B2B Event Awards 2022

74. Most Innovative Design & Visual Communications Agency - UK Established in 2009 by two like-minded freelance scribes, Scriberia offers a live illustration service to the B2B events industry. Since its humble beginnings, the Scriberia team has grown and the firm’s offering has expanded to include more comprehensive visual services. We find out more about the company as it is recognised in the B2B Event Awards 2023. Post-Covid, Dan and Chris have seen a real need from consumers to include their content away from the event itself, such as in emails that are sent, reports that are written, and plans that are made afterwards. They both love seeing their clients taking the work Scriberia produced ‘in the moment’ and repurposing it for years to come. They’ve also noticed a willingness amongst clients for them to reach new creative heights within the constraints of their real, virtual, or hybrid event spaces. With more pressure than ever for face-to-face events to deliver immersive, innovative experiences that are genuinely worth leaving the house for, this is an exciting time for the creatives and their team! “It’s given us the opportunity to push scribing away from pens on whiteboards (though there’s plenty of that available!), towards the great possibilities of AI, AR, and digital projection,” Dan enthuses. “It’s also true that, as a result of working more remotely, clients of ours, like Salesforce, see the value of using us in smaller remote and in-person meetings, to ensure that, when their teams do gather and connect, they do it in a really meaningful and productive way.” Recently, the company gained recognition in the B2B Event Awards 2023 and was bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Design & Visual Communications Agency – UK. Now, looking to the future, Dan and Chris have big plans which are the off-shoot of a project which was initially started to describe the firm’s internal culture. Scriberia is currently working on the Scriberia Vision Map which is, quite literally, an image that maps the firm’s future vision. In it, alongside all the processes and practicalities, Dan and Chris are capturing their people, clients, culture of collaboration, and curiosity, plus their commitment to diversity, inclusion, playfulness, and so on, in the hopes of producing something that will become a really important touchstone for the team in 2023 and beyond. “We’re looking forward to pushing our vision mapping service into the spotlight this year,” Chris states. “We know that the methodology we’ve developed over the years, helping clients to map their strategic vision, is a really powerful one and, with traditional methods of consultancy being slow and very expensive, vision mapping gives our clients a fast-track to creating a strategic vision they can align behind, talk about, and share with the rest of their stakeholders. “We know that it’s the best money our clients will ever spend, and we want to expand that area of the business.” Contact: Dan Porter and Chris Wilson Company: Scriberia Web Address: www.scriberia.com Scriberia’s founders, Dan Porter and Chris Wilson are passionate advocates for the power of visual thinking: that’s not just about using pictures to make your point, but also utilising the process of creating pictures to get your best work done. “Scribing, for us, has always meant more than passively capturing content,” Dan explains. “Scriberian scribes are trained to listen hard and interpret the content with wit and intelligence, in a way that fosters really meaningful engagement.” In the beginning, Scriberia didn’t have a lot of competition and the dynamic duo brought something fresh and exciting to the live event landscape. Since then, the creation of visual assets, and a strong visual identity for an event, has become less of an afterthought and there’s a much better understanding of the positive impact of imagery and video content on social media engagement. “In many ways, it has become much easier to sell the benefits of what we do,” continues Dan. “We’re operating in a more crowded market now than we once were. We need to remain competitive, and we are more aware than ever of the need to innovate to sustain our business and retain our clients in the long term.” As the events industry has always had an insatiable appetite for innovation, this means that Scriberia has adopted a willingness to adapt, change, and experiment. But the biggest challenges by far came with Covid, when face-to-face events simply disappeared from the calendar. “Our team responded quickly, by ensuring we had everything in place to deliver a brilliant remote, digital scribing experience to our clients,” elaborates Dan. “We had worked remotely before, but never on that scale.” Chris adds, “Far from losing clients as we’d feared, we found new ones who have stuck with us ever since. And when ‘normality’ resumed, we found the shape of our business had changed a lot. Live events are back, but remote and hybrid events are definitely here to stay, too!” Covid brought its opportunities as well as its challenges, with remote and hybrid working bringing everyone’s focus much closer to home. “It’s a bit of a cliche but challenges really are opportunities,” Chris continues. “For us, that means there is a greater appetite for services like ours that increase engagement in the moment, hold attention, and help to cut through the noise on social media.” Nov22438