Automotive Awards 2023

Best Automotive Sector Assessment Resource Company 2023 - Australia Based in Melbourne, Automotive Assessment Tools has a simple mission: to develop training assessment tools that are more than up to the challenge of meeting the needs of the automotive industry, and the employers who work within it. Having built up an impressive catalogue of different products over the years, it’s little wonder that the Founder and CEO, Kon Georgiadis is celebrating such incredible success in the Automotive Awards 2023. With over 30 years of combined RTO and Automotive industry experience, including designing and developing quality assessment tools, Automotive Assessment Tools has become the go-to name for many when looking into exciting new options for methods of assessing ways of working. Since opening its doors, Automotive Assessment Tools has developed, researched, prepared, written and edited an incredible array of training and assessment content for the AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package. Kon’s work can be found across Australia, and their skill in not only in offering impressive support packages to companies. To those who would like access to more bespoke assistances, the team are able to provide consulting, pre- and post-audit, and train-the-trainer services to RTOs and TAFE. The resources that have been made available are designed to have a wide reach, being not only up-todate, but focusing on the needs of the workplace specifically. This is an approach which is thoroughly practical and built on experience as opposed to pure theory. The value of what Automotive Assessment Tools offers is obvious from the outset. It’s clear that learning leads to higher productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organisations. If people make more accurate decisions, with less errors overall, then time and money can be saved on all sides. This leads to a better customer experience too. Choosing to work with a company like Automotive Assessment Tools, therefore, means choosing to put the improvement of your staff first and foremost, which can only lead to better outcomes for a business! The challenge, of course, in maintaining compliance with the industry as a whole. To do this, Automotive Assessment Tools has proactively worked to ensure that many different stakeholders are involved in the development of their programs. The key groups to consider are those in the industry, as well as training professionals, industry regulators and state/territory and federal government bodies. Drawing on the expertise of all of these groups ensures that what the team produces is a high quality product that is fit for purpose for the foreseeable future. This eye on what is to come is a key component of what Automotive Assessment Tools has to offer. The automotive sector is one which is in constant flux, but it is also one where standards are crucial. The breadth of the industry means that Automotive Assessment Tools must cover a host of different options. These include Vehicle Body Repair, Automotive Electrical, Mechanical Heavy Vehicle, Mechanical and Specialisation, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Outdoor Power Equipment, Sales, Parts, Administration and Management. To get ahead in the automotive industry, it pays to ensure that you are able to assess your resources. Leading the way forward in this respect is Kon Georgiadis from Automotive Assessment Tools. Over the years, his work has proven to be a key part of any automotive related business, providing training tools that are nationally recognised. It’s why his firm has earned such success in the Automotive Awards 2023. We dig a little deeper to uncover more of the secrets of his success. Across this array of different sectors, Automotive Assessment Tools must also meet the challenge of new technological feats. While many industries are looking to incorporate AI into their structures, the automotive sector is exploring the value of hybrid and battery electric vehicles, as well as autonomous vehicles, and computerised software such as Bluetooth technology. All of these factors add new layers of difficulty to the way in which the sector works. Needless to say, such sweeping changes have made the industry one far removed from where it was in the past. Now, there is a considerable skills shortage, and the industry are looking for new recruits who can work at the cutting edge of what is currently available. There are an estimated 40,000 vacancies for positions across Australia – a major gap in the labor market that has yet to be filled. These roles are not specific, covering jobs such as mechanics, motor trimmers, panel beaters, and spray painters. It goes without saying that Automotive Assessment Tools will play a major role in bringing these new additions to the industry up to speed. Looking forward, therefore, the future seems immeasurably bright for Automotive Assessment Tools. There are hundreds of AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair industry units already developed, and enormous potential for new units in agricultural machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, light vehicles, marine vessels, motorcycles, mobile plant machinery or outdoor power equipment. Kon works alone, as he cannot find content developers who are able to match up to his inimitable style, but this has not slowed the firm at all. If anything, it has fired him up to push even harder and thrive as a businessman. Standards are everything in the automotive industry, and Kon at Automotive Assessment Tools plays an important part in making sure that standards are always maintained. Through his impressive firm, businesses across Australia have made real strides to ensuring that quality comes first at all times. It’s not enough to simply settle for what has gone before. Instead, it’s crucial that learning new ideas, new skills and new techniques stays at the forefront of how this industry operates. A bold new approach awaits, as new players change the shape of what has gone before. Where Automotive Assessment Tools has the biggest role to play is in ensuring that what has been learned before can be carried on in the future. With that in mind, we celebrate their incredible achievement in the Automotive Awards 2023, and cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future. Contact Details Company: Automotive Assessment Tools Name: Kon Georgiadis Email: [email protected] Web Address: