Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2023

Solution Ireland (SASI), to achieve market entry with a truly remarkable product,” whilst it continues to stay “focused on contributing to the renewables sector by ensuring that commercial developments can be implemented with due regard to any potential risks to aviation safety.” By being adaptable and flexible, Straten CSL provides the essential advice to mitigate the challenges facing both the renewables industry and the expanding aviation industry. John also comments on the adjustments being made by Straten CSL’s consultancy services to the growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market, he says, “The regulatory environment will need to continue to evolve with extensive safety cases to ensure to the safe operations of all aviation stakeholders are considered.” “One element to the changing airspace environment is UAVs operating in airspace not previously used by aircraft, i.e., lower altitudes, meaning they are much closer to people on the ground, requiring fresh thinking in the consideration to safety and environmental issues.” Utilising an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry, Straten CSL will meet the challenges that faces clients in the near to distant future. Communication and managing expectations is key to maintaining and honest relationship with our cleints. Awarded with Best Global Specialist Aviation Consultancy 2023 in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023, Straten CSL is now deservedly recognised for its contribution to the aviation industry. As the company refines and expands its services, we are looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Contact: John Van Hoogstraten Company: Straten Consulting Services Limited Web Address: https://www.stratencsl.co.uk/ Best Global Specialist Aviation Consultancy 2023 Renewable energy and property developers typically require assistance when considering developments within the safeguarding areas of airports. Any tall structures can pose a safety issue to aircraft operations and may also impact ground-based aviation systems. Straten Consulting Services Limited (Straten CSL) offers an essential niche service conducting feasibility studies for such development projects. These studies ensure that aviation safety regulations are considered, providing vital support that will inform the commercial feasibility of developer’s projects. We talk to Managing Director, John van Hoogstraten, as Straten CSL is bestowed with this title from The Business Concept. Straten Consulting Services Limited offers a unique knowledge base along with many years of experience in providing consultancy services underwriting the success of safety critical operations within the aviation industry. This includes assisting airports and air navigation service providers in their obligations to global air navigation plans, set by regulatory bodies and mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Straten CSL’s Managing Director, John van Hoogstraten, tells us, “This airspace expertise has proven vital in supporting developers where tall structures may impact airport and Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations. Airports have a complex set of requirements to protect the airport and its flight procedures. Straten CSL is uniquely qualified to assist developers understand these requirements and set about completing the requisite studies that inform the commercial viability of developments near airports whilst assuring the safe operation of aircraft.” “Straten CSL focuses on balancing the commercial imperative of developers with aviation safety, seeking to provide a win:win for both agendas. Supporting the renewables sector is a firm focus of Straten CSL and that focus has manifested itself into significant benefits for their clients; it is clear to see why they are exceeding expectations within the industry. Working proactively with clients to support the reduction of fossil fuel emissions, John shares, “The renewables sector are an established part of Straten CSL’s business credo, and we therefore contribute our knowledge to support the introduction of environmental solutions”. Straten CSL’s extensive experience, over three continents, has provided the capability and foresight into the future of airspace planning and the evolution of aviation regulatory compliance. It is “looking to further develop opportunities with Shift Aviation Dec22027 “Understanding the construct of airspace and the procedures associated with managing the airspace near airports makes Straten CSL an important broker in assisting airports and ANSPs maintain safe airspace structures while allowing the renewable sector to access areas that create an environmentally efficient energy solution.”