Automotive Awards 2023

Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Company 2023 - Australia When you’re in an accident, you want to know what went wrong, and how quickly you get back to normal. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles was founded because the latter seemed to take forever to make happen. Personal experience taught Alex Rodov that there was a gap in the automotive industry, and it was one which could not only be incredibly profitable, but it could make a real difference to hundreds of lives. What started in a converted garage with four hire cars and a bucket of water has grown into eight branches spanning Australia, and has rapidly earned the team an impressive reputation for success. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is an all-in-one accident management service, providing vital support to those who need it most. When one of their clients has been in a not-at-fault accident, the team assist by being present at the scene, collecting documents and liaising with insurance companies to reach the swiftest possible conclusion. The team have gained a reputation as a customer advocate and an industry disrupter as a result of their tireless efforts. The goal is to make sure that customers have the best level of care possible by holding insurance companies to account and providing a simplistic, friendly and reliable service. The principles underpinning everything done by the Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles team are : Collaborative Core, Valuing People, Better Than Yesterday, Love What We Do and Win With Trust. They breathe life into the mission of the team, relieving stress with ease. The standard of end-to-end service isn’t the only way in which Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles leads the way. They are available around the clock, trading seven days a week from the early hours into the late evening. For this talented team, the extra mile is simply a way of life! The team provide hassle-free delivery and pick-up of the replacement vehicle from our clients’ preferred locations, saving them time and effort. The success of the team’s efforts can be seen in the incredible testimonials that have been gathered over the years, with the team not only achieving success in the Automotive Awards. They have also been recognised as Car Rental Service of the Year for 2023 by Product Review, with over 2,000 5-star customer reviews. The key in the future, therefore, is finding ways of maintaining the stunning standard that people have now come to expect from this industry newcomer. To achieve this, the team work to ensure that they handle physical assets and deal with uniquely Australian roads, road rules and accidents. This on-shore attitude have significantly increased the team’s competitive edge, with clients and Australians as a whole more inclined to support organisations which operate on-shore. The developing Australian automotive industry is one which is constantly evolving, but is also one where Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles currently has a unique position in the market. There are no competitors who bridge the gap between insurers, repairers and customers in the same way. As the point of trust between all parties, it is often easier for the Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles team to resolve any points of friction than it is for separate parties to talk directly. Thousands of vehicle accidents happen every day, but when you’ve been in an accident, what you want to do most of all is get back on the road, and back to normal. That’s where Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles comes in. Instead of negotiating with an insurance company, this team take the strain and let you get on with what you want to do. Justly recognised in the Automotive Awards 2023, we take a closer look to uncover some of the secrets of their success. Reaching such a position within the complex ecosystem that is the Australian automotive industry has been achieved not only through carefully exploring the potential gaps in the market, but through developing an impressive internal culture. This begins with an induction process that flies new starters directly into the firm’s Mascot HQ to complete essential training, as well as bond with the rest of the team. This close connection is key to the success of Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, as it means that people are immersed in the fabric of the business from the outset. All teams have championed a buddy system, which means that new starters can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures and old hands can develop their leadership skills too. Since opening their doors, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles has been highly regarded thanks to its positive work environment, and this has generated better results for customers too. Such a proactive approach has seen the team celebrate staff involvement in the sporting industry. For example, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles sponsors the Southwest Sydney Netball Club, where one of the team’s in-house solicitors, Natalija, leads as head coach. The team also sponsor two football clubs, namely Hurstville ZFC and the Kogarah Waratahs, where two of the Operations Team Members Robbie and Fab, are actively engaged players. Finally, the firm has supported Carlos and Annabelle Rolfo, the first-ever, father-daughter Bathurst racing team, based at the Brisbane branch. Supporting people in every aspect of their lives has empowered the team considerably, as well as having a positive impact on broader communities throughout Australia. Looking forward, therefore, it’s clear that there is immense value in building on this expertise. The aim, therefore, is to continue to bridge the gap that exists between insurers, repairers and customers by putting Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles at the very heart of the automotive industry. The work of this team should be to grease the wheels of the sector, allowing for a more harmonious relationship overall. Personal experience is what brought Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles to life. It was clear to those who had to experience the aftermath of an accident where they were not at fault that the automotive industry in Australia was in need of change. Creating that change has not been an easy task. But it’s rare that something worth doing is easy. With eight branches opened across the last five years, it’s clear that the work has been worthwhile indeed, and the reputation that the team have garnered in such a short space of time is a credit to their hard work. The future seems bright indeed for this shining star that has positioned itself at the beating heart of one of Australia’s most important industries. With such success behind them, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles Name: Alex Rodov Email: [email protected] Web Address: