Automotive Awards 2023

Defined as the activity of driving a vehicle over unpaved surfaces like dirt roads, mud, sand, rocks, and even snow, off-roading allows individuals to explore places and encounter beautiful landscapes that cannot be accessed by paved roads. Often, a love for extreme off-roading is rooted in a desire to obtain greater freedom by escaping the everyday grind and embarking on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. However, it is virtually impossible to go extreme off-roading without a winch. With part of the excitement being the exploration of new terrain, it is important to have the correct equipment to get you out of a sticky situation. Used to recover vehicles when they are stuck in the mud, snow, or any other dangerous position, a winch is an essential tool for safe off-roading. However, when it comes to winches, there are only a few options on the market, many of which require motors to help the cable move. This is where the Bush Winch stands out from the rest. Comprised simply of a rope, some wheel nuts, and a wheel rim, it is a lightweight self-recovery system that can be attached to any car when the situation calls for it. Unlike most winches on the market, it attaches to the vehicle’s wheel rims, meaning there is no need for expensive bull bars or tow hitches. Furthermore, without the requirement for batteries or heavy electrical cables, it is also much safer than many alternatives. Almost two decades ago, in the rugged environment of the Western Australian Bush, the Bush Winch vehicle self-recovery system was created by Founder Patrick Verbeek. With extensive experience as a geologist and a remote destination traveller, he was inspired to invent the Bush Winch by his off-road journeys to some of the harshest and most isolated environments in the world. He envisioned a simple, reliable, portable, and powerful winching system that would not fail, providing the highest degree of self-reliance. Using the Bush Winch comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, thanks to Patrick’s excellent design, the Bush Winch is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply attach the winch drums to the wheel rims and the winch ropes to the anchor points, then they can get themselves out of trouble from the driver’s seat. Using the vehicle’s own limitless engine power, the Bush Winch enables users to steer their vehicle back to solid ground. Winching from two wheels at a low axle level in unison with wheel rotation delivers Created in 2005, the Bush Winch is a patented system that serves as an intuitive, simple, and high-performing solution for vehicle self-recovery. For almost two decades, it has been manufactured and meticulously tested in Australia for sale to customers all over the world. Now in its second generation, the company continues to deliver products that are robust, reliable, and affordable. a superior fast recovery system with unparalleled winching capacity. Designed with user safety in mind, the Bush Winch uses unique, high specification components that minimise the risk of damage to the vehicle and injury to the user. Furthermore, the Bush Winch is incredibly versatile, allowing users to winch both forwards and backwards when recovering their vehicle. Users can create their own unique escape path, increasing their options and improving their chances of successful recovery. However, the Bush Winch’s versatility does not stop there; it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles without the need for modification, including two-wheel drives, four-wheel drives, and all-wheel drives, Moreover, the Bush Winch is very lightweight and portable, packing into a carry bag that can easily be taken on any trip. With components that serve multiple purposes, the kit is a fraction of the weight of any fixed mechanical or electrical wires. Lastly, the Bush Winch was designed to last. Made from quality components, without any mechanical elements to let you down, and with no maintenance required, the Bush Winch is a cost-effective, lifelong product that will save users money. Over the years, the Bush Winch has evolved from an ingenious design that resulted from Patrick’s vision into a company that manufactures reliable products and accessories for customers across the globe. Today, it remains a family-run business that operates based on a culture of fairness, flexibility, and freedom. Having expanded significantly over the years, it has attracted many like-minded individuals who share its passion for the great outdoors. Above all, the customer is at the heart of Bush Winch, so every enquiry is handled efficiently and with the utmost care. This applies to all customers, regardless of the size of their order. Any enquiries are dealt with by the company’s highly knowledgeable team or, on occasion, by Patrick himself. For its well-made, functional product that is easy-to-use and effective when needed, Bush Winch has been awarded Best Vehicle Winch Brand in the Automotive Awards 2023. In the years to come, the company plans to focus on its expansion into the US market, with plans to carry out demonstrations at SEMA and other local events. To better serve this new market, it is also looking to establish US-based partnerships in distribution, warehousing, and production. We extend our sincere congratulations to Patrick and his team at Bush Winch for their success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what they go on to accomplish in the future. Contact: Amanda Cox Company: Bushwinch Web Address: Best Vehicle Winch Brand 2023