B2B Event Awards 2022

Leading Provider of Business Networking Events - UK The Forum Events experience connects the corporate business world across multiple sectors, with a goal of creating lasting business relationships via forums and summits which focus on a series of prearranged meetings. Delegates today are fast moving and engaged procurement professionals, who want to meet, network, and discuss business projects and contracts with innovative suppliers. On the supplier side, these companies are looking to expand their portfolio of clients and Forum Events can facilitate this by arranging face-to-face introductions to the procurement professionals in an elegant and mutually beneficial way. “Our proven formula has a unique advantage over our competitors,” says Business Development Manager, Charlotte Russell, speaking about what differentiates Forum Events from the rest. “Each delegate is personally invited and evaluated, to ensure that those attending our events are there to create business relationships. We are meticulous in our process of who attends our events, and our team works in partnership with each attendee to identify industry buying trends, to ensure we source relevant suppliers of products and services.” Forum Events prioritises decision-makers’ requests for meetings, to ensure their itineraries are full of appropriate supplier meetings that can fulfil their requirements. The firm is also able to facilitate meetings between live and virtual attendees, synchronising peer-to-peer introductions across the globe. In early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit with disastrous effects and overnight, quite literally, the hospitality industry ground to a complete standstill with events disappearing from the calendar! Pivoting to virtual events by necessity during the restrictions placed ForumEvents in a good position coming out of the pandemic and has added a new revenue stream for the firm to continue with virtual events or virtual options for those who are unable – or unwilling – to travel in person. Also, the company’s propriety and bespokematchmaking software was developed during the pandemic to accommodate the needs of its audience. “Now, these virtual delegates can enjoy the same benefits as physical attendees, even if they are unable to join in person,” states Charlotte. In 2021, during the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, each event took place as a hybrid affair, with a large percentage of attendees still opting to attend virtually. In 2022 however, Charlotte and the team have noticed a shift in live attendance, with more than 80% opting to attend in person again. “Moving into 2023, our events are all looking to be in-person, showing great recovery for the events industry,” she enthuses. “Having adapted swiftly during the tougher times, we have the platform to continue offering a virtual option to those overseas who may not want to travel. The events industry is incredibly flexible, and forever changing and we all have the ability and desire to adapt to changing requirements.” Ever-evolving, ever-innovative, and always looking to the future, Forum Events is focused on growth for 2023, but also at the forefront of its With more than 21 years’ worth of experience, Forum Events excels in providing high calibre business connections via focused, tailored events and media platforms in order to bring companies together to create strong corporate partnerships. We speak to Business Development Manager, Charlotte Russell to find out how the company successfully weathered the Covid storm as it celebrates success in the B2B Events Awards 2022. Nov22798 plans is the development of its staff. Charlotte is proud that so many employees have been with the firm for a decade or more, however it is also a relatively ‘young’ company with many individuals that are just starting out in their careers joining the team. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that all new starters see a career path within Forum Events and the wider events industry, and therefore places a great emphasis on training and development. “At the same time, the wealth of experience of our more senior employees means that we can provide mentorship across our teams,” Charlotte explains. “This allows that experience to be shared, and for our more junior, developing members of staff to understand the challenges and opportunities of the wider events industry, as well – of course – as the strategy and goals of the Forum Experience.” This staff-centred approach, as well as its unwavering loyalty and service to customers during the harshest of times, has gained Forum Events recognition in the B2B Events Awards 2022, naming the firm Leading Provider of Business Networking Events – UK. Further expending on its future plans, Charlotte tells us that 2023 will also see a business development department which will be dedicated to focusing on strengthening the existing events, whilst also exploring new sectors which may benefit from the bringing together of procurement professionals and suppliers via the Forum Experience. Contact: Charlotte Russell Company: Forum Events Web Address: www.forumevents.co.uk