Automotive Awards 2023

16 Best Automotive Film Production Company 2023 - Germany Recom Film GmbH & Co. KG is a full-service and post-production company based in Stuttgart, Germany, whose high-quality services prove it to be an invaluable creative partner, dedicated to bringing their clients’ visions to life across all stages of the production process. It is this unwavering commitment to orchestrate the entire process, encompassing shoot organisation, production management, and post-production, that ensures a harmonious, cohesive aesthetic throughout. Recom Film boasts prestigious clients, many of whom are some of the most famous and celebrated car manufacturers throughout the world. We speak to Manuel Hummer and Andreas Justus Burz, who tells us more about how the company always achieves the perfect shot. with each of these only being needed once. A wealth of experience in shooting highly confidential cars in cities across the globe also guarantees safety for secretive projects. Recom Film was originally founded as a photographic company but has always sought to implement both video and photo productions into its services. Over the years, this has led to the developing of a host of hardware and software techniques which bridge the gap between these two visual mediums, thus resulting in a fast and high calibre approach to commercial film shoots. Through the combining of photo and video cameras on the camera car, a substantial amount of great footage will be generated, and with extensive experience in the field of automotive post-production, the results will be outstanding every time. Thanks to this advanced technology, the company has already satisfied such high-profile clients as Porsche, Volvo, and BMW, in addition to non-automotive companies such as Nike, Tanqueray, and Bosch. Further adding to the aura of automotive prowess the company possesses is the location of its Stuttgart home-base, which is at the epicentre of Germany’s bustling automotive industry. OEMs in Germany and the world-over are facing similar challenges in modern society, inclusive of the lasting impacts of the pandemic, electric car legislation, and inflation. In the face of these difficulties, Recom Film remains a trusted partner, always going the extra mile for its clients, being driven by the work itself and not the financial element of the business. It is this personalised experience and tailored solutions which serves to differentiate Recom Film from larger investment groups, who are ultimately driven by financial targets and annual balances. By going the extra mile for clients and the organisation itself, results are delivered that everybody can be proud of. Within the company, there is also a positive internal culture, with a relaxed and open-minded working environment that causes staff to always return to work with a genuine smile on their faces. Looking ahead to the future, the company is continuing to hone and develop its new business unit, which specialises in providing VFX services for feature films and television series. The aim is to dive deeper into this market and expand the business’ client base, all while continuing to provide the high level of service which clients have come to expect. Furthermore, Recom Film’s Realtime Technology team is in the continuing process of enhancing and refining the quality of the finished products available to clients, with an overarching goal of achieving the highest quality output with no rendering time. Ultimately, Recom Film is a company passionate about cars and passionate about films. Whether the project is a commercial, feature film, YouTube video, or television series, five seconds long, or an hour, the team make creative ideas happen for top agencies worldwide. Through a growing company network across the globe, the team bring together people from all different sides of the media and automotive industries, providing the upmost quality in every creation. Contact Details Contact: Manuel Hummer and Andreas Justus Burz Company: Recom Film GmbH & Co KG Web Address: Achieving one overall look and cohesive feel on a project is Recom Film’s forte, and by providing its clients with a single point of contact, a seamless experience is guaranteed, underpinned by streamlined and effective communication throughout. Boasting more than 35 years of experience working with OEMs, complete with the latest in cuttingedge technology and a highly connected global network, clients are guaranteed the highest possible quality for their projects. Further setting Recom Film apart is the unique industry service it provides, a combination of both print and film shooting. This allows for flexibility when filming with cars, as whether the vehicle is provided or needs to be added later through CGI, the company ensures a keen sense of flow and uniformity is ever-present. In the case of CGI shooting, this means that only a one-time data preparation cost is afforded, and there are further cost savings across crew and location, Aug23288 17