B2B Event Awards 2022

Most Innovative B2B Events & Marketing Consultant (Maharashtra): Arshi Khan The event management industry allows us to showcase our brand, meet new people, and spread our message, and the marketing industry aids us in building what we are presenting to the world – this is an invaluable, harmonious relationship which enables us to be the best that we can be. Now imagine the amalgamation of Events with Technology – what a tremendous experience! Businesses and individuals had to elevate their services and adapt to the culture of Hybrid Platforms, which enabled them to survive. This is where Arshi Khan was able to shine and rise – as she has plenty of hands-on experience with virtual platforms. No, she is not an engineer or an information technology professional, but yes, she did have the opportunity to get hands-on training during mid years of her career at UBM India Pvt Ltd (now Informa Markets). Arshi worked with the Technology Media Division and was responsible for driving marketing and brand management for two major exhibitions and many offsites, roundtables, and webinars. Arshi has also worked with Expomedia PLC, Hindustan Times Pvt Ltd and exchange4media Pvt Ltd. Her recent stint was with DelphianLogic Technologies as Associate Vice President – Customer Advocacy and Sales Marketing. For all areas of marketing, brand management, strategic management, and event management, Arshi has irreplaceable skills. These talents range from content development to website management, exhibition management, public relations, and much more. She has worked as an independent consultant as well as a full-time employee and, hence, her skills of adapting to diversified work cultures and understanding the working modules are commendable. She is able to research, and understand, any sector within the corporate landscape, and has a fantastic eye for detail when helping a business or individual with their brand development and management. Additionally, in recent years, she has successfully delivered 30+ virtual events and digital campaigns. As a digital marketer, brand strategist, and communitymanager, Arshi is a cooperative, creative, and respectful leader in the marketing industry. She has collaborated with corporates, agencies, and start-ups, giving her a rounded view of the marketing and events industries. With Arshi’s experience collaborating with people and the entirety of their brands – from the very small steps to the final hurdles – she has been able to build up an impressive portfolio. After her scholarship for a Digital Marketing and Communications post-graduate degree with MICA – the School of Ideas in India – Arshi went on to complete her certifications in Facebook Marketing and Performance Marketing. Technology plays a key role in every business in today’s era and each professional is expected to be tech savvy to overcome unprecedented situations in the workplace. The event industry is one area that was purely operating on non-technological solutions until the Covid19 pandemic swept up the industry and made it take a major setback. However, during this phase, professionals who were competent, passionate, detailed, and solution driven were able to survive in the business world – one individual able to do this is Arshi Khan. With her certifications and 14 years’ experience behind her, Arshi has become an unbreakable force within the event management and marketing industries. Consistently looking for more freelance projects, Arshi takes it upon herself to continue developing and sharpening her skills. Her innovative techniques and excellent results are unparalleled in Maharashtra. Arshi has won Most Innovative B2B Events & Marketing Consultant, Maharashtra, and her future looks bright as she plans to set up her own business in the industry. Contact: Arshi Khan Web Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arshikhan84/ Dec22157