The Business Concept Q2 2022

Passionate People for Revolutionary Practices NorthFind Management is a global consultancy of management practitioners with a passion for turning insights into action. Jonathon P. Karelse, CEO of NorthFind states, “We focus on data-led and actionable analysis, in developing clear and scalable processes, proprietary to our client environments and specialise in forecasting and demand planning. As well as Supply Chain Management, we include production planning, inventory management, pricing and segmentation analysis, sales, marketing strategy and analytics. We are particularly well-suited for due diligence and Post Merger Integration because of our capacity for driving rapid change.” NorthFind is currently engaged in S&OP and demand planning analyses, training and implementation for clients with globally extended supply chains in multiple verticals. “Our work in progress spans aerospace, health products, CPG (FMCG), cosmetics, electronics, transportation products, chemical, and heavy equipment. We have worked with such world-class clients as CAT/Finning, HID Global, Molex, Dell Technologies, Heineken, Meggitt, Carlisle Group, Coty Cosmetics and Gulfstream Aerospace,” states Jonathon. The company’s core values have not changed since its establishment. “We are relentlessly committed to partnering with our clients to make them successful. We do this by remaining focused on the financial impact of every project and ensuring every insight is data-led and action-oriented. If our client isn’t successful, we don’t get paid; our engagements are performance-based,” says Jonathan. NorthFind can offer value to any company in the business of manufacturing, distributing or delivering a product. It is unique in that its team are all successful practitioners first, allowing the company to equal effectiveness with both management and frontline staff. “We provide clarity on the financial impact of operations projects rather than just repeating ‘best practices.’ All our staff are expected to exceed client expectations on quality and timeliness in every interaction, and our projects are always expected to come in under budget,” states Jonathan. On the achievement of the firm, Jonathan credits a lot of it to the staff members and the internal moral of the company. “Our staff are the success of our firm. We hire experts with a passion for transformation and operational excellence. Our culture is based on the goal of continuous improvement, client success no matter the challenges, and personal accountability.” During Covid-19, many businesses changed their plans in order to suit the new business practices the pandemic has prompted. Jonathan explains the steps NorthFind has taken during these more difficult times: “We launched our Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning division just prior to Covid, and the global disruptions and narrative on risk provided an unplanned boost in visibility to this part of our service offering. It is exciting to be able to provide clients with the tools they need to effectively prepare for and weather the next global disruption.” NorthFind is a global management consultancy whose core focus is value chain enablement. The company achieves this by optimizing the people, process and tools involved in businesses, and tying metrics to its P&L. The team at NorthFind are practitioners with the unique combination of extensive hands-on experience combined with the latest education in the theoretical underpinnings of Operations and Supply Chain, who specialize in putting best practices into action. Overall, NorthFind Management is a firm of practitioners first and consultants second. It helps clients from startups to Fortune 500s identify the need for change by translating theoretical concepts into real world outcomes. “Once we have plotted the journey, we work with each unique client to manage or lead a cultural transformation across the organisation, from the board room to the shop floor. Together, we build the internal capacity to support supply chain optimization, train and measure the people, and ingrain the process knowledge into the culture so you can sustain your own results long after we are gone,” states Jonathan. The industry is bright with NorthFind Management guiding many businesses forward during today’s times and towards the future of supply-chain management. We are proud to present it with the prestigious accolade of Best Supply-Chain Management Consultancy Firm 2021- - long may its success continue. Company: NorthFind Management Name: Jonathon P. Karelse Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghai, Galway May21276