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About the Automotive Awards 2023 The Business Concept magazine is very excited to announce the return of the Automotive Awards for its second instalment! The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors in the world, constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs and preferences of consumers, businesses, and society. The Automotive Awards is a prestigious programme that recognises and celebrates the achievements of the best and brightest in this industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to dealers and service providers. The Automotive Awards 2023 is open to all organisations and individuals operating in the global automotive market, regardless of their size, location, or niche. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small start-up, a luxury brand or a budget-friendly option, a traditional Sofi Parry - Senior Editor

Contents 4. Bushwinch: Best Vehicle Winch Brand 2023 6. Automotive Assessment Tools: Best Automotive Sector Assessment Resource Company 2023 - Australia 8. VeryVip Cars: Best Retro-Style Car Experience Company 2023 - Spain 10. Fleet and Fuel Management Services PTY LTD: Best Vehicle Asset Management Company 2023 - South Africa 12. Kirkland Autobody (Kirkland Auto Repair, INC.): Best Family Run Automotive Repair Shop 2023 - Washington 14. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles: Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Company 2023 - Australia 16. Tactile Mobility: Best Software Mobility Partner 2023 17. Recom Film GmbH & Co KG: Best Automotive Film Production Company 2023 - Germany 18. DCH Automotive: Best Electrical Vehicle Accessories & Security Specialists 2023 - South East England

Defined as the activity of driving a vehicle over unpaved surfaces like dirt roads, mud, sand, rocks, and even snow, off-roading allows individuals to explore places and encounter beautiful landscapes that cannot be accessed by paved roads. Often, a love for extreme off-roading is rooted in a desire to obtain greater freedom by escaping the everyday grind and embarking on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. However, it is virtually impossible to go extreme off-roading without a winch. With part of the excitement being the exploration of new terrain, it is important to have the correct equipment to get you out of a sticky situation. Used to recover vehicles when they are stuck in the mud, snow, or any other dangerous position, a winch is an essential tool for safe off-roading. However, when it comes to winches, there are only a few options on the market, many of which require motors to help the cable move. This is where the Bush Winch stands out from the rest. Comprised simply of a rope, some wheel nuts, and a wheel rim, it is a lightweight self-recovery system that can be attached to any car when the situation calls for it. Unlike most winches on the market, it attaches to the vehicle’s wheel rims, meaning there is no need for expensive bull bars or tow hitches. Furthermore, without the requirement for batteries or heavy electrical cables, it is also much safer than many alternatives. Almost two decades ago, in the rugged environment of the Western Australian Bush, the Bush Winch vehicle self-recovery system was created by Founder Patrick Verbeek. With extensive experience as a geologist and a remote destination traveller, he was inspired to invent the Bush Winch by his off-road journeys to some of the harshest and most isolated environments in the world. He envisioned a simple, reliable, portable, and powerful winching system that would not fail, providing the highest degree of self-reliance. Using the Bush Winch comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, thanks to Patrick’s excellent design, the Bush Winch is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply attach the winch drums to the wheel rims and the winch ropes to the anchor points, then they can get themselves out of trouble from the driver’s seat. Using the vehicle’s own limitless engine power, the Bush Winch enables users to steer their vehicle back to solid ground. Winching from two wheels at a low axle level in unison with wheel rotation delivers Created in 2005, the Bush Winch is a patented system that serves as an intuitive, simple, and high-performing solution for vehicle self-recovery. For almost two decades, it has been manufactured and meticulously tested in Australia for sale to customers all over the world. Now in its second generation, the company continues to deliver products that are robust, reliable, and affordable. a superior fast recovery system with unparalleled winching capacity. Designed with user safety in mind, the Bush Winch uses unique, high specification components that minimise the risk of damage to the vehicle and injury to the user. Furthermore, the Bush Winch is incredibly versatile, allowing users to winch both forwards and backwards when recovering their vehicle. Users can create their own unique escape path, increasing their options and improving their chances of successful recovery. However, the Bush Winch’s versatility does not stop there; it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles without the need for modification, including two-wheel drives, four-wheel drives, and all-wheel drives, Moreover, the Bush Winch is very lightweight and portable, packing into a carry bag that can easily be taken on any trip. With components that serve multiple purposes, the kit is a fraction of the weight of any fixed mechanical or electrical wires. Lastly, the Bush Winch was designed to last. Made from quality components, without any mechanical elements to let you down, and with no maintenance required, the Bush Winch is a cost-effective, lifelong product that will save users money. Over the years, the Bush Winch has evolved from an ingenious design that resulted from Patrick’s vision into a company that manufactures reliable products and accessories for customers across the globe. Today, it remains a family-run business that operates based on a culture of fairness, flexibility, and freedom. Having expanded significantly over the years, it has attracted many like-minded individuals who share its passion for the great outdoors. Above all, the customer is at the heart of Bush Winch, so every enquiry is handled efficiently and with the utmost care. This applies to all customers, regardless of the size of their order. Any enquiries are dealt with by the company’s highly knowledgeable team or, on occasion, by Patrick himself. For its well-made, functional product that is easy-to-use and effective when needed, Bush Winch has been awarded Best Vehicle Winch Brand in the Automotive Awards 2023. In the years to come, the company plans to focus on its expansion into the US market, with plans to carry out demonstrations at SEMA and other local events. To better serve this new market, it is also looking to establish US-based partnerships in distribution, warehousing, and production. We extend our sincere congratulations to Patrick and his team at Bush Winch for their success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what they go on to accomplish in the future. Contact: Amanda Cox Company: Bushwinch Web Address: Best Vehicle Winch Brand 2023


Best Automotive Sector Assessment Resource Company 2023 - Australia Based in Melbourne, Automotive Assessment Tools has a simple mission: to develop training assessment tools that are more than up to the challenge of meeting the needs of the automotive industry, and the employers who work within it. Having built up an impressive catalogue of different products over the years, it’s little wonder that the Founder and CEO, Kon Georgiadis is celebrating such incredible success in the Automotive Awards 2023. With over 30 years of combined RTO and Automotive industry experience, including designing and developing quality assessment tools, Automotive Assessment Tools has become the go-to name for many when looking into exciting new options for methods of assessing ways of working. Since opening its doors, Automotive Assessment Tools has developed, researched, prepared, written and edited an incredible array of training and assessment content for the AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package. Kon’s work can be found across Australia, and their skill in not only in offering impressive support packages to companies. To those who would like access to more bespoke assistances, the team are able to provide consulting, pre- and post-audit, and train-the-trainer services to RTOs and TAFE. The resources that have been made available are designed to have a wide reach, being not only up-todate, but focusing on the needs of the workplace specifically. This is an approach which is thoroughly practical and built on experience as opposed to pure theory. The value of what Automotive Assessment Tools offers is obvious from the outset. It’s clear that learning leads to higher productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organisations. If people make more accurate decisions, with less errors overall, then time and money can be saved on all sides. This leads to a better customer experience too. Choosing to work with a company like Automotive Assessment Tools, therefore, means choosing to put the improvement of your staff first and foremost, which can only lead to better outcomes for a business! The challenge, of course, in maintaining compliance with the industry as a whole. To do this, Automotive Assessment Tools has proactively worked to ensure that many different stakeholders are involved in the development of their programs. The key groups to consider are those in the industry, as well as training professionals, industry regulators and state/territory and federal government bodies. Drawing on the expertise of all of these groups ensures that what the team produces is a high quality product that is fit for purpose for the foreseeable future. This eye on what is to come is a key component of what Automotive Assessment Tools has to offer. The automotive sector is one which is in constant flux, but it is also one where standards are crucial. The breadth of the industry means that Automotive Assessment Tools must cover a host of different options. These include Vehicle Body Repair, Automotive Electrical, Mechanical Heavy Vehicle, Mechanical and Specialisation, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Outdoor Power Equipment, Sales, Parts, Administration and Management. To get ahead in the automotive industry, it pays to ensure that you are able to assess your resources. Leading the way forward in this respect is Kon Georgiadis from Automotive Assessment Tools. Over the years, his work has proven to be a key part of any automotive related business, providing training tools that are nationally recognised. It’s why his firm has earned such success in the Automotive Awards 2023. We dig a little deeper to uncover more of the secrets of his success. Across this array of different sectors, Automotive Assessment Tools must also meet the challenge of new technological feats. While many industries are looking to incorporate AI into their structures, the automotive sector is exploring the value of hybrid and battery electric vehicles, as well as autonomous vehicles, and computerised software such as Bluetooth technology. All of these factors add new layers of difficulty to the way in which the sector works. Needless to say, such sweeping changes have made the industry one far removed from where it was in the past. Now, there is a considerable skills shortage, and the industry are looking for new recruits who can work at the cutting edge of what is currently available. There are an estimated 40,000 vacancies for positions across Australia – a major gap in the labor market that has yet to be filled. These roles are not specific, covering jobs such as mechanics, motor trimmers, panel beaters, and spray painters. It goes without saying that Automotive Assessment Tools will play a major role in bringing these new additions to the industry up to speed. Looking forward, therefore, the future seems immeasurably bright for Automotive Assessment Tools. There are hundreds of AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair industry units already developed, and enormous potential for new units in agricultural machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, light vehicles, marine vessels, motorcycles, mobile plant machinery or outdoor power equipment. Kon works alone, as he cannot find content developers who are able to match up to his inimitable style, but this has not slowed the firm at all. If anything, it has fired him up to push even harder and thrive as a businessman. Standards are everything in the automotive industry, and Kon at Automotive Assessment Tools plays an important part in making sure that standards are always maintained. Through his impressive firm, businesses across Australia have made real strides to ensuring that quality comes first at all times. It’s not enough to simply settle for what has gone before. Instead, it’s crucial that learning new ideas, new skills and new techniques stays at the forefront of how this industry operates. A bold new approach awaits, as new players change the shape of what has gone before. Where Automotive Assessment Tools has the biggest role to play is in ensuring that what has been learned before can be carried on in the future. With that in mind, we celebrate their incredible achievement in the Automotive Awards 2023, and cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future. Contact Details Company: Automotive Assessment Tools Name: Kon Georgiadis Email: [email protected] Web Address:

VeryVip Cars’ story began alongside the Hurtan car brand, a Spanish car body atelier that builds luxury vehicles with a retro design, inspired by the great classics of the 20th century, but equipped with the latest technologies. Yesterday’s design with today’s comfort and innovation. The Granada-based company’s cars are handcrafted and custom-built. No two Hurtans in the world are the same, as they are limited editions with customer-selected finishes, giving Hurtan cars an exclusive edge that is highly valued by its numerous clients on all five continents. The company, which is still a family-owned business, has managed to create a unique type of vehicle, establishing Hurtan as a hallmark of quality, elegance, originality and exclusivity on a global scale. VeryVip Cars, the very first Hurtan dealer in Spain, has a fleet of Hurtan vehicles on “dynamic” display and offers a premium “try & buy” service to those looking to discover the essence of the Hurtan universe before ordering their own customised vehicle, or simply renting a car for a special occasion. For that reason, since 2021, VeryVip Cars has been offering unique tours of Madrid and its surrounding areas from the comfort of a luxury Hurtan car, so you can enjoy a quick getaway, whether it be a few hours or a whole day. These tours are rounded off with lunch or dinner in selected restaurants and are available on the company’s website. Premium experiences designed to stir up emotions, perfect for a surprise gift, a special celebration or simply to feel the pleasure of driving a Hurtan. These are unforgettable experiences that will be cherished memories for a long time to come and that can also be given as gifts thanks to VeryVip Cars’ gift cards. The Hurtan models available for these experiences are the Hurtan Author Cabrio, an elegant convertible inspired by the classic designs of vehicles from the 50s and 60s, available in two different finishes: blue or beige, and the Hurtan Author Sedan, a classic American 100% gangster-style car, available in grey. Both models are highly versatile, featuring state-of-the-art mechanics and luxury finishes, with premium materials and haute couture detailing. The locations chosen for these exclusive tours are in and around Madrid, with an average driving time of between 2 and 4 hours. Each experience starts with an initial briefing during which the route to follow and basic instructions about the car will be explained. The client will also be provided with a map of the route so they can follow the points of interest marked via Google Maps, and locations where they can stop to admire the views and make some unforgettable memories. VeryVip Cars currently offers five tours to enjoy Madrid and its surroundings areas, all available on the website: The Madrid by night Experience: Without leaving the city. A unique way to enjoy Madrid’s nightlife: take a ride through its streets and visit some of its most popular spots. The perfect tour for a couple or up to three friends who want to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with driving a Hurtan car along the main avenues of Madrid. VeryVip Cars also provides the soundtrack, offering a collection of carefully selected playlists to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. This twohour tour starts at the VeryVip Cars showroom in Madrid and takes in the Cuatro Torres Business Center, Plaza de Colón, Calle Serrano, Puerta de Alcalá, Plaza de Cibeles and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. When looking for a reliable retro car to enjoy, there’s no need to look further than VeryVip Cars. Here we take a closer look at the business as it wins its title in this year’s Automotive Awards. The Love & Wheels Experience: The perfect plan for those who want to declare their love in an original and unforgettable way. Anyone would fall for the charms of these classically styled cars that take luxury to the next level. After taking a tour of the main streets of Madrid, the experience continues at the emblematic Autocine Madrid Fever, where you can choose to surprise your partner with a personalised message that will appear on the big screen of the drivein cinema. This grand proposal also includes a romantic à la carte dinner for two. The Madrid Sunset Experience: An ideal route for discovering the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Madrid, bathed in the sunset light, as you pass through mountain villages such as Soto del Real, Miraflores de la Sierra and Rascafría. A route that ends with an unforgettable sunset in Puerto de Cotos. Back in Madrid, the experience continues with an à la carte dinner at La Gran Pulpería, one of the best Galician restaurants in the capital, where you can try their signature dish: octopus a feira. The Campos de Dulcinea Experience: A truly unforgettable experience that includes a guided visit to the Campos de Dulcinea winery, with wine tasting and gourmet product tasting, as well as lunch at one of the best restaurants in the area, La Competencia, and a visit to the legendary Campos de Criptana windmills. El Toboso, in the province of Toledo, is world famous thanks to the ingenuity of Cervantes, who chose it as the place of residence of Aldonza Lorenzo, the famous Dulcinea with whom Don Quixote falls in love. This village has a rich heritage and many charming spots that can be explored in a very unique way in a Hurtan car. The Torrecaballeros Experience: This tour takes you through Madrid’s Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range to the first stop: the palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso and its breathtaking gardens. The experience continues on to Segovia, where you can marvel at the Roman aqueduct and visit the old town and the Alcazar, palace and fortress. The Old Town of Segovia was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. This tour, designed by VeryVip Cars, continues to Torrecaballeros, a town founded in the 11th century, located just 10 kilometres from Segovia. There, you will enjoy an à la carte lunch at the gourmet restaurant El Rancho de la Aldegüela, where you can try typical dishes of the area, such as exquisite roasts in a wood-fired oven. The prices of these experiences range from 95 to 195 euros per person. All tours include petrol, rental insurance and custody of the vehicle. And depending on the selected experience, they may also include lunch or dinner, and pick-up and return of the car. VeryVip Cars also offers a Hurtan car sales service, and the Madrid showroom is open for visits by appointment to see some of the legendary Hurtan vehicles up close and personal. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: VeryVip Cars Web Address: Best Retro-Style Car Experience Company 2023 - Spain


Best Vehicle Asset Management Company 2023 - South Africa FFMS Asset Management has emerged as a prominent player in the fleet and fuel management sector. The company’s overarching mission is to become South Africa’s premier vehicle tracking service provider. FFMS has positioned itself as an industry leader, dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within the industry. The innovator aims to provide customers with flexible solutions and advanced technology for an overall great fleet experience. The business has risen to the challenge of fulfilling customers’ evolving needs. Since its initial offering of toll management solutions, FFMS has expanded its product range to include vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions, vehicle camera solutions, license renewal services, traffic fine management services, and diesel bower management solutions. Its vehicle surveillance systems come with free installation and a guarantee of no long-term contracts. A standard surveillance system includes 5GB of data for remote monitoring, webbased software with an additional mobile app, and in-cab voice recording. The in-vehicle camera is designed to notify the client if they begin to show signs of fatigue. With mobile and web applications, users can manage their trips and remain in complete control of their vehicles. Live diesel monitoring allows clients to track their fuel safety and accuracy. Its reliable diesel monitoring solution tracks consumption and can be used to indicate theft or leakage by notifying clients when fuel levels drop too fast. Additional hardware options include panic buttons, external switch monitoring, and two-way driver communication. FFMS has designed its diesel monitoring solution to combat ever-rising fuel costs and keep fleet and vehicle owners updated with effective and regular updates on their usage. Established in 2013, FFMS Asset Management Solutions (FFMS) is a leading vehicle tracking service supplier, aspiring to become the preferred telematics supplier in Africa. This drive to succeed has propelled the company onwards to provide innovative solutions in vehicle management. In its mission to simplify fleet management, FFMS provides affordable, effective solutions designed to place clients in complete control. The supplier prioritises excellent customer service and continuous technological advancement in telematics. These values form the foundation of FFMS Asset Management. Its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction informs the company’s decision-making processes. FFMS is dedicated to providing its clients with flexible solutions. By offering a unique month to month rental approach, the business allows customers flexibility with regards to their asset tracking needs. FFMS caters to a wide variety of industries, including transport, mining, and insurance. It aims to supply all customers with vehicle management services to suit their individual requirements. A recent project for FFMS involved the company designing and providing mining solutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) that promote responsible end-to-end mining operations. The initiative aims to ensure full accountability for mined materials, assist in effective mine management, and integrate responsible practices to drive economic growth in the region. FFMS’ objective is to simplify fleet management and asset administration for its clients. In Africa’s uncertain economic times, the company has adopted a responsible and flexible approach. This approach ensures that the business is able to remain agile in unstable climates. FFMS Asset Management is committed to providing its clients with flexible, cost-effective solutions. In place of fixed-term contracts, FFMS offers tailored services as and when its clients require them. The business’ lack of contract periods is an industry first, demonstrating FFMS’ commitment to prioritising its customers’ needs. Through its tailored solutions, the company aims to empower businesses to effectively navigate the fluctuating economy. Aiming to cultivate a strong internal culture, FFMS advocates for continuous improvement and staff empowerment. It is dedicated to upskilling and training its staff, ensuring employees understand why clients come first. The result is a highly skilled workforce capable of delivering exceptional customer service. By emphasising the wellbeing of its staff, the company secures its place as an industry leader. Investing in staff and fostering a positive work environment has been proven to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. FFMS recently appointed a dedicated cafeteria chef to provide healthy meals and plans to open an onsite gymnasium. The business has introduced these initiatives to contribute to staff satisfaction, ensuring FFMS attracts and retains only the highest quality employees. The company is unique in its offerings of month-to-month solutions, free installation, and its expansive range of services, including fleet licensing and administrative solutions. Its license-managing solution ensures fleet and vehicle licensing are always kept up to date. FFMS distributes monthly renewal reports, license costing, and vehicle roadworthy information straight to clients’ doors. The service can

be implemented as a standalone solution or as part of a client’s complete fleet or vehicle management solution. FFMS is passionate about enacting positive change and is serious about its role in sustainability and social responsibility. The supplier collaborates with local schools and community initiatives, engaging in fundraising events and sports team sponsorships. FFMS is committed to supporting the local community and investing in future generations. The business is dedicated to consistently innovating its technology and tailoring solutions for the benefit of its clientele. Its distinctive business approach has led the company to decrease its subscription fees due to technological advancements. The company is proud to be able to pass on these savings to its customers, demonstrating its client-centric ethos. In the near future, FFMS aims to introduce its tailored solutions to a broader audience, expanding its operations to the American and European markets. Throughout its evolution, FFMS has remained steadfast in its mission to fulfil clients’ requirements with flexible, innovative solutions. The company continues to prioritise its clients with a customer-focused approach and serve the community through its responsible practices. FFMS Asset Management remains committed to its mission to foster growth and innovation in the fleet and fuel management sector. Contact: FFMS Asset Management Email: [email protected] Company: Fleet and Fuel Management Services PTY LTD Web Address:

Kirkland Autobody is committed to its goal of repairing every car to look exactly as it did prior to an accident, if not better. The company accepts all insurance, working with insurance and rental car companies to approve repairs for retail and commercial vehicle collisions. As a family run shop, Kirkland Autobody is able to dedicate more time to attention to detail and quality. With a focus on friendly service and prompt communication, the business wants customers to remember their experience positively, and in the event of another accident, leave them with no doubt where they will take their car for repairs. The team at Kirkland Autobody understands how detrimental an accident can be to a customer’s daily route. From day one, it is the business’ objective to provide a smooth and timely experience for its customers. The team is committed to providing the best possible customer service, with the company thriving on its good reviews and word-of-mouth reputation. The shop’s reliable status and commitment to maintaining high standards ensures customers continue to return. The company has noticed a trend in customers under the impression that they have to take their vehicles to their insurance company’s preferred shop when, in actuality it is entirely up to the owner. Regardless of whether customers receive approval for their repairs or are paying themselves, Kirkland Autobody aims to deliver an easy and stress-free experience. Keeping its customers best interests at heart, the business always treats every vehicle with the care and attention it deserves. The company offers free walk-in estimates, with no appointment necessary, in person or via email using pictures of the damage and the VIN number of the vehicle. Kirkland Autobody aims to make the process easy and accessible for its customers. Priding itself on its high standard of repairs, the business ensures that no job leaves the shop looking less than perfect. Cars are dropped off on Monday with a set target of Friday to complete all work. Kirkland Autobody is dedicated to prioritising its customers, working around their schedules to suit their individual needs. The shop ensures that it never overbooks its schedule meaning, waiting times are much shorter than at competing businesses. The company orders parts prior to vehicle drop-off to ensure fast and reliable turnaround times. Since the pandemic, Kirkland Autobody has experienced For over four decades, Kirkland Autobody has been serving the community of Kirkland, Washington. The team is dedicated to consistently providing high-quality repairs at reasonable prices. Pete Arnold, the previous owner, built the company’s first-class reputation and attracted many loyal customers to the business. Now, Pete’s legacy is carried on through Jake Arnold, his son and current owner, and the continued hard work of the team. a steady flow of business. The company’s main challenge is combating waiting times from insurance companies. Poor communication and waiting for in-person inspections can be frustrating for both the shop and its customers. Kirkland Autobody ensures that it reaches out to the insurance company before the vehicle enters the shop by contacting multiple adjusters to ensure waiting times are significantly reduced. Michelle, one of Kirkland Autobody’s many happy customers, shares her experience saying, “I spoke with Jake and learned a lot about the service prior to dropping off my car. I did not expect the team to be so fast and accurate in their work with my Hyundai. I felt so respected and was kept informed every time I called to check up on how everything was going. I would come back to this place if something happened to my car again. The staff did a fantastic job, and I am pleased that I put my trust in their service.” Kirkland Autobody makes a concentrated effort to foster a positive internal culture, encouraging employees to enjoy their time at work. The company has created an environment of mutual respect and believes happiness at work is imperative to the quality of work produced. Kirkland Autobody rewards its employees for a job well done with incentives to meet its high standards and targets for the week. Workers have the option of flexible breaks and lunch periods to suit the individual. The business understands that although work is important, staff need to find balance and prioritise their family and personal lives. Owner Jake Arnold has an open-door policy, encouraging employees to engage in the workplace and talk through any issues. If scheduling conflicts arise, the close-knit team is always happy to provide support. The shop enables workers to earn additional money by utilising equipment to complete side work after hours. Kirkland Autobody aims to nurture its employees’ talent to retain its hard-working staff. The company takes the time to praise and reward workers for their efforts and commitment to delivering excellent service and high-quality craftsmanship. Looking to the future, Kirkland Autobody has plans to open accounts with Rairdon Dodge, a dealership located in Monroe. The business is currently working on opening a new location of the same name in Monroe. For over 42 years, Kirkland Autobody has been operating from the same location to serve its loyal customers. Renowned in its community for its unparalleled commitment to first-class service and high-quality repairs, the business has a long history of prioritising its customers to ensure they return time and time again. Previous owner Pete Arnold’s legacy lives on through Jake Arnold, his son, and the shop’s diligent team. Kirkland Autobody has been honoured with this year’s award for Best Family Run Automotive Repair Shop – Washington. Contact: Jake Arnold (Owner) / Carlos Carrasco (Lead Body Tech / Floor supervisor) / Bruce Hart (Painter) / Yuri Gaviria (Body Technician) / Victor Marroquin (Body Technician) / Dakota Butler (Prepper) Company: Kirkland Autobody (Kirkland Auto Repair, INC.) Web Address: Best Family Run Automotive Repair Shop 2023 - Washington


Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Company 2023 - Australia When you’re in an accident, you want to know what went wrong, and how quickly you get back to normal. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles was founded because the latter seemed to take forever to make happen. Personal experience taught Alex Rodov that there was a gap in the automotive industry, and it was one which could not only be incredibly profitable, but it could make a real difference to hundreds of lives. What started in a converted garage with four hire cars and a bucket of water has grown into eight branches spanning Australia, and has rapidly earned the team an impressive reputation for success. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is an all-in-one accident management service, providing vital support to those who need it most. When one of their clients has been in a not-at-fault accident, the team assist by being present at the scene, collecting documents and liaising with insurance companies to reach the swiftest possible conclusion. The team have gained a reputation as a customer advocate and an industry disrupter as a result of their tireless efforts. The goal is to make sure that customers have the best level of care possible by holding insurance companies to account and providing a simplistic, friendly and reliable service. The principles underpinning everything done by the Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles team are : Collaborative Core, Valuing People, Better Than Yesterday, Love What We Do and Win With Trust. They breathe life into the mission of the team, relieving stress with ease. The standard of end-to-end service isn’t the only way in which Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles leads the way. They are available around the clock, trading seven days a week from the early hours into the late evening. For this talented team, the extra mile is simply a way of life! The team provide hassle-free delivery and pick-up of the replacement vehicle from our clients’ preferred locations, saving them time and effort. The success of the team’s efforts can be seen in the incredible testimonials that have been gathered over the years, with the team not only achieving success in the Automotive Awards. They have also been recognised as Car Rental Service of the Year for 2023 by Product Review, with over 2,000 5-star customer reviews. The key in the future, therefore, is finding ways of maintaining the stunning standard that people have now come to expect from this industry newcomer. To achieve this, the team work to ensure that they handle physical assets and deal with uniquely Australian roads, road rules and accidents. This on-shore attitude have significantly increased the team’s competitive edge, with clients and Australians as a whole more inclined to support organisations which operate on-shore. The developing Australian automotive industry is one which is constantly evolving, but is also one where Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles currently has a unique position in the market. There are no competitors who bridge the gap between insurers, repairers and customers in the same way. As the point of trust between all parties, it is often easier for the Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles team to resolve any points of friction than it is for separate parties to talk directly. Thousands of vehicle accidents happen every day, but when you’ve been in an accident, what you want to do most of all is get back on the road, and back to normal. That’s where Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles comes in. Instead of negotiating with an insurance company, this team take the strain and let you get on with what you want to do. Justly recognised in the Automotive Awards 2023, we take a closer look to uncover some of the secrets of their success. Reaching such a position within the complex ecosystem that is the Australian automotive industry has been achieved not only through carefully exploring the potential gaps in the market, but through developing an impressive internal culture. This begins with an induction process that flies new starters directly into the firm’s Mascot HQ to complete essential training, as well as bond with the rest of the team. This close connection is key to the success of Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, as it means that people are immersed in the fabric of the business from the outset. All teams have championed a buddy system, which means that new starters can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures and old hands can develop their leadership skills too. Since opening their doors, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles has been highly regarded thanks to its positive work environment, and this has generated better results for customers too. Such a proactive approach has seen the team celebrate staff involvement in the sporting industry. For example, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles sponsors the Southwest Sydney Netball Club, where one of the team’s in-house solicitors, Natalija, leads as head coach. The team also sponsor two football clubs, namely Hurstville ZFC and the Kogarah Waratahs, where two of the Operations Team Members Robbie and Fab, are actively engaged players. Finally, the firm has supported Carlos and Annabelle Rolfo, the first-ever, father-daughter Bathurst racing team, based at the Brisbane branch. Supporting people in every aspect of their lives has empowered the team considerably, as well as having a positive impact on broader communities throughout Australia. Looking forward, therefore, it’s clear that there is immense value in building on this expertise. The aim, therefore, is to continue to bridge the gap that exists between insurers, repairers and customers by putting Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles at the very heart of the automotive industry. The work of this team should be to grease the wheels of the sector, allowing for a more harmonious relationship overall. Personal experience is what brought Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles to life. It was clear to those who had to experience the aftermath of an accident where they were not at fault that the automotive industry in Australia was in need of change. Creating that change has not been an easy task. But it’s rare that something worth doing is easy. With eight branches opened across the last five years, it’s clear that the work has been worthwhile indeed, and the reputation that the team have garnered in such a short space of time is a credit to their hard work. The future seems bright indeed for this shining star that has positioned itself at the beating heart of one of Australia’s most important industries. With such success behind them, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles Name: Alex Rodov Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Best Software Mobility Partner 2023 For over a decade, Tactile Mobility has been utilising its ingenuity and innovative mindset to take the next step in mobility technology. As its name suggests, Tactile Mobility is focused on incorporating touch technology that accumulates tactile data and feeds it back to a variety of vehicles. Its end goal? To forge a new driving experience that’s equal parts enjoyable and safe. Below, we explore how Tactile Mobility has reinvented the way that vehicles interact with the road on a more profound level. its technology can seamlessly integrate into various applications and vehicle types. As such, Tactile Mobility has optimised its effectiveness to the maximum, having gone the extra mile to reach its overarching goal. In addition to the flexibility that Tactile Mobility’s technology promises, it has gone above and beyond to maximise the synergistic potential of its services. Tactile Mobility marks a convergence of the traditional automotive industry with new, high-tech innovation, bringing a whole wealth of potential to a sector that would often like to claim that it has everything already figured out. Tactile Mobility brings something completely new to the table, encouraging beneficial collaborations that deliver solutions to age-old problems that have yet to be solved. All of this coalesces in a perfect balance between new and old that is no doubt set on completely altering the automotive and mobility industries for the better. As with any company whose throughline is consistent innovation, Tactile Mobility has ambitious plans for the future. With the widespread launch of L2+ vehicles, and the upcoming addition of L3 vehicles, it’s anticipating a significant industry growth in the coming years. Luckily, be it through its cloud grip map solutions playing a pivotal role in the evolving landscape, or its tactile sensors being perfectly suited to integration, Tactile Mobility is well equipped to face whatever the future has to offer. So long as it’s able to deliver robust, accurate, and reliable maps that are already revolutionising the current industry, then Tactile Mobility is satisfied. Contact Details Contact: Daniela Davila Company: Tactile Mobility Web Address: Founded in 2012, Tactile Mobility is a technology company that specialises in tactile data sensing and analysis for the automotive and mobility industries. By placing a resolute focus on maximising the safety, efficiency, and performance of vehicles in one fell swoop, it has been able to pursue a new technology that stands as the epitome of innovation. This technology is, of course, its patented tactile sensory systems. In practise, this revolutionary piece of technology is able to collect and analyse data related to the interaction between tires, roads, and other surfaces to better understand how to optimise vehicles based on the terrain. By using already installed hardware sensors and running its unique algorithms edge – which are computed within the vehicle – Tactile Mobility is able to create what it likes to call ‘virtual sensors’. These sensors manage to assess road conditions, tire wear, weight estimations, and other factors in real time, and then feeds back via its data analysis capabilities. Once the tactile data has been generated and deconstructed, drivers will have access to extensive information that’s wholly geared towards enhancing their road experience. The aim is clear – to improve road safety by helping vehicles adapt to changing road conditions and vehicle health conditions via valuable, real-time data. As if this incredibly innovative technology wasn’t enough to set Tactile Mobility apart, its true prowess comes in the form of its versatility. There are a wide range of vehicles all throughout the world, and yet Tactile Mobility has devised a solution to what some would deem as a huge integration problem. Its standout quality comes in the form of its customisation capabilities – its solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that Aug23664

16 Best Automotive Film Production Company 2023 - Germany Recom Film GmbH & Co. KG is a full-service and post-production company based in Stuttgart, Germany, whose high-quality services prove it to be an invaluable creative partner, dedicated to bringing their clients’ visions to life across all stages of the production process. It is this unwavering commitment to orchestrate the entire process, encompassing shoot organisation, production management, and post-production, that ensures a harmonious, cohesive aesthetic throughout. Recom Film boasts prestigious clients, many of whom are some of the most famous and celebrated car manufacturers throughout the world. We speak to Manuel Hummer and Andreas Justus Burz, who tells us more about how the company always achieves the perfect shot. with each of these only being needed once. A wealth of experience in shooting highly confidential cars in cities across the globe also guarantees safety for secretive projects. Recom Film was originally founded as a photographic company but has always sought to implement both video and photo productions into its services. Over the years, this has led to the developing of a host of hardware and software techniques which bridge the gap between these two visual mediums, thus resulting in a fast and high calibre approach to commercial film shoots. Through the combining of photo and video cameras on the camera car, a substantial amount of great footage will be generated, and with extensive experience in the field of automotive post-production, the results will be outstanding every time. Thanks to this advanced technology, the company has already satisfied such high-profile clients as Porsche, Volvo, and BMW, in addition to non-automotive companies such as Nike, Tanqueray, and Bosch. Further adding to the aura of automotive prowess the company possesses is the location of its Stuttgart home-base, which is at the epicentre of Germany’s bustling automotive industry. OEMs in Germany and the world-over are facing similar challenges in modern society, inclusive of the lasting impacts of the pandemic, electric car legislation, and inflation. In the face of these difficulties, Recom Film remains a trusted partner, always going the extra mile for its clients, being driven by the work itself and not the financial element of the business. It is this personalised experience and tailored solutions which serves to differentiate Recom Film from larger investment groups, who are ultimately driven by financial targets and annual balances. By going the extra mile for clients and the organisation itself, results are delivered that everybody can be proud of. Within the company, there is also a positive internal culture, with a relaxed and open-minded working environment that causes staff to always return to work with a genuine smile on their faces. Looking ahead to the future, the company is continuing to hone and develop its new business unit, which specialises in providing VFX services for feature films and television series. The aim is to dive deeper into this market and expand the business’ client base, all while continuing to provide the high level of service which clients have come to expect. Furthermore, Recom Film’s Realtime Technology team is in the continuing process of enhancing and refining the quality of the finished products available to clients, with an overarching goal of achieving the highest quality output with no rendering time. Ultimately, Recom Film is a company passionate about cars and passionate about films. Whether the project is a commercial, feature film, YouTube video, or television series, five seconds long, or an hour, the team make creative ideas happen for top agencies worldwide. Through a growing company network across the globe, the team bring together people from all different sides of the media and automotive industries, providing the upmost quality in every creation. Contact Details Contact: Manuel Hummer and Andreas Justus Burz Company: Recom Film GmbH & Co KG Web Address: Achieving one overall look and cohesive feel on a project is Recom Film’s forte, and by providing its clients with a single point of contact, a seamless experience is guaranteed, underpinned by streamlined and effective communication throughout. Boasting more than 35 years of experience working with OEMs, complete with the latest in cuttingedge technology and a highly connected global network, clients are guaranteed the highest possible quality for their projects. Further setting Recom Film apart is the unique industry service it provides, a combination of both print and film shooting. This allows for flexibility when filming with cars, as whether the vehicle is provided or needs to be added later through CGI, the company ensures a keen sense of flow and uniformity is ever-present. In the case of CGI shooting, this means that only a one-time data preparation cost is afforded, and there are further cost savings across crew and location, Aug23288 17

Best Electrical Vehicle Accessories & Security Specialists 2023 - South East England Electrical accessories are an often overlooked, but crucial part of any modern vehicle. With gadgets galore festooning our dashboards, finding high quality accessories and security solutions is vital. DCH Automotive leads the way when it comes to forging a bold path ahead, with motor experts able to provide the perfect solution. Earning success in the Automotive Awards 2023, we dig a little deeper to find out more. an important perspective if an accident occurs, but cannot be easily lost. Developing these solutions is no easy task, but makes a real difference to how safe people feel on the roads. In this rapidly changing industry, DCH Automotive has made it a priority not only to provide customers with a strong security solution, but adaptable ways of staying ahead too. These solutions also mean that customers can track their vehicles at all times, allowing for real time reporting of customer deliveries, mileage used and location of drivers. The high level of service offered by the DCH Automotive team means your level of service can be increased as well! It’s not only road vehicles that the DCH Automotive team protect. Expensive Plant Machinery is also covered by the team’s comprehensive security solutions. Recovery is often difficult in these situations, and replacement impossible. Thanks to DCH Automotive, your assets are protected, and your work can proceed swiftly. This service need not be expensive either, with subscriptions available to cover any period of time. Indeed, for just £499, your machinery could be protected for the entire time you own it by the SmarTrack Protector Pro Global, which operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, and GSM technology. An internal battery means that it will always remain operational, allowing for Global Telemetrics to maintain the safety of the device. When thinking about the security of equipment you use each day, it’s worth thinking about how much you’d lose if it weren’t there. When you turn to DCH Automotive, you turn to a team that sees that value. They use years of expertise in the industry to make sure that your property is as safe as it can possibly be. Individuals and organisations across the South East of England have benefited from their carefully calibrated approach to security, and how it has utilised the brightest and best ideas that the industry has to offer. In this industry, there will always be new ideas and new thinking. Fortunately, DCH Automotive has the sort of team that is always looking ahead to what is coming next! Company: DCH Automotive Name: Daniel Halliday Email: [email protected] Web Address: Since opening their doors in 2018, the team at DCH Automotive have made it their mission to lead the way when it comes to electrical vehicle accessories and vehicle security. With a team that is able to boast over 10 years of experience working with vehicles ranging from cars to lorries, from motorbikes to motorhomes, you can be certain of total safety once they are on the case. Operating across the South East of England, it’s easy to see how DCH Automotive has gained such a stunning reputation for quality. Serving the needs of individuals as well as businesses, the team have adapted to suit unique circumstances and bespoke needs that keep people’s property safe. This is no easy feat in an industry that is currently in constant flux. A combination of security devices, including vehicle trackers, alarms, immobilisers, and purpose-built cameras to name but a few, have been crucial to the thriving success of the operation. Each case is treated with care to find the perfect solution. One of the most impressive achievements of the team has been their efforts for fleet operators. Here, the individualistic approach simply will not do as people want to know where vehicles are at any point in the day. To gain this visibility, DCH Automotive use a Microsoft Azure-hosted, cloud-based IoT platform which typically incorporates three vehicle cameras combined with a speciallydesigned, rugged and compact mobile DVR. This not only provides Aug23287