crisis, aviation professionals have worked hard to regain altitude. Despite these setbacks, the industry has embraced forward-thinking trends in rising automation and heightened guest experience to emerge resilient. The Business Concept is out to identify those propelling the aviation and aerospace industries to new heights, whether that be through dedication to outstanding customer satisfaction, innovation in manufacturing and design, or commitment to quality in products and services. Sofi Parry - Senior Editor Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2024.