Automotive Awards 2023

Best Electrical Vehicle Accessories & Security Specialists 2023 - South East England Electrical accessories are an often overlooked, but crucial part of any modern vehicle. With gadgets galore festooning our dashboards, finding high quality accessories and security solutions is vital. DCH Automotive leads the way when it comes to forging a bold path ahead, with motor experts able to provide the perfect solution. Earning success in the Automotive Awards 2023, we dig a little deeper to find out more. an important perspective if an accident occurs, but cannot be easily lost. Developing these solutions is no easy task, but makes a real difference to how safe people feel on the roads. In this rapidly changing industry, DCH Automotive has made it a priority not only to provide customers with a strong security solution, but adaptable ways of staying ahead too. These solutions also mean that customers can track their vehicles at all times, allowing for real time reporting of customer deliveries, mileage used and location of drivers. The high level of service offered by the DCH Automotive team means your level of service can be increased as well! It’s not only road vehicles that the DCH Automotive team protect. Expensive Plant Machinery is also covered by the team’s comprehensive security solutions. Recovery is often difficult in these situations, and replacement impossible. Thanks to DCH Automotive, your assets are protected, and your work can proceed swiftly. This service need not be expensive either, with subscriptions available to cover any period of time. Indeed, for just £499, your machinery could be protected for the entire time you own it by the SmarTrack Protector Pro Global, which operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, and GSM technology. An internal battery means that it will always remain operational, allowing for Global Telemetrics to maintain the safety of the device. When thinking about the security of equipment you use each day, it’s worth thinking about how much you’d lose if it weren’t there. When you turn to DCH Automotive, you turn to a team that sees that value. They use years of expertise in the industry to make sure that your property is as safe as it can possibly be. Individuals and organisations across the South East of England have benefited from their carefully calibrated approach to security, and how it has utilised the brightest and best ideas that the industry has to offer. In this industry, there will always be new ideas and new thinking. Fortunately, DCH Automotive has the sort of team that is always looking ahead to what is coming next! Company: DCH Automotive Name: Daniel Halliday Email: [email protected] Web Address: Since opening their doors in 2018, the team at DCH Automotive have made it their mission to lead the way when it comes to electrical vehicle accessories and vehicle security. With a team that is able to boast over 10 years of experience working with vehicles ranging from cars to lorries, from motorbikes to motorhomes, you can be certain of total safety once they are on the case. Operating across the South East of England, it’s easy to see how DCH Automotive has gained such a stunning reputation for quality. Serving the needs of individuals as well as businesses, the team have adapted to suit unique circumstances and bespoke needs that keep people’s property safe. This is no easy feat in an industry that is currently in constant flux. A combination of security devices, including vehicle trackers, alarms, immobilisers, and purpose-built cameras to name but a few, have been crucial to the thriving success of the operation. Each case is treated with care to find the perfect solution. One of the most impressive achievements of the team has been their efforts for fleet operators. Here, the individualistic approach simply will not do as people want to know where vehicles are at any point in the day. To gain this visibility, DCH Automotive use a Microsoft Azure-hosted, cloud-based IoT platform which typically incorporates three vehicle cameras combined with a speciallydesigned, rugged and compact mobile DVR. This not only provides Aug23287