Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2023

Most Innovative Business Jet Manufacturing Company 2023 When the team at Pegasus Universal Aerospace opened their doors in 2012, they did so to develop something new. Their idea was simple: to design, develop, commercialise and sell a new sort of airplane – the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet. In just ten years, the team have come a long way and are now well on the path to production in a market that continues to grow. Traditional airplanes need runways to operate easily, but many business travellers have simpler needs than this. A vertical jet solves many problems, simply by allowing almost unlimited access to landing areas whilst being able to travel long distances. The market for this product is immense, as the concept of a sterile bubble that protects passengers from potential pathogens has become immensely popular. Corporations, governments, ambulance providers, police, freight and search & rescue could all benefit from the use of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, or at least the technology that powers it. Since first considering the prospect of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, the development of new technologies has opened up exciting new pathways for the firm. Making their new airplane has actually come easier and cheaper, with no compromise on quality. The team have been able to develop the design so that it is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with a lightweight construction reducing the fuel burn to at least 50% of a comparably sized business jet. A new engine option will reduce this even more, as part of the team’s impressive hybrid power system. There will also be a fuel-free version in times to come too. For this team, the future is as important a concern as the present. The development of new technologies can revolutionise a market. For the aviation industry, the addition of a new jet, perfectly suited to the needs of the business traveller, could transform highend flights. We take a look at the team from Pegasus Universal Aerospace to see how their latest development has earned them success in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023. Dec22272 To take advantage of an international pool of resources, the Pegasus Universal Aerospace team is spread over many different countries, including the USA which allows them a direct interface with the FAA, in the UK which allows them easy access to capital and to South Africa where many of the team’s engineering and infrastructure talent can be found. An international project of this sort demands an international team of experts to bring it all to life. Looking ahead, it’s clear that there will be a great deal of progress on the various projects which the Pegasus Universal Aerospace team are working on. At the moment, these projects include not only the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet but additional revenue generating products. Just some of these are small e-vtol racers, drones and large unmanned cargo carriers, as well as new manufacturing techniques which bring a higher degree of automation to increase the productivity of each staff member. Technology plays a major part in how Pegasus Universal Aerospace will grow in the future. The future is something which must be developed. It must be tested and it must be proven. Pegasus Universal Aerospace has entered into an uncertain world, but has made the effort to ensure as much satisfaction as possible. Their success is something to be celebrated. We can’t wait to see how they plan to push the boundaries in the future. Company: Pegasus Universal Aerospace Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.pegasusua.com