Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2023

Most Anticipated Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer - UK Autonomous aircrafts are emerging on the scene as businesses strive to create aircrafts that can be flown without human intervention. This is an exciting moment for us as we look for ways to simplify and innovate the industry. Making this revolutionary development possible, Coanda Aeronautical Turbines has manufactured aircraft that offers trailblazing technology. Coanda’s machinery takes both practicality and style into account – for the smoothest and most comfortable experience available on the market. Beginning as an ambitious vision in 2016, Coanda’s autonomous vehicle started as a green, efficient VTOL concept. This idea was then adapted and created by a team of deep thinkers, to allow us to move freely and autonomously any time we like. The TR – iXH8 ‘Phoenix’ is a vertical take off and landing, 600kph, plug-in hybrid model that has an edge on the competition due to its intelligent operation and opulent specifications. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a thing of the present, rather than the future. We have found a manufacturer of autonomous aircrafts that is staying ahead of the curve. Proud to present Coanda Aeronautical Turbines, we explore its pioneering TR – iXH8 model. Its hydrogen electric fuel cells are a feature of the future, today. Thismakes Coanda’s TR - iXH8 an eco-friendly option for travel, and its progression in theworld of greener living has pushed it to the forefront of the industry. Seating 4 passengers, the TR – iXH8 can carry you and your loved ones in a private and intimate setting – allowing for those special adventures to unfold before your very eyes. Drivers can also select from a number of flying modes from SPORT to COMFORT, and ECO to PHANTOM. Coupled with auxiliary air conditioning, sun visors, and much more, we find ourselves feeling spoilt by its luxury features. The model’s efficiency, speed, and innovation has positioned Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited as the Most Anticipated Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer – UK in The Business Concept’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards, 2023. The future for this creative and proactive company looks very bright indeed, and we look forward to seeing it soar to even greater heights. If you’d like to find out more about the TR – iXH8 ‘Phoenix’ specifications, please visit https://www.coanda-aeronautical.com/autonomous. Contact: Graham Andrews Company: Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited Web Address: https://www.coanda-aeronautical.com/ Dec22461 “This evolution in design now opens the sky to everyone, to commute, explore and discover.”