B2B Event Awards 2022

Paddle recognised among notable SaaS recurring billing solutions for digital business professionals Paddle, the payments infrastructure provider for B2B SaaS companies, has been listed by Forrester as one of 42 notable SaaS recurring billing vendors. According to the Forrester report, The SaaS Recurring Billing Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023, SaaS recurring billing solutions can help businesses better manage their billing models and deliver insights into recurring customers and revenue. In the report, Forrester defines SaaS recurring billing solutions as: “SaaS software that determines the value a customer owes a merchant and at which frequency. It also determines billing-related consequences of any changes to the customer relationship and/or account, e.g., renewal or upgrade.” Paddle was included alongside 41 other vendors in Forrester’s overview to help businesses understand the value they can expect from a SaaS recurring billing vendor, learn how they differ, and select one based on size and market focus. The report noted that Paddle, has between $25M and $50M in product revenue for its SaaS in public cloud offering, and that Paddle’s three self-reported use cases for its customers are: optimising recurring payments, improving revenue recognition and subledger reporting, and self-service or CSR/sales order entry portals. Christian Owens, CEO and co-founder of Paddle, said: “Paddle’s platform is designed to ‘do it for you’, so our customers can focus on what really matters -- building great products -- rather than getting tripped up by operational and financial hurdles. We are delighted to be included in this report and acknowledged by Forrester as a notable vendor among SaaS recurring billing solutions. It squares with our mission to drive software sellers’ revenue, supply excellent customer insights and empower them to expand their businesses globally.” Paddle brings value to thousands of software businesses every year by removing their barriers to global growth and helping them sell into new markets faster and with fewer distractions. Instead of customers assembling, maintaining, securing, and constantly updating a complex payments and billing stack made of dozens of tools and technologies, Paddle does it all – from payments and invoicing to tax collection and fraud protection. Last year, Paddle raised $200 million and acquired US company ProfitWell to continue its mission of supercharging SaaS companies’ global growth. Jan22194