The Business Concept Q2 2022

Innovation Is In the Air Since an early age Juan Manuel Papiz has displayed an affinity for aeronautics. Born in the city of Concepción, Tucumán, Argentina, Papiz was raised by teachers that encouraged his passion and bolstered his desire to learn. However, it wouldn’t be until age 15 that Papiz began his transition into the industry. His career began manufacturing RC turbines for him and others, but after a while, he began to tire of working for others. Using this dissatisfaction as a means for change, he began to improve upon the pre-existing products, slowly creating his own design. In the meantime, he pursued a similar passion – becoming a commercial airplane pilot. This only increased his knowledge, expanding his understanding of the issues in the aviation world. Papiz decided to overhaul the industry and launched Papiz Turbine. Papiz Turbine hosts a range of turbines primarily suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Indeed, the company has created a family of products that are some of the most dynamic, cost-effective, and sustainable turbines on the market. From the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. to the Pretorian Turboprop 100Hp., each turbine has been designed with aeronautics and aviation lovers in mind – not only are the products priced competitively, but they are also designed with reliability as the priority. Of course, safety must come first. Creating turboprops, the company strays from the piston engine. Piston engines are typically found within smaller planes – the audience that Papiz Turbine targets – and are notable for their suitability for short distance flights. Furthermore, piston engines tend to fall on the cheaper side of the spectrum, both in terms of the initial purchase and to operate. However, Papiz Turbine flips this on its head. Simply, it has made turboprops more accessible for smaller aircrafts, enhancing their efficiency. Turboprops are considered to be more reliable, offer higher efficiencies for their higher power outputs, and can yield much improved performance at high altitudes. In addition, they are safer and more efficient than a piston engine. The Prometeo Turboprop 300Hp., for example, has been created to suit medium sized single and twin-engine aircrafts.Its simple and sturdy frame combined with materials such as titanium, and ceramic metals have ensured its suitability for a variety of plane types. With an estimated weight of 110kg, the product provides a much smoother experience than the average piston engine. Meanwhile, the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. is a high performance and low consumption turbine suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Featuring an engine Born through an intense love of the industry, Papiz Turbine is infused with passion, knowledge, and dedication. Indeed, home to a range of efficient and cost-effective turbines, the company simply knows what’s best for its clients and their aircrafts. diameter of 200mm, a length of 700mm without the exhaust or propeller, and an overall weight of 80kg, the engine is notable for its harmonious simplicity. Look for all companies around the world, it is certain that Papiz Turbine has left its mark on the aerospace industry. Moreover, the products have been displayed in numerous international airshows – including Aero Friedrichshafen and the Dubai Airshow across multiple years. At the show, the company exhibits its products and partakes in multiple categories, including Advanced Aerial Mobility and Aviation Sustainability. Contact:Juan Manuel Papiz Company: Papiz Turbine Web Address: Using this dissatisfaction as a means for change, he began to improve upon the pre-existing products, slowly creating his own design. Jan22376