Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2023


About the Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2023 The Business Concept is proud to host the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023 for their 4th consecutive year! These awards aim to commend only the most deserving businesses based within either sector, with a particular emphasis being placed on outstanding commitment to service. From private air charters to helicopter tours, the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023 encompasses all areas of both sectors! Whilst passenger traffic plummeted dramatically throughout 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this brought forward the opportunity to reflect and place a sharp focus on areas of improvement that could be made to the industry to drive innovation forward. One key focus is health and safety, with cleaning processes regimented and mandated throughout. There is also a renewed push for touchless experiences, such as automated check-ins and digitised bag-tracking. Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor

Contents 4. Triple C Aviation: Best Aircraft Acquisition & Aviation Services Company 2023 – Austria 6. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited: Most Anticipated Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer - UK 7. Happy Design Studio: Best Luxury Aircraft Specialists 2023 - Western Europe 8. Pegasus Universal Aerospace: Most Innovative Business Jet Manufacturing Company 2023 9. Straten Consulting Services Limited: Best Global Specialist Aviation Consultancy 2023

Founded in the midst of 2020, Triple C Aviation has rapidly become one to watch within the field of aviation for its CAMO support, compliance monitoring, safety management, and design/certification services. Alsomanagingmany projects on request, Triple CAviation works with aircraft pre-purchase inspections, asset audits for leasing banks, training, aircraft transaction support, andmore. Its USP is that it hasmany years of experience to guide it smoothly and effortlessly to success. Its CEO, Patrick Gauder, tells us, “I have experience in the field of aviation, especially business aviation, since 2003. Within that time span of 20 years, I was lucky enough to work for many great companies/business jet operators in technical departments (meaning CAMO = Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization). Therefore, I had the chance to work with a lot of vendors, manufactures, service providers, and aircraft owners/clients.” Not only does its CEO have years of experience behind him, but the entire team is made up of aviation experts with experience that amasses to a level of skill that cannot be learned quickly. This gives Triple C Aviation the edge on the competition and allows it to stay one step ahead of the curve at all times. After beginning with the classic CAMO support, Patrick informs us, “We quickly expanded to Compliance Monitoring, Safety Management and Design/Certification services as well. Besides that, we manage many projects based on request e.g., Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection, Asset Audits for Leasing Banks, Training, Aircraft Transaction Support etc.” TripleCAviation’sexpert level of quality/compliancemonitoringservices andsafetymanagement systemsensure internal andexternal auditsof flight operations arecorrect every time. Thesecan involvecontractor, subcontractor, andsupplier audits, and its support is always relateddirectly to theareas within thesafetymanagement systemsused today. For aircraft asset audits and inspections, Triple C Aviation leans into aircraft documentation and record reviews when conducting physical aircraft inspections – utilising retrospective aircraft technical documentation backups when needed, thus ensuring everything is in its place and compliant. With many specialties, Triple C Aviation is becoming a favourite for its stability and Triple C Aviation provides a myriad of services within the aircraft and aviation industry, and we are pleased to present it with an accolade that reflects just how incredibly hard it works. Here we talk to Triple C Aviation’s CEO, Patrick Gauder, as it wins this tremendous title in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023. innovation across the aviation landscape. With so many changes within this fast-paced industry, it is imperative that we find a business we can trust and rely on. The aviation industry has faced a huge number of changes, and, due to its combined years of experience, Triple C Aviation has everything it needs to take on a challenge. From “EASA regulations implemented in the EU in many areas, to the big financial crash in 2008/2009,” there were a lot of changes to be made within the industry. With regulation changes comes different responsibilities however, this is never a problem for Triple C Aviation as its team works hard together and regularly checks regulation changes to stay up to date. Every change is then implemented into the company by its committed and competent staff members. Patrick continues, “The recent crisis with COVID and Ukraine had a massive impact on Triple C Aviation as well, as we first had to deal with new requirements like aircraft disinfection prior maintenance actions and closed airports. Now we have the war and related export restrictions, and sanctions, against certain entities.” The team at Triple C Aviation makes all of the challenges into opportunities for growth by being willing to learn and adapt – and their evolution is indicative of the company’s ability to transform and mould itself to the current situations affecting the industry as whole. With regards to the future, this team of valuable employees will help Triple C Aviation to succeed even in the face of adversity – whether that’s changes in the industry, or the world entirely. Patrick knows that “Safety Management System will become a bigger factor for all aviation related companies/areas and must be implemented and executed”, which will ultimately influence the way Triple C Aviation operates. 2023 and beyond looks bright for the business as our environment continues to change on a yearly basis. Patrick reveals, “On a technology basis, sustainability will be a big topic for us. We cannot and will not stop flying, but we must do our part to reduce the CO2.” This move is monumental for Triple C Aviation, and we are proud to showcase its plans for development. Winning Best Aircraft Acquisition & Aviation Services Company 2023, Austria, Triple C Aviation has gained even more recognition for its services. Triple C Aviation’s areas of expertise have turned it into one of the most reliable aviation businesses in the industry, and it shows no sign of slowing down as it soars to record highs – despite the challenges it has faced and may face in the future. We are pleased to present Triple C Aviation with its new accolade, and we are sure to see it continue on its path to unrivalled success. Contact: Patrick Gauder Company: Triple C Aviation Web Address: http://www.ccc-aviation.at/ Best Aircraft Acquisition & Aviation Services Company 2023 – Austria


Flight School of the Year - USA Women and people of colour make up less than 10% of the aviation industry, but it has become clear that diversity of background is a strength to any sector. For the team at Flex Air, the priority is to reach out to anybody and everybody who aspires to work in the aviation industry, and provide them with the training they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace. The aviation industry is currently entering a potential period of crisis. More pilots than ever before are needed to fill an increasing number of vacancies. With many retiring and few entering the workforce, hundreds of thousands of new pilots will be hired over the next five years. But where they come from is another question. We asked Paul Wynns what challenges the sector is currently facing. “After decades of under-investment, the flight school industry can’t keep up with demand,” he tells us. “8 out of 10 students drop out of training. The aircraft we ask these earlycareer men and women to fly were designed 50 years ago by engineers with slide rules. They’re the #1 source of airborne lead pollution. And we ask students and instructors to fly in these planes up to 8 hours every training day. But worst of all is the diversity gap. Minorities represent less than 10% of the airline pilot population.” Despite these difficulties, circumstances for pilots have never been better. Entry-level pay has jumped by 70% in one year, whilst salaries are up by 50% in 2019 in spite of a historically tight labour market. Aviation is an industry where people can flourish, if only it can reach out to new people. “Flex Air addresses these challenges by focusing on partnerships with community and industry organisations that connect all interested students with the resources and mentorship they need to launch an airline career,” Paul explains. “We are a Platinum Scholarship Partner with the National Gay Pilots Association, support career education events for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, and have partnered with high schools to reach underserved youth populations.” This commitment to reaching out to all areas of the population also applies to the leadership team at Flex Air. “Our founding team includes a serial entrepreneur who is a senior airline pilot and leader in the National Gay Pilots Association, and I’m a veteran Navy flight instructor and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation,” Paul says. “Our world-class advisory board features members who have been lauded by the Smithsonian Museum’s Women’s Futures exhibit, Women in Aviation International, the Kansas and Colorado State Aviation Halls of Fame, and the National Science Foundation.” It’s this breadth of knowledge, experience and background that has guided many of the methods which the Flex Air team have adopted. It’s little wonder that the flight school experience for those at Flex Air is not like any other in the aviation industry. “We provide coaching and career advocacy in our One Crewmentorship system,” Paul explains. “All lessons are conducted in a 1-on-1 or small group environment with a dedicated flight instructor and dedicated career mentor.” This focus on individuals has brought the team immense success. In a sector where the overall dropout rate for student pilots is currently at 80%, Flex Air is looking to change how the industry as a whole sees pilots. To recognise success in training, it’s important not only to look at grades but where students end up afterwards. The team at Flex Air have made it their mission to connect individuals and families with highly paid and respected careers as commercial pilots. With career outcomes that are 350% better than the industry average, they have been justly recognised in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023. We caught up with Paul Wynns find out more. “Our One Crew training system offers mentorship and networking opportunities for all students at all levels of training,” Paul tells us. “Our goal is to create a pilot community that’s representative of the diverse world we live in, one that can reap the many benefits that diversity will bring as we enter the second century of aviation.” The growth of a community which is forward looking and inspirational, encompassing a broad range of backgrounds, is certain to have a transformational effect on those who come into contact with it. Of course, training the next generation is not purely a social issue, and the Flex Air team have embraced the latest technology to make the process as straightforward as possible for their students. “Flight training is a crucial part of becoming a pilot,” Paul says, “and it can be a time-consuming and complex process. One way Flex Air makes it more efficient and effective is by using automated scheduling. This involves using AI/ML technology to manage and coordinate flight training activities, from scheduling flights and instructors to tracking progress and ensuring compliance with regulations.” These automated schedules can save significant time and effort, allowing flight training to be completed more swiftly and opening the door to pilots becoming certified and starting their careers sooner. Looking ahead, the team are partnering with academic and industry partners to try new ways of educating potential pilots. Gamified training, VI/AR and emerging EdTech tools that focus on the non-regulated parts of the student training experience are all being considered. “This allows us to make every minute of aircraft or simulator time more efficient, without limiting our innovation timeline to the FAA approval process,” Paul explains. It’s this considered approach which has allowed the team to train so many pilots to such an astonishingly high standard. We wondered what the future holds for Flex Air, and Paul was happy to explain why sustainability is one of the watchwords of the team currently. “Most training aircraft were designed and manufactured between 1960 and 1983,” he tells us. “Our students, instructors, and airline partners deserve a better and more environmentally responsible training experience than what these outdated planes can deliver. They should be insulated from the cost fluctuations of an uncertain avgas supply chain. Training tempo needs to increase to match the intense demand for new airline pilots. This means we need aircraft that are more reliable and efficient than old piston trainers. So we’ve committed to electrifying our entire primary trainer pipeline, and our new aircraft will enter service by 2025.” With a holistic approach to the aviation industry, and the training of those who bring it to life, it’s little wonder that Flex Air has achieved such remarkable acclaim. We celebrate the success of this diverse, dynamic team and cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Flex Air Name: Paul Wynns Email: [email protected] Web Address: goflexair.com

Most Anticipated Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer - UK Autonomous aircrafts are emerging on the scene as businesses strive to create aircrafts that can be flown without human intervention. This is an exciting moment for us as we look for ways to simplify and innovate the industry. Making this revolutionary development possible, Coanda Aeronautical Turbines has manufactured aircraft that offers trailblazing technology. Coanda’s machinery takes both practicality and style into account – for the smoothest and most comfortable experience available on the market. Beginning as an ambitious vision in 2016, Coanda’s autonomous vehicle started as a green, efficient VTOL concept. This idea was then adapted and created by a team of deep thinkers, to allow us to move freely and autonomously any time we like. The TR – iXH8 ‘Phoenix’ is a vertical take off and landing, 600kph, plug-in hybrid model that has an edge on the competition due to its intelligent operation and opulent specifications. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a thing of the present, rather than the future. We have found a manufacturer of autonomous aircrafts that is staying ahead of the curve. Proud to present Coanda Aeronautical Turbines, we explore its pioneering TR – iXH8 model. Its hydrogen electric fuel cells are a feature of the future, today. Thismakes Coanda’s TR - iXH8 an eco-friendly option for travel, and its progression in theworld of greener living has pushed it to the forefront of the industry. Seating 4 passengers, the TR – iXH8 can carry you and your loved ones in a private and intimate setting – allowing for those special adventures to unfold before your very eyes. Drivers can also select from a number of flying modes from SPORT to COMFORT, and ECO to PHANTOM. Coupled with auxiliary air conditioning, sun visors, and much more, we find ourselves feeling spoilt by its luxury features. The model’s efficiency, speed, and innovation has positioned Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited as the Most Anticipated Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer – UK in The Business Concept’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards, 2023. The future for this creative and proactive company looks very bright indeed, and we look forward to seeing it soar to even greater heights. If you’d like to find out more about the TR – iXH8 ‘Phoenix’ specifications, please visit https://www.coanda-aeronautical.com/autonomous. Contact: Graham Andrews Company: Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited Web Address: https://www.coanda-aeronautical.com/ Dec22461 “This evolution in design now opens the sky to everyone, to commute, explore and discover.”

78. Best Luxury Aircraft Specialists 2023 - Western Europe Despite the standardisation of aircraft to specific types, a dynamic livery can leave an astonishing impression on customers and create a unique brand image. Fewunderstand this better than DidierWolff of HappyDesign Studio. Having achieved such success in theAviation and AerospaceAwards 2023, we took a closer look at thework of theHappyDesign Studio teamto uncover the secrets of their success. Didier tells us. “However, times change and tastes evolve. Nowadays, there is a growing trend toward greater personalization in the aviation sector. From bespoke hand-finished cabin interiors to custom paint jobs, today’s owners and operators are looking for new ways to put their unique stamp on their aircraft – and more importantly, to stand out from the crowd. Happy Design Studio take the concept of custom livery and turn it into an art form.” Being based in the Grand Est, Didier and his team rest on the border of four countries, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. It is a position at the heart of Europe, offering a rich source of opportunities and territorial specificities. “From a cultural and geographical point of view I really feel like I am in the middle of Europe,” Didier tells us with a smile. Small wonder that his designs also embrace a range of cultural influences. These influences, however, are more foundational than you might think. “We’re constantly invaded by images from advertising, from TV and so on,” Didier explains. “I have to say that I am also invaded by my own 3D images and software. At least once a year, I visit the Louvre in Paris to reset my eye and go back to the foundations of colour, light, perspective and proportion. I go to look at the paintings and sculptures. My soul is richer when I leave and I feel full again - here is the peak efficiency.” When we look at Happy Design Studio, we look at a firmwhich embraces the foundational, that considers the overall impact and that celebrates the age of customisation in which we now live. Where once simplicity and uniformity was key, now customers expect something bold and unique. That’s what Happy Design Studio deliver, and that’s what has brought them such success within the aviation industry. Company: Happy Design Studio Name: Didier Wolff Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.happydesign.net/ With an incredible range of aviation businesses flying around the world, a unique image that defines your craft is a just-have. For Didier Wolff of Happy Design Studio, it’s a passion which he takes incredibly seriously. To him, there is a certain poetry to aircraft and sky, such that the aircraft in the ultimate 3D sculpture and the sky the ultimate gallery. It’s little wonder, with such an eye for detail, that he is awardwinning in many different areas. Since 2009, Didier has been creating unique aircraft liveries for his clients, shamelessly ignoring marketing demands and analysis in favour of a old approach that captures peoples’ imaginations. “I guide the painting process in its entirety in order to to ensure the exact match with the original project validated by my clients, and most of all make sure that it has been painted in agreement with the aviation state of the art rules. Apart from this, my work is not subject to any compromise.” Such strength of attitude is why his designs are in such high demand. “Traditionally, aircraft livery design has always erred on the side of caution: one or perhaps two colours, a logo here, and a line there,” Dec22369

Most Innovative Business Jet Manufacturing Company 2023 When the team at Pegasus Universal Aerospace opened their doors in 2012, they did so to develop something new. Their idea was simple: to design, develop, commercialise and sell a new sort of airplane – the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet. In just ten years, the team have come a long way and are now well on the path to production in a market that continues to grow. Traditional airplanes need runways to operate easily, but many business travellers have simpler needs than this. A vertical jet solves many problems, simply by allowing almost unlimited access to landing areas whilst being able to travel long distances. The market for this product is immense, as the concept of a sterile bubble that protects passengers from potential pathogens has become immensely popular. Corporations, governments, ambulance providers, police, freight and search & rescue could all benefit from the use of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, or at least the technology that powers it. Since first considering the prospect of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, the development of new technologies has opened up exciting new pathways for the firm. Making their new airplane has actually come easier and cheaper, with no compromise on quality. The team have been able to develop the design so that it is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with a lightweight construction reducing the fuel burn to at least 50% of a comparably sized business jet. A new engine option will reduce this even more, as part of the team’s impressive hybrid power system. There will also be a fuel-free version in times to come too. For this team, the future is as important a concern as the present. The development of new technologies can revolutionise a market. For the aviation industry, the addition of a new jet, perfectly suited to the needs of the business traveller, could transform highend flights. We take a look at the team from Pegasus Universal Aerospace to see how their latest development has earned them success in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023. Dec22272 To take advantage of an international pool of resources, the Pegasus Universal Aerospace team is spread over many different countries, including the USA which allows them a direct interface with the FAA, in the UK which allows them easy access to capital and to South Africa where many of the team’s engineering and infrastructure talent can be found. An international project of this sort demands an international team of experts to bring it all to life. Looking ahead, it’s clear that there will be a great deal of progress on the various projects which the Pegasus Universal Aerospace team are working on. At the moment, these projects include not only the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet but additional revenue generating products. Just some of these are small e-vtol racers, drones and large unmanned cargo carriers, as well as new manufacturing techniques which bring a higher degree of automation to increase the productivity of each staff member. Technology plays a major part in how Pegasus Universal Aerospace will grow in the future. The future is something which must be developed. It must be tested and it must be proven. Pegasus Universal Aerospace has entered into an uncertain world, but has made the effort to ensure as much satisfaction as possible. Their success is something to be celebrated. We can’t wait to see how they plan to push the boundaries in the future. Company: Pegasus Universal Aerospace Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.pegasusua.com

Solution Ireland (SASI), to achieve market entry with a truly remarkable product,” whilst it continues to stay “focused on contributing to the renewables sector by ensuring that commercial developments can be implemented with due regard to any potential risks to aviation safety.” By being adaptable and flexible, Straten CSL provides the essential advice to mitigate the challenges facing both the renewables industry and the expanding aviation industry. John also comments on the adjustments being made by Straten CSL’s consultancy services to the growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market, he says, “The regulatory environment will need to continue to evolve with extensive safety cases to ensure to the safe operations of all aviation stakeholders are considered.” “One element to the changing airspace environment is UAVs operating in airspace not previously used by aircraft, i.e., lower altitudes, meaning they are much closer to people on the ground, requiring fresh thinking in the consideration to safety and environmental issues.” Utilising an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry, Straten CSL will meet the challenges that faces clients in the near to distant future. Communication and managing expectations is key to maintaining and honest relationship with our cleints. Awarded with Best Global Specialist Aviation Consultancy 2023 in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023, Straten CSL is now deservedly recognised for its contribution to the aviation industry. As the company refines and expands its services, we are looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Contact: John Van Hoogstraten Company: Straten Consulting Services Limited Web Address: https://www.stratencsl.co.uk/ Best Global Specialist Aviation Consultancy 2023 Renewable energy and property developers typically require assistance when considering developments within the safeguarding areas of airports. Any tall structures can pose a safety issue to aircraft operations and may also impact ground-based aviation systems. Straten Consulting Services Limited (Straten CSL) offers an essential niche service conducting feasibility studies for such development projects. These studies ensure that aviation safety regulations are considered, providing vital support that will inform the commercial feasibility of developer’s projects. We talk to Managing Director, John van Hoogstraten, as Straten CSL is bestowed with this title from The Business Concept. Straten Consulting Services Limited offers a unique knowledge base along with many years of experience in providing consultancy services underwriting the success of safety critical operations within the aviation industry. This includes assisting airports and air navigation service providers in their obligations to global air navigation plans, set by regulatory bodies and mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Straten CSL’s Managing Director, John van Hoogstraten, tells us, “This airspace expertise has proven vital in supporting developers where tall structures may impact airport and Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations. Airports have a complex set of requirements to protect the airport and its flight procedures. Straten CSL is uniquely qualified to assist developers understand these requirements and set about completing the requisite studies that inform the commercial viability of developments near airports whilst assuring the safe operation of aircraft.” “Straten CSL focuses on balancing the commercial imperative of developers with aviation safety, seeking to provide a win:win for both agendas. Supporting the renewables sector is a firm focus of Straten CSL and that focus has manifested itself into significant benefits for their clients; it is clear to see why they are exceeding expectations within the industry. Working proactively with clients to support the reduction of fossil fuel emissions, John shares, “The renewables sector are an established part of Straten CSL’s business credo, and we therefore contribute our knowledge to support the introduction of environmental solutions”. Straten CSL’s extensive experience, over three continents, has provided the capability and foresight into the future of airspace planning and the evolution of aviation regulatory compliance. It is “looking to further develop opportunities with Shift Aviation Dec22027 “Understanding the construct of airspace and the procedures associated with managing the airspace near airports makes Straten CSL an important broker in assisting airports and ANSPs maintain safe airspace structures while allowing the renewable sector to access areas that create an environmentally efficient energy solution.”