The Business Concept Q2 2022

1132. Achievement in Aviation. ABDA Aviation is an international cargo management company that started in Malaysia and has spread across to Singapore, India, UAE, Kenya, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and more. Through its agents and joint-ventures, ABDA exists in over 45 cities worldwide and it has now been recognised for its hard work with the respected accolade of International Cargo Management Company of the Year - Southeast Asia. ABDA Aviation thrives in four main sectors of business services: Total Cargo Management, Cargo GSA/GSSA, Interline Programs and ValueAdded Services. ABDA’s total cargo management offers complete and comprehensive management of airlines cargo division, meaning that ABDA takes on various areas of managing cargo such as passenger carrier from sales, ground handling, cargo, revenue, accounting, operation audits, claims and insurance, communication with passenger division, scheduling, routine, fuel management and more. Its cargo GSA/GSSA services are abbreviated from General Sales Agent and General Sales and Service Agent. Essentially, the airlines operating into a certain country would assign ABDA Aviation with exclusive selling rights of its cargo capacity at agreed terms. It is therefore more cost effective to retain an agent in territories where it may be inefficient to do so. This contract often includes the monitoring and administration of ground handling events for cargo, import/export monitoring and vendor management for optimization of costs to the airline. All of which are provided by ABDA to most of its partner carriers on GSSA basis. This is ABDA’s specialty in over 26 countries spanning 6 continents. ABDA Aviation has tactically located offices in key places, with expertise in the business to negotiate special prorate arrangements through CH (IATA Clearing House) & MITA (IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements) with the professional partners to enable and increase the efficiency of its customer airlines. Additionally, ABDA’s industry networking helps the partner carriers to acquire ad-hoc SPAs via main hubs to niche destinations for overall cargo and project shipments. ABDA Aviation has a global presence and an established network of airlines, freight forwarders and vendors for airline related services. It has aided various airlines in the reduction of costs in areas such as ground handling agreements, trucking networks, fuel costs for stop-over flights and more. Other events ABDA oversees are import and inbound logistics, ramp supervision and operations and exclusive truck services within regional hubs. In the future, we expect to see more of ABDA Aviation, perhaps into other continents of the world. As it has grown immensely since it’s foundation in 1989, one can assume that ABDA Aviation will continue to take the cargo management world by storm for many years to come. Company: ABDA AVIATION SDN BHD Name: DATO’ JJ ONG Email: [email protected] Web Address: WWW.ABDAGROUP.INFO Address: Q SENTRAL, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA Founded in 1989 and covering over 537 destinations worldwide, ABDA Aviation is a global champion in the GSA business and cargo management industry through constantly innovating its service delivery to benefit customers. It’s a brand that is reputable for its topquality service, safety, and profitability. ABDA Aviation ensures prompt and reliable service at a fair price for customers worldwide while providing a profitable solution for partnered airlines. ABDA Aviation was founded by Zainal Abidin after a successful career at Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Zainal has a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 30 years in the air cargo industry. He is known amongst air cargo professionals and peers for his success and achievements. Zainal Abidin, along with two other executive members, head the company of ABDA Aviation: Group Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Zulkarnain, who is based at headquarters in Dubai and oversees the Group’s events comprising of over 38 entities, 90 airline partners and 600 staff and Chief Executive Officer of Asia, Dato’ JJ Ong, a seasoned airlines professional who has been in the air cargo industry for over three decades and has participated actively in international bodies such as IATA, Air Cargo Europe and TIACA. May21733