The Business Concept Q2 2022

Dedicated and Driven Women In Trucking. A diverse workforce is a better workforce, but achieving this is not always easy. The team behind the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has made it their mission to be a resource within the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. We take a closer look at this organization following their incredible achievement in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards from Corporate Vision to see some of the secrets behind their success. how nearly everything is delivered by a truck of some kind. The team learned, for example, that the Boy Scouts had a transportation patch and the Girl Scouts did not. Initially working with the Greater Chicago/ Northern Indiana region, WIT was integral to the creation of a “Trucks are For Girls” transportation patch as well as the curriculum to earn the award. The team’s activity book explains how grain from the field is moved to the bakery on a truck, and from the bakery to the packaging facility and on to the distribution center on a truck, with the help of Clare, the truck driver doll so that both boys and girls can see themselves in the role when they grow up. WIT team members have made themselves into an invaluable resource for the industry at large, tracking the percentage of women as drivers, managers and other positions. As a result of gathering an immense amount of relevant data, it’s much easier to now see what attracts women into the trucking industry and what makes them stay. The association shares these best practices with their membership so that they can benefit. The membership is the beating heart of WIT, and has been a core part of the team’s success. Often, people who join want the opportunity to network with other people who have similar roles in other companies. For women within the trucking industry, this organization is a unique proposition. It doesn’t just represent women in trucks, but across the breadth of what the sector has to offer. The work that WIT does is invaluable, empowering new voices and ensuring that they can feel welcomed into this exciting and essential industry. This dynamic association not only encourages the employment of a more gender diverse workforce but minimizes obstacles faces by women in this industry and promotes their accomplishments. That’s a mission successful businesses can get behind. Company: Women In Trucking Association, Inc. Name: Ellen Voie Email: [email protected] Web Address: The need for greater diversity within the trucking industry is clear to anyone who looks at it. Most large trucking organization started with one man and one truck, and while this has changed over the years, it’s essential that organizations such as the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) keep an eye on what is being done and what can be done to allow women to succeed in this industry. Made up of approximately 6,000 members around the world, WIT has had an incredible impact on the way in which women are seen in the driver’s cab. They’ve worked closely with truck cab manufacturers to ensure that the cabin is able to accommodate a smaller frame, building in greater adaptability with the pedals, the seat and in the design of the dash as well as the ease in lifting the hood to access the engine. They have worked with truck stops to ensure that female truck drivers have the facilities they need in terms of safety, security and amenities. But WIT is not only about professional drivers. The association encourages women in all roles within the industry, ranging from engineering, operations, talent management, and sales and marketing to management and female ownership of businesses. In short, WIT has slowly begun to break down the invisible barriers that have previously limited women from thriving in this profession. Recently, WIT team members have shifted their strategies to target the next generation of truck drivers and transportation experts. Many children aren’t made aware of how products reach their houses and May21215 5.