The Business Concept Q2 2022

Soaring To Success The world of airports and aerodromes is one which depends on hundreds of moving parts all coming together to ensure a safe and smooth process for all. Security is a major factor, now more than ever, and the team at Airport Operations Ltd are leading the way. In Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022, the team achieved astonishing success. We take a closer look to discover more.

Editor’s letter. Welcome to our brand new issue of The Business Concept. The Business Concept is dedicated to providing you with the latest, most intricate visions from across the business landscape. Globally, there is an endless amount of support for business development – and The Business Concept is here to showcase the solutions and assistance being provided around the world. This magazine has been crafted to inform you of some trail-blazers in their industries, so that you can take inspiration and feel more informed when it comes to business events and changes. Here, we are offering a closer look into the diverse realm of advancements in technology and incredible improvements, in order to promote techniques for unrivalled success. After experiencing huge challenges in the world, we are thankful to have the time to reflect and push forward for an even better, stronger future. This issue presents a vast and diverse group of businesses that are making their mark on their industries. It is an amalgamation of breath-taking discoveries that are leading us ahead of the curve. The Business Concept intends to motivate and stimulate with a collection of collaborative, inventive, and revolutionary businesses, pushing them to the forefront of our minds. Ultimately, this spreads their words and influences us to drive our own ideas further into the beneficial potential of sophisticated technology. We hope you enjoy perusing this issue and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Sofi Bajor - Editor

Contents 4. News - Jubilant June’s prospects fail to cheer transport & storage sector - Ignore a ‘van plan’ – better fleet management software is key to persuading van owners to go electric 6. Airport Operations Ltd: Soaring To Success 7. The LGV Training Company: The Road to Success 8. Papiz Turbine: Innovation Is In the Air 9. Sky Soles: Best Footwear Brand 2022 10. Women In Trucking Association, Inc.: Dedicated and Driven Women In Trucking. 11. Morphin Logistics: Revolution In Logistics 12. NorthFind Management: Passionate People for Revolutionary Practices 13. ABDA AVIATION SDN BHD: Achievement in Aviation. 14. UK’s First Carbon-Neutral Fulfilment Facility Secures £3m Funding 15. Paysend U.S. Customer Base Grows 66% Year Over Year 16. How Workforce Management Technology Can Improve Business Performance. 18. High Street Evolution Will Boost Warehouse Demand 20. Infused Learning Invest and Grow 21. LunaJets Nearly Doubles Revenue but Sees Clouds Ahead 22. Your 1-Stop Consulting and Contracting Boutique 23. International Sales and Global Suppliers Key to Ensure Post Pandemic Business Recovery. 24. Now or Never? Here’s the Key to Successfully Starting Your Own Business

News. 4 Jubilant June’s prospects fail to cheer transport & storage sector A Government business survey shows 23.5% of transport & storage companies expect their turnovers to decrease this month, a gloomier prediction than for any other sector. ParcelHero says rising energy costs are damaging the confidence of delivery and logistics operators. June’s Jubilee plans failed to boost the spirits of the transport & storage sector, with 23.5% of operators fearing their turnover will decrease this month, according to the latest Government business survey. The home delivery expert ParcelHero says the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 1 June ‘Business Insights and Impact on the UK Economy’ Survey revealed transport & storage sector leaders were more pessimistic about the prospects for the month ahead than those in any other sector. ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks M.I.L.T, says: ‘Parcels, logistics and warehouse operators clearly saw few reasons to celebrate the arrival of June, despite the Platinum Jubilee festivities. When they responded to the survey in late May, more transport & storage companies thought they would see a dip in income and profits than those in any other sector. That includes wholesale & retail businesses (22.4% of which thought turnover would decrease) and manufacturing (20.4% of which thought their turnover would fall). ‘The reason for this platinum-plated pessimism is not hard to see, given that 72% of transport & storage companies said their business costs had increased. This compares with increased costs reported by just 54.2% of wholesale & retail traders and 61.6% of manufacturers, according to the latest figures. ‘Despite rising costs, only 32.6% of transport & storage companies were expecting to put up their prices to customers in June, the same as wholesale & retail traders. This is substantially less than the 44.5% of manufacturers planning to up their prices. ‘Transport & storage businesses often work on wafer-thin profit margins and are generally the first industry sector to feel the squeeze of events such as the Ukraine war, soaring energy costs and Brexit. The problem for some companies in the transport & storage sector is that volumes have been falling back since the end of the online sales boom created by the pandemic. Yet, at the same time, they are facing escalating costs. 34.4% of those transport & storage businesses planning to increase their prices in June say the primary reason is higher energy costs. ‘The next set of figures are released on 16 June. Perhaps these will reflect a rise in confidence but, for now, the transport & storage sector clearly sees little reason for flag waving.

5 News. New data shows many van drivers have ‘range anxiety’; but key to tackling this isn’t more chargers – it’s better software, argues Aidan McClean, CEO and co-founder of UFODRIVE and best-selling author of ‘THE ELECTRIC REVOLUTION: Myths & Truths about Electric Vehicles and Climate Disaster’. As the world starts to transition away from internal combustion engines and towards electric vehicles (EVs), couriers, delivery fleets and individual traders are itching to make the move to electric vans. Yet while electric van uptake has doubled in the past year, the market is still around two years behind that of cars, causing the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to call for a ‘Van Plan’ by the UK Government to aid the transition. According to new research published by the SMMT on the 24th May (SMMT), 57% of people who own or lease a van in the UK are worried that they wouldn’t be able to find a public charging point when they need it. Persuading van drivers to switch to zero emission vehicles is essential if Britain is to become net zero and meet its climate commitments. Vans directly support around one in 10 workers in Britain, particularly in sectors such as construction and industry, trades such as plumbers, and home delivery services which grew rapidly during the pandemic. With more than four million vans on the road, electrifying vans is an essential part of the UK’s climate action, and substantially reduce carbon emissions, while also delivering cleaner air in cities. The reasons to switch are compelling – but so seems to be the ‘range anxiety’ which is holding these sectors, drivers and fleet managers back from transitioning. However, with a change in mindset, and a charger at home or at the company parking bay, finding a charger during the day-to-day travels isn’t a priority. What should be a concern, however, is the lack of effective fleet management software. This is truly the key to green courier and industry fleets. Aidan McClean commented: “Range anxiety is a clearly an issue that needs tackling – in delivery fleets and individuals’ cars. The fear of being left immobile, stranded, and unable to charge your battery is a common and emotive one. However, this conversation is being had – and more chargers are being added all the time. “Of course, each new charger helps; we need far more and we need to see and access them along any given route - but the truth is that chargers will never be as convenient as a petrol pump; particularly for a courier with a busy schedule to keep. A more pressing issue in my mind is the lack of fleet management software that is truly effective. If we had this, needing to find a charger on the daily route would be an anomaly, like breaking down, and not the norm. “Whether it’s setting an accurate and up-to-date route for your specific range, time frame and the types of chargers you might need, or accessing real-time data about which chargers are available and functioning; easy to use software Ignore a ‘van plan’ – better fleet management software is key to persuading van owners to go electric and real-time data plays an essential role in simplifying access to charging infrastructure and easing the concerns of drivers. “This is where the latest software is essential to the ‘behind the scenes’ work at every depot, bay or headquarters. Fleet managers need to know that their charging schedule is optimised – balancing maximum charge for each vehicle, against each vehicle’s requirements, against the requirements of other vehicles that may have a busier schedule tomorrow and need that extra time charging. Furthermore, this all has to be balanced against long-term battery health – as fleet managers will want to know their batteries, and therefore the vehicle, will last. “With effective software, EVs can be as effective as combustion engine vehicles – but like charging your phone at night, it needs a proper routine and a new mindset for both managers and drivers. With this, EVs will not just be possible, they will also be cost-effective and practical”.

Soaring To Success Every airport depends on a comprehensive security system, one which is able to create an environment where all on airport grounds can be safe and secure. Whilst this is handled in some places by inhouse teams, the team at Airport Operations have made it their mission to take the strain from hardworking airport managers and provide the ultimate in personnel to protect their surroundings. The team’s incredible success comes from their ability to deliver safe operations no matter what the surroundings. From regional to international airports, this is a team that has made its name through adapting to every circumstance that might arise. With various challenges across every aspect of the airport, the Airport Operations team have built up the skill to provide staff able to assist in all airside operations and safety roles. To ensure the best quality in all team members, the firm is proud to provide a multitude of training opportunities to Highfield Accreditation Level Three Standard, providing these same opportunities to their clients too. Maintaining consistency across an operation is vital to securing success, and so regular refresher training is undertaken across all levels of the business. The high-quality personnel behind Airport Operations not only ensure that clients have people who thrive on working in best practice scenarios, but who inspire their teams to aim high too. It is not just the Airport Operations staff who provide a high-quality approach. Their equipment is designed to support them in every respect, offering the tools needed to secure success on every front. The fleet of airside operations vehicles include Low and High Intensity LED lighting and digital displays, Transponders, 8.33khz Radios, Wildlife Control Equipment Lethal and Non-Lethal, Wands, Bats, Cones and Temporary Lighting which meet every possible need that might arise. When people turn to Airport Operations for assistance, they gain access to a team of experienced airport managers. Unlike many of The world of airports and aerodromes is one which depends on hundreds of moving parts all coming together to ensure a safe and smooth process for all. Security is a major factor, now more than ever, and the team at Airport Operations Ltd are leading the way. In Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022, the team achieved astonishing success. We take a closer look to discover more. their competitors, they understand the needs of their customers because they have been airport managers themselves. They’ve experienced the difficulties of organising third party contributions and suffered the delays involved in AGL ordering and installation. They managed projects to improve airport property from remote towers to runway resurfacing. They know the market well and know how to have the biggest possible impact on behalf of their customers. As a result of the team’s tireless efforts, the future is bright indeed. The growth of the team over the years has allowed them to offer a comprehensive solution to airports which can now be exported around the world. With a new global mindset at the heart of the business, it’s clear that Airport Operations has a long way to go. The airport industry is one which is constantly evolving, and the standards inherent to it are constantly rising. The Airport Operations team not only understand this, but make the effort to ensure that their solutions push the industry forward to new and greater heights. Company: Airport Operations Ltd Name: Kieran Meikle Email: [email protected] The growth of the team over the years has allowed them to offer a comprehensive solution to airports which can now be exported around the world. With a new global mindset at the heart of the business, it’s clear that Airport Operations has a long way to go. Jan22180

6 The Road to Success. The logistics industry depends on new blood to keep it going, and nobody knows this better than the team behind The LGV Training Company. With the average age of a driver being 57, and the need for their services continuing to grow, their challenge is to engage and train a new generation of delivery drivers. We take a closer look at how they work in order to achieve their goal, and how they have achieved such success in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2021. Over the last few years, the need for HGV drivers has increased in every corner of the UK, with recruiters often unable to fill vacancies fast enough. This is due, in no small part, to the loss of around 13000 HGV drivers per year to retirement. As already mentioned, the average age of an HGV driver is 57 and this has had a major impact on the industry as a whole. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, too, has made a difference to how the LGV Training Company operates. Firstly, it meant that online purchasing increased, with people buying items from the web as opposed to the high street. The amount of goods being delivered has increased significantly. This increase in demand for drivers has been matched by a fall in supply as test centres were shut for most of 2020. While there has been significant impact to the way in which the LGV Training Company operates, the team have been able to adapt quickly to ensure that their drivers could still receive their CPC. Classroom training was replaced with zoom sessions, allowing customers to gain their 35 hours from the comfort of their own homes. This shift has actually increased demand for the services offered by the LGV Training Company, with an increase of around 30%. With such a vital role to play in the logistics sector that keeps the UK moving, it’s little wonder that the team at the LGV Training Company take a great deal of pride in ensuring that they get the job done properly. Every morning, the team hold a zoom meeting where they can discuss the day ahead and make thorough plans for the future as well as addressing any problems that have arisen or successes that have been seen. Such a close-knit team guarantees solid service in all parts of the business. In short, it’s little wonder that the LGV Training Company has achieved such success. The work that the team does is exemplary, drawing on years of expertise to deliver perfection in their courses. Their continued success plays a key part in keeping the logistics sector moving, ensuring high standards at every level of the industry. Company: The LGV Training Company Name: Tom McGhie Email: [email protected] Web Address: The LGV Training Company provides one of the leading resources in the UK to those who wish to drive HGVs, and those who wish to hire those drivers. As a crucial part of the way in which Britain currently operates, the service they offer is invaluable to every business sector and industry across the country. As demand for their services increases, it’s clear that the real challenge is how to maintain the high standards set at this institute of excellence. The LGV Training Company revolves around the training and recruitment of HGV drivers, and their work has seen the team achieve some of the highest pass rates in the country. This is due, in no small part, to the unrivalled service offered throughout the process that ensures drivers are trained to the highest standards and able to fulfil their duties from their first day on the job. Driving an HGV is no easy task, requiring deep concentration and focus to ensure that products are delivered on time, but certification at the LGV Training Company is a sure sign of quality to recruiters. May21079 7.

Innovation Is In the Air Since an early age Juan Manuel Papiz has displayed an affinity for aeronautics. Born in the city of Concepción, Tucumán, Argentina, Papiz was raised by teachers that encouraged his passion and bolstered his desire to learn. However, it wouldn’t be until age 15 that Papiz began his transition into the industry. His career began manufacturing RC turbines for him and others, but after a while, he began to tire of working for others. Using this dissatisfaction as a means for change, he began to improve upon the pre-existing products, slowly creating his own design. In the meantime, he pursued a similar passion – becoming a commercial airplane pilot. This only increased his knowledge, expanding his understanding of the issues in the aviation world. Papiz decided to overhaul the industry and launched Papiz Turbine. Papiz Turbine hosts a range of turbines primarily suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Indeed, the company has created a family of products that are some of the most dynamic, cost-effective, and sustainable turbines on the market. From the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. to the Pretorian Turboprop 100Hp., each turbine has been designed with aeronautics and aviation lovers in mind – not only are the products priced competitively, but they are also designed with reliability as the priority. Of course, safety must come first. Creating turboprops, the company strays from the piston engine. Piston engines are typically found within smaller planes – the audience that Papiz Turbine targets – and are notable for their suitability for short distance flights. Furthermore, piston engines tend to fall on the cheaper side of the spectrum, both in terms of the initial purchase and to operate. However, Papiz Turbine flips this on its head. Simply, it has made turboprops more accessible for smaller aircrafts, enhancing their efficiency. Turboprops are considered to be more reliable, offer higher efficiencies for their higher power outputs, and can yield much improved performance at high altitudes. In addition, they are safer and more efficient than a piston engine. The Prometeo Turboprop 300Hp., for example, has been created to suit medium sized single and twin-engine aircrafts.Its simple and sturdy frame combined with materials such as titanium, and ceramic metals have ensured its suitability for a variety of plane types. With an estimated weight of 110kg, the product provides a much smoother experience than the average piston engine. Meanwhile, the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. is a high performance and low consumption turbine suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Featuring an engine Born through an intense love of the industry, Papiz Turbine is infused with passion, knowledge, and dedication. Indeed, home to a range of efficient and cost-effective turbines, the company simply knows what’s best for its clients and their aircrafts. diameter of 200mm, a length of 700mm without the exhaust or propeller, and an overall weight of 80kg, the engine is notable for its harmonious simplicity. Look for all companies around the world, it is certain that Papiz Turbine has left its mark on the aerospace industry. Moreover, the products have been displayed in numerous international airshows – including Aero Friedrichshafen and the Dubai Airshow across multiple years. At the show, the company exhibits its products and partakes in multiple categories, including Advanced Aerial Mobility and Aviation Sustainability. Contact:Juan Manuel Papiz Company: Papiz Turbine Web Address: Using this dissatisfaction as a means for change, he began to improve upon the pre-existing products, slowly creating his own design. Jan22376

Best Footwear Brand 2022 Being one of the best amongst Australia’s footwear designers, Sky Soles is a company designing shoes for airport staff and crew, committing itself to constant improvement of its designs and business model both. It works hard to ensure its designs provide maximum quality and comfort both, the materials it uses being the best it can get its hands on so that a client can walk with confidence. Fundamentally, footwear is such a big part of everyday life from work shoes to leisure shoes, or shoes that a client would buy specifically for a certain occasion, and so it has taken it upon itself to take the footwear industry’s ability to be so fit-to-purpose and apply that logic to make something that is specifically for aircraft staff and airport employees. Its mission is to provide designs that are suitable for all industries such as aviation, defence, cruise, retail, and hotels. No matter what your job is, there’s something for you to benefit from. In order to rise to this challenge, the shoe must be comfortable, aesthetically fitting for what they wish it to be, and sturdy so that it can withstand the test of time and use. In each of these things Sky Soles has dedicated itself to innovation and ingenuity, working hard to create footwear that is specifically made to make the lives of airport workers easier. With styles and stressors being a changing melting pot of variables, and the wider industry growing alongside a changing world, Sky Soles as a brand is using its dedication to innovation to be a front-runner in the cobbling industry. With its aviation-specific shoe designs, it has made itself an innovative linchpin in the scientifically based world of footwear creation and ideation, using its knowledge of the challenges its clients face in order to provide them with a shoe that is fashionable, supportive, and practical, allowing them to a professional and smart figure whilst maintaining the utmost levels of comfort in a busy airport environment. For Sky Soles, after it found its footing in 1972 with quality and comfort at the forefront of its priority list, the founders began work on developing a shoe that combines solutions to the challenges faced by airport staff and the ability to maintain the put-together and customerready look of their uniform. It combines the finest, supple vegan linings – and finest grade of calf leathers – in order to do this, each element of which allows it to offer some of the most long-lasting and comfortable shoe designs available on the market, shown through the satisfaction of the customers who have already availed themselves of Sky Soles shoes and not looked back since. In short, as it is able to support the foot from toe to heel, its airport friendly layered sole design contains elements with anti-slip grip, hardened toes, anti-static elements, and oil and acid resistant outer materials, resulting in a shoe that is perfectly adept at enduring the rigours of the aviation industry. Thus, it has become known as the most innovative and highly specific shoe manufacturer to serve its niche. Since its inception, its customers have spoken incredibly highly of it, leaving it glowing reviews through its website and recommending it to peers and colleagues through word of mouth referrals, something which it wishes to extend its thanks to its clients for as it greatly appreciates their continued support. Contact: Zac Clarke Website: Jan22194

Dedicated and Driven Women In Trucking. A diverse workforce is a better workforce, but achieving this is not always easy. The team behind the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has made it their mission to be a resource within the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. We take a closer look at this organization following their incredible achievement in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards from Corporate Vision to see some of the secrets behind their success. how nearly everything is delivered by a truck of some kind. The team learned, for example, that the Boy Scouts had a transportation patch and the Girl Scouts did not. Initially working with the Greater Chicago/ Northern Indiana region, WIT was integral to the creation of a “Trucks are For Girls” transportation patch as well as the curriculum to earn the award. The team’s activity book explains how grain from the field is moved to the bakery on a truck, and from the bakery to the packaging facility and on to the distribution center on a truck, with the help of Clare, the truck driver doll so that both boys and girls can see themselves in the role when they grow up. WIT team members have made themselves into an invaluable resource for the industry at large, tracking the percentage of women as drivers, managers and other positions. As a result of gathering an immense amount of relevant data, it’s much easier to now see what attracts women into the trucking industry and what makes them stay. The association shares these best practices with their membership so that they can benefit. The membership is the beating heart of WIT, and has been a core part of the team’s success. Often, people who join want the opportunity to network with other people who have similar roles in other companies. For women within the trucking industry, this organization is a unique proposition. It doesn’t just represent women in trucks, but across the breadth of what the sector has to offer. The work that WIT does is invaluable, empowering new voices and ensuring that they can feel welcomed into this exciting and essential industry. This dynamic association not only encourages the employment of a more gender diverse workforce but minimizes obstacles faces by women in this industry and promotes their accomplishments. That’s a mission successful businesses can get behind. Company: Women In Trucking Association, Inc. Name: Ellen Voie Email: [email protected] Web Address: The need for greater diversity within the trucking industry is clear to anyone who looks at it. Most large trucking organization started with one man and one truck, and while this has changed over the years, it’s essential that organizations such as the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) keep an eye on what is being done and what can be done to allow women to succeed in this industry. Made up of approximately 6,000 members around the world, WIT has had an incredible impact on the way in which women are seen in the driver’s cab. They’ve worked closely with truck cab manufacturers to ensure that the cabin is able to accommodate a smaller frame, building in greater adaptability with the pedals, the seat and in the design of the dash as well as the ease in lifting the hood to access the engine. They have worked with truck stops to ensure that female truck drivers have the facilities they need in terms of safety, security and amenities. But WIT is not only about professional drivers. The association encourages women in all roles within the industry, ranging from engineering, operations, talent management, and sales and marketing to management and female ownership of businesses. In short, WIT has slowly begun to break down the invisible barriers that have previously limited women from thriving in this profession. Recently, WIT team members have shifted their strategies to target the next generation of truck drivers and transportation experts. Many children aren’t made aware of how products reach their houses and May21215 5.

Revolution In Logistics Established in 2016, Morphin Logistics has gained a reputation for being able to work closely with logistics providers all over the world to ensure that their clients have the products they need in the UK. Working across a variety of different shipping lanes such as Cosoc, Hapag Lloyd, Maersk and MSC, the team have reached new and exciting levels of success. The services on offer encompass the entire range of logistics operations, including value added freight forward, Air Freight forward, domestic expedited, road transportation, ocean freight forwarding and warehouse order fulfilment. There is very little that the team has not gained experience of over the years, which is why they are in such high demand. To ensure that the logistics processes run as smoothly as possible, the team have implemented a system of total traceability across the entire operation. The team’s own house vehicle consignment tracking ensures that drivers can be quickly and efficiently tracked en route to their destinations, including their spend and geographical location. Many things have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps nothing has become clearer than the importance of effective logistics. Many small traders and companies buy their stock from abroad, listing items in their shops or online. They simply don’t have the resources to hire their own warehouse or implement a delivery system. Morphin Logistics has proven more than capable of taking the strain, providing these services at a fraction of the cost of leasing a warehouse and employing staff to pack and deliver. The pandemic has changed the way in which the business has been run, although much of this has been because of the uncertainty of the economic situation. Many customers suspended their trading at the outset, making steady returns through outlets such as Amazon. The need for a good logistics company, able to tackle the daily challenges of dispatching and receiving items from around the world, has never gone away, despite the unique challenges brought about by this coronavirus. Logistics is a key challenge for many businesses to face, with an international economy seeing goods transported around the world. When it comes to applying this work to the UK, there is no company finer than that of Morphin Logistics. In a mere five years, this firm has become renowned for its collaborative spirit that keeps goods flowing in difficult times. We profile the business to see how it has been able to achieve such astonishing results in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2021. While a relatively new player, the key to the firm’s continued success has been their ‘client-first’ approach. This has affected every decision made by the company, including their approach to technology. While the team are always looking at the potential offered by new IT systems, they only make decisions with an eye on the explicit goal of delivering value to customers. Every investment in the business, and in technological upgrades, should only amplify the benefits received by the end user. Looking ahead, the team at Morphin Logistics are already intending to expand beyond the branches they already have in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. As time goes on, they hope to have outlets around the world able to meet the needs of companies both domestically and internationally. Naturally, this aim for growth has been tempered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but as the situation turns to a new normal, Morphin Logistics will be able to adapt more precisely to the climate of the day. The work that Morphin Logistics do is invaluable, allowing companies to thrive in even the most difficult of times. We celebrate the incredible role they play in the supply chain, allowing people to continue trading in spite of unprecedented circumstances and look forward to the way in which they grow moving forward. Company: Morphin Logistics Name: Mohamed Al Nabih Email: [email protected] Web Address: May21234

Passionate People for Revolutionary Practices NorthFind Management is a global consultancy of management practitioners with a passion for turning insights into action. Jonathon P. Karelse, CEO of NorthFind states, “We focus on data-led and actionable analysis, in developing clear and scalable processes, proprietary to our client environments and specialise in forecasting and demand planning. As well as Supply Chain Management, we include production planning, inventory management, pricing and segmentation analysis, sales, marketing strategy and analytics. We are particularly well-suited for due diligence and Post Merger Integration because of our capacity for driving rapid change.” NorthFind is currently engaged in S&OP and demand planning analyses, training and implementation for clients with globally extended supply chains in multiple verticals. “Our work in progress spans aerospace, health products, CPG (FMCG), cosmetics, electronics, transportation products, chemical, and heavy equipment. We have worked with such world-class clients as CAT/Finning, HID Global, Molex, Dell Technologies, Heineken, Meggitt, Carlisle Group, Coty Cosmetics and Gulfstream Aerospace,” states Jonathon. The company’s core values have not changed since its establishment. “We are relentlessly committed to partnering with our clients to make them successful. We do this by remaining focused on the financial impact of every project and ensuring every insight is data-led and action-oriented. If our client isn’t successful, we don’t get paid; our engagements are performance-based,” says Jonathan. NorthFind can offer value to any company in the business of manufacturing, distributing or delivering a product. It is unique in that its team are all successful practitioners first, allowing the company to equal effectiveness with both management and frontline staff. “We provide clarity on the financial impact of operations projects rather than just repeating ‘best practices.’ All our staff are expected to exceed client expectations on quality and timeliness in every interaction, and our projects are always expected to come in under budget,” states Jonathan. On the achievement of the firm, Jonathan credits a lot of it to the staff members and the internal moral of the company. “Our staff are the success of our firm. We hire experts with a passion for transformation and operational excellence. Our culture is based on the goal of continuous improvement, client success no matter the challenges, and personal accountability.” During Covid-19, many businesses changed their plans in order to suit the new business practices the pandemic has prompted. Jonathan explains the steps NorthFind has taken during these more difficult times: “We launched our Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning division just prior to Covid, and the global disruptions and narrative on risk provided an unplanned boost in visibility to this part of our service offering. It is exciting to be able to provide clients with the tools they need to effectively prepare for and weather the next global disruption.” NorthFind is a global management consultancy whose core focus is value chain enablement. The company achieves this by optimizing the people, process and tools involved in businesses, and tying metrics to its P&L. The team at NorthFind are practitioners with the unique combination of extensive hands-on experience combined with the latest education in the theoretical underpinnings of Operations and Supply Chain, who specialize in putting best practices into action. Overall, NorthFind Management is a firm of practitioners first and consultants second. It helps clients from startups to Fortune 500s identify the need for change by translating theoretical concepts into real world outcomes. “Once we have plotted the journey, we work with each unique client to manage or lead a cultural transformation across the organisation, from the board room to the shop floor. Together, we build the internal capacity to support supply chain optimization, train and measure the people, and ingrain the process knowledge into the culture so you can sustain your own results long after we are gone,” states Jonathan. The industry is bright with NorthFind Management guiding many businesses forward during today’s times and towards the future of supply-chain management. We are proud to present it with the prestigious accolade of Best Supply-Chain Management Consultancy Firm 2021- - long may its success continue. Company: NorthFind Management Name: Jonathon P. Karelse Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghai, Galway May21276

1132. Achievement in Aviation. ABDA Aviation is an international cargo management company that started in Malaysia and has spread across to Singapore, India, UAE, Kenya, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and more. Through its agents and joint-ventures, ABDA exists in over 45 cities worldwide and it has now been recognised for its hard work with the respected accolade of International Cargo Management Company of the Year - Southeast Asia. ABDA Aviation thrives in four main sectors of business services: Total Cargo Management, Cargo GSA/GSSA, Interline Programs and ValueAdded Services. ABDA’s total cargo management offers complete and comprehensive management of airlines cargo division, meaning that ABDA takes on various areas of managing cargo such as passenger carrier from sales, ground handling, cargo, revenue, accounting, operation audits, claims and insurance, communication with passenger division, scheduling, routine, fuel management and more. Its cargo GSA/GSSA services are abbreviated from General Sales Agent and General Sales and Service Agent. Essentially, the airlines operating into a certain country would assign ABDA Aviation with exclusive selling rights of its cargo capacity at agreed terms. It is therefore more cost effective to retain an agent in territories where it may be inefficient to do so. This contract often includes the monitoring and administration of ground handling events for cargo, import/export monitoring and vendor management for optimization of costs to the airline. All of which are provided by ABDA to most of its partner carriers on GSSA basis. This is ABDA’s specialty in over 26 countries spanning 6 continents. ABDA Aviation has tactically located offices in key places, with expertise in the business to negotiate special prorate arrangements through CH (IATA Clearing House) & MITA (IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements) with the professional partners to enable and increase the efficiency of its customer airlines. Additionally, ABDA’s industry networking helps the partner carriers to acquire ad-hoc SPAs via main hubs to niche destinations for overall cargo and project shipments. ABDA Aviation has a global presence and an established network of airlines, freight forwarders and vendors for airline related services. It has aided various airlines in the reduction of costs in areas such as ground handling agreements, trucking networks, fuel costs for stop-over flights and more. Other events ABDA oversees are import and inbound logistics, ramp supervision and operations and exclusive truck services within regional hubs. In the future, we expect to see more of ABDA Aviation, perhaps into other continents of the world. As it has grown immensely since it’s foundation in 1989, one can assume that ABDA Aviation will continue to take the cargo management world by storm for many years to come. Company: ABDA AVIATION SDN BHD Name: DATO’ JJ ONG Email: [email protected] Web Address: WWW.ABDAGROUP.INFO Address: Q SENTRAL, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA Founded in 1989 and covering over 537 destinations worldwide, ABDA Aviation is a global champion in the GSA business and cargo management industry through constantly innovating its service delivery to benefit customers. It’s a brand that is reputable for its topquality service, safety, and profitability. ABDA Aviation ensures prompt and reliable service at a fair price for customers worldwide while providing a profitable solution for partnered airlines. ABDA Aviation was founded by Zainal Abidin after a successful career at Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Zainal has a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 30 years in the air cargo industry. He is known amongst air cargo professionals and peers for his success and achievements. Zainal Abidin, along with two other executive members, head the company of ABDA Aviation: Group Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Zulkarnain, who is based at headquarters in Dubai and oversees the Group’s events comprising of over 38 entities, 90 airline partners and 600 staff and Chief Executive Officer of Asia, Dato’ JJ Ong, a seasoned airlines professional who has been in the air cargo industry for over three decades and has participated actively in international bodies such as IATA, Air Cargo Europe and TIACA. May21733

UK’s First Carbon-Neutral Fulfilment Facility Secures £3m Funding The carbon-neutral fulfilment and warehouse provider Airbox has secured a £3m investment from the independent asset manager BOOST&Co to expand operations and grow its customer base. The funding will be used to purchase a new 87,000 sqft warehouse in Leighton Buzzard, which will significantly increase Airbox’s overall storage capacity from 45,000sqft to 222,000 sqft, enabling the firm to support many more customers and brand owners with their fulfilment needs. Additionally, the new facility will create up to 200 new jobs in the local area. Airbox, based in Hounslow and Harmondsworth, provides warehouse space for e-commerce businesses with a social-first premise; the warehouses themselves contain studios and content creation facilities that clients can use for their social media strategies. The business also offers a carbon-neutral warehousing solution in the form of its flagship fulfilment centre. Its carbon neutral status is achieved by 200 rooftop solar panels, which enable the site to produce 212.10 kWp of energy, saving 67,000kw and 93.37 tonnes of Co2 a year. Using state-of-the-art warehouse technology systems, Airbox also monitors stock control and product dispatches, as well as crossparty integration with all e-commerce and courier platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. In addition to this, the fulfilment provider prides itself on customer service provision, handling returns and all other client needs. BOOST&Co has chosen to work with Airbox due to its unique proposition, which combines the current high demand for warehouse fulfilment services, with the strategic needs of the ecommerce businesses that it serves. The quality of the firm’s customer base is The carbon-neutral fulfilment and warehouse provider Airbox has secured a £3m investment from the independent asset manager BOOST&Co to expand operations and grow its customer base. very strong and its management team has demonstrated its ability to grow the business with a client focus. BOOST&Co is a leading provider of growth capital for innovative, fast-growing UK SMEs. The independent asset manager offers flexible term loans, covering a wide range of sectors, with a strong track record in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT). It has funded more than £500m across more than 130 deals to date and provided close to £200m under the government’s CBILS initiative to support SMEs during Covid-19. Jeremy Tan, Co-Founder and CEO at Airbox says: “We are excited about what this funding and the subsequent investment into our warehouse space will do for both our customers and our growing business. “Our success has been built on a client-first approach and the next steps of our growth plans keep clients at the centre. We believe that our unique approach to fulfilment services targets a particular gap in the market, so expanding and evolving the Airbox business with this funding will be an important part of our growth journey”. Ryan Sorby, Head of North and Scotland at BOOST&Co says: “I am pleased we are able to support a very innovative and dynamic management team, with an offering that is changing the fulfilment sector. “Airbox has grown its revenue significantly year on year, without any marketing support, highlighting the demand for its product. Our funding will significantly increase capacity with the new site, enabling management to continue the firm’s impressive growth journey.” The business also offers a carbon-neutral warehousing solution in the form of its flagship fulfilment centre. Its carbon neutral status is achieved by 200 rooftop solar panels, which enable the site to produce 212.10 kWp of energy, saving 67,000kw and 93.37 tonnes of Co2 a year. Jan22376

Paysend U.S. Customer Base Grows 66% Year Over Year Paysend, the global FinTech with 7 million customers, today announced that it has grown its customer base in the U.S. by an impressive 66% in the past 12 months, to over 500,000. This growth has been driven by recent expansions of Paysend’s cross-border money transfer service in the U.S. and Latin America through multiple partnerships, including Visa Direct, Mastercard Send®, Central Payments and MOVii. Jairo Riveros, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of North America and LATAM at Paysend said, “Latin American nations and the Caribbean have seen record remittance flows in the past year, rising over 25% according to the World Bank. As more and more people in Paysend, the global FinTech with 7 million customers, today announced that it has grown its customer base in the U.S. by an impressive 66% in the past 12 months, to over 500,000. This growth has been driven by recent expansions of Paysend’s cross-border money transfer service in the U.S. and Latin America through multiple partnerships, including Visa Direct, Mastercard Send®, Central Payments and MOVii. the U.S. and Latin America require services to help them send funds, Paysend has continued to expand its cross-border transfer services to include bank accounts in Latin America and help customers stay connected and transfer money to their friends and family.” In May 2021, Paysend closed a $125 million Series B investment round, which enabled the company to expand its global footprint and advance product innovation, enabling Paysend to further accelerate its growth trajectory. Since then, Paysend has partnered with services including Visa Direct, Mastercard Send and MOVii, a leading mobile wallet service in Colombia, expanding Paysend’s cross-border money transfer services for its US customers, particularly in Latin America. In the past 12 months Paysend’s U.S. operation has reached a number of milestones: • Appointed Jairo Riveros as Managing Director of the US and LatAm as an effort to grow Paysend’s footprint in the Americas. • Partnered with Visa Direct to enable Paysend’s U.S. customers to send funds to eligible Visa cards in 107 countries and territories. • Expanded its partnership with Mastercard Send allowing US customers to send funds directly to eligible Mastercard cards internationally including to Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia. • Joined forces with MOVii, a leading mobile wallet service in Colombia, to expand Paysend’s cross-border money transfer services for its US customers, particularly in Latin America. • Expanded money transfer services to LatAm bank accounts in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, also including transfers to mobile wallets in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Riveros continued: “Our growth in the past year has been impactful not only for us, but for our international customer base. Through Paysend’s partnership advancements within the U.S. market and Latin America, we’ve moved closer to increasing financial inclusion for the two billion unbanked and underbanked people around the world.” In April 2022, Paysend opened its Americas headquarters in Miami. The international payment provider’s move embraces Miami’s reputation as America’s new FinTech capital, with a growing community of venture capital and FinTech startup firms flocking to the area to take advantage of proximity to Latin American markets as well as an influx of top entrepreneurial and technology talent. Looking ahead in 2022, Paysend will further its expansion into the international payments space with an upcoming launch of its international ACH transaction services enabled through partnership with Central Payments and their Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace, one of the only true banking-as-a-service payments platforms powered by a full-scale digital payments bank, request to pay options and card issuing opportunities for users in select countries. Jan22194

How Workforce Management Technology Can Improve Business Performance. Neither employee productivity monitoring (EPM) and workforce management (WFM) are new technologies, although they continue to be improved worldwide. Yet, they answer to one primary headache faced by business leaders across the board: how to adapt operations to thrive in the new age of unpredictable, volatile markets and workloads. What’s more, they promise a boost to employee productivity and wellbeing, and the result? A better performing and more resilient company. Employee productivity monitoring (EPM) and workforce management (WFM) At present, most organisations have grown their ranks of middle management to ensure productivity remains high. This hasn’t worked – and has added cost to organisations. The problem is that managers are bogged down in tasks that get in the way of them doing their jobs effectively. With EPM and WFM, one extracts data from the workplace while the other uses it to facilitate better business management decisions on workforce deployment and remove the guesswork from monitoring and management processes. They are essentially two sides of the same coin with the aim to reduce the burden that managers have, thus allowing them to gather and analyse information and use data to make better decisions. Also, EPM and WFM can be implemented as separate technologies and in combination as point solutions (with built-in integrations and APIs) embedded in other applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or human capital management (HCM) systems. Both EPM and WFM can run in the cloud or within ‘on-premises technology estates, much of which, according to technology analysts, will be cloud-based within the next five years’ (IDC, Forrester, Gartner, etc.) Employee productivity monitoring Activity information can be collected automatically from an employee’s desktop, the amount and detail depending on its use. Unlike security-related data collection (right down to keystrokes and screen recording), the time monitoring solutions discussed here will usually stay at a higher level of abstraction. Employees need to know what activity the company is tracking. Everyone doing the same work can be subject to the same level of scrutiny—assuring employees that monitoring complies with legal and ethical norms. Usually, the data collected in EPM solutions is time-related, covering application usage, log-on, and log-offs, phone calls, and offline work such as administration or external meetings and probably require manual input. However, real-time collection means that EPM systems can spot and help resolve issues quickly – including problems that Neither employee productivity monitoring (EPM) and workforce management (WFM) are new technologies, although they continue to be improved worldwide. Yet, they answer to one primary headache faced by business leaders across the board: how to adapt operations to thrive in the new age of unpredictable, volatile markets and workloads. What’s more, they promise a boost to employee productivity and wellbeing, and the result? A better performing and more resilient company. have nothing to do with employees’ motivation or focus. By spotting the slowing of work this causes, management can respond quickly using customisable dashboards. This means that work can be reassigned to more productive locations while investing in higherquality connectivity for the affected site. Workforce management for your business Allowing businesses control of forecasting and future planning through EPM can enhance overall productivity throughout the company. Such a system can act as a radar enabling teams to monitor activity and areas of improvement, live. Having a “quick view” of what’s going at any level be it individual, task, team, division, country, can vastly improve performance. . Some systems have built-in collaboration tools to easily share information with others, including annotating the reports quickly. This speeds up decision-making, allowing a seamless flow of productivity overall. Business leaders can also create plans based on accurate information and model possible scenarios to evaluate likely organisational impacts meaning decisions based on real data can give insights to skills, availability, and capacity across the board. Wellbeing for your teams The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reasonably asserts: “When people feel a high level of wellbeing, they are more engaged and productive at work.” With workforces becoming more distributed, it is hard for the average company to watch staff wellbeing. It is a challenge for the HR department or managers to keep in touch and encourage two-way contact between the company and employees to assess the need for interventions. With a WFM and EPM system, it is possible to spot behavioural changes and take appropriate action. Making a choice for brighter future Although EPM and WFM are fundamentally technical solutions, they should be implemented in a way that retains the goodwill of the workforce, except when they’re used to observe robotic applications. Yet, organisations will need to be clear on their objectives to ensure future productivity. Are you solely focused on productivity for your business? Do you need to integrate with other applications and devices through inbuilt connectivity or APIs? You may also need to consider the experience and culture of your vendor shortlist. In conclusion, the key is to identify the organisational ‘must haves’ before selecting an EPM or WFM system for your business. Yet the result for organisations is clear; streamline middle management operations, see better results from managers and enable them to be more agile and, therefore, competitive in the modern marketplace.