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About the Automotive Awards 2022 The Automotive industry is a key contributor to the global economy ensuring the diligent work of all individuals and organisations involved keep the business world moving forward. From environmental changes to keeping up with current trends, we at The Business Concept aim to celebrate those companies, individuals and enterprises from technical excellence to behind the scenes with our introductory year of the Automotive Awards! As an industry, constantly transforming to adapt to the everchanging curve of social, environmental and technological market trends, we at The Business Concept aim to celebrate those companies, individuals and enterprises behind the scenes and projecting on screens. The Automotive Awards are open to all businesses, individuals and enterprises operating within the industry and we encourage readers to leave a nomination in the below form for anyone you may feel deserves to be recognised this year. Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor

Contents 4. Action Auto Zambia: Best Franchise Japanese Vehicle Dealership - Southern Africa 6. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles: Australia’s Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Service 8. Story Electrical: Best EV Charger Installation Company - East of England 9. The Car Specialists: Best Used Luxury Car Dealership - Yorkshire 10. Five Star Autocentre: Best Car Repair & MOT Centre - West Yorkshire

Best Franchise Japanese Vehicle Dealership - Southern Africa Action Auto Zambia, also known as Isuzu Zambia, is the sole Isuzu Motors South Africa Authorised Franchised Dealer in Zambia and specialises in selling all-new Isuzu pickups, SUVs, and trucks. In addition, the firm is an Approved Service, Maintenance, Warranty, Parts, and Fitment Centre for IMSAf and continues to provide full after-sales support for General Motors South Africa vehicles, incorporating the Chevrolet, Opel, And Hummer brands. “Our mission is to ‘Create Customers for Life’,” explains Lilia Samui, Head of Marketing, Sales and Business Development at Action Auto. “We pride ourselves on always putting the customer’s satisfaction, and their vehicle needs, at the forefront of everything we do, in order to meet customer vehicle requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. This, in turn, inspires loyalty through our brands, service delivery, and passion.” With three branches in Zambia, each Action Auto centre serves a different purpose. There is Leopards Hill Lusaka which caters for vehicles which require a quick-service, as well as housing the wellstocked showroom. There is the centre situated at Kitwe Industrial, which offers a service and parts, as well as repairs and upgrades, out of the state-of-the-art automotive workshop staffed by expertly Isuzu trained and certified technicians. And finally, there is the CBD Lusaka centre which is where the company headquarters are located, and where Lilia is based. Lilia herself has more than 10 years’ worth of experience within the corporate world – a passion which started in her childhood when her mother was a Senior Manager with Cadbury Schweppes Zambia and recognised her daughter’s eagerness and her flair for working with numbers. Apprenticing as an accounts clerk during every school holiday, she quickly learned about different industries and found that, when her time came to professionally enter the corporate world of work, she could easily integrate and adapt to any culture and environment. Lilia continues to tell us more about the automotive industry in Zambia, which is dominated by imports of 95% second-hand vehicles (known as ‘gray imports’) with only roughly 5% being new vehicles imported directly from the OEMs that each dealer represents. “In 2018, the sales of brand-new vehicles sold in Zambia peaked to more than 4,000 units,” she states. “However, due to economic challenges experienced in Zambia, further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the last two years’ average new vehicle sales dropped to a low 2,500 units.” Even in this tough environment, faced with numerous challenges and obstacles, Action Auto has still managed to maintain a 20% market share with Isuzu in the LCV segment, coming in as the Supplying only brand-new Isuzu vehicles from Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSAf), the Action Auto Zambia (Action Auto) brand is synonymous with excellent value, quality, and safety. We further explore the company and speak to a member of the management team to find out more, as it celebrates a well-deserved win in the Automotive Awards 2022. second-most driven new vehicle in Zambia three years running, and counting! But what is the secret to the company’s continued success? Lilia believes that years of brand development and strategic positioning of the business, plus with the support of the OEM, Isuzu Motors South Africa, as well as maintaining a consistent presence with focus on continuous customer service improvement, have been the key factors to Action Auto’s ongoing success on the Zambian market during the tough times it has seen. Last year, 2022, also proved to be a challenging year for all new vehicle dealerships with relation to stock availability from OEMs. This was due to a global shortfall of semiconductor microchips and Action Auto was not immune to this. “With the launch of the 7th generation all-new D-MAX pickups and 2nd generation MU-X SUV models, we managed to take advantage of better availability of stock of ISUZU vehicles,” Lilia enthuses. “With a rich heritage and reputation for vehicles that are durable, reliable, and capable, as well as offering them to the Zambian market at a competitive ‘value-for-money’ price, with a wide range of models to suite various comfort and use requirements, we are still staying ahead of the rest!” Having operated for more than 25 years in Zambia, the company is proud of its strong track record of providing superior quality vehicles, and the dedicated team is firmly committed to meeting, maintaining, and exceeding high customer expectations through its exceptional after-sales support. But it’s not simply the customers who receive star treatment. “We also pride ourselves on being a family-oriented business,” Lilia enthuses. “Whereby our employees, vendors and customers alike are made to feel a sense of ease and belonging to the Action Auto Family!” This refreshing approach makes Action Auto not only a firm favourite with its customers, but also a fantastic place for staff to work, learning and developing as they go. And this proactive attitude is, in part, the reason that Action Auto recently gained international recognition in the Automotive Awards 2022 and was crowned with the prestigious title of Best Franchise Japanese Vehicle Dealership - Southern Africa. “We are extremely proud of the achievements of our team,” exclaims Lilia. “They are the backbone of our company. It is through teamwork and customer centric culture that all members of staff develop and work hard to maintain, as the core reason of our success in Zambia, which is 25 years strong!” Indeed, this is not the only award that Action Auto has been bestowed with over the last 12 months, for 2022 was a year of

accolades coming from Isuzu Motors South Africa, too, including Top Dealer and After-Sales Service Excellence Awards in SubSaharan Africa, as well as a completely surprise accolade, being nominated by the Zambian Business Community to win the Service Excellence Award in the Zambian Automobile Industry awarded by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management, which Lilia describes as “deeply humbling.” “We are also being considered for The Business Concept Automotive Awards 2022 for Southern Africa, which further recognises our team’s efforts in their dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships. “Our ethos continues to be ‘Creating Customers for Life’ as we journey along, and we are committed to being with you, for the long run!” Action Auto customers whole-heartedly agree that the company is second-to-none for its service and after-sales care. J Chona, a business leader at prestigious firm, Samsung Electronics SA, states: “My biggest buying decision for a new car was mainly about how the Action Auto Sales Team treats me as a customer and the excellent after sales support I had previously received and continue to receive. I can confidently say that my next car is definitely an Isuzu or Chevrolet.” National Fleet Manager at Zambian Breweries, P Panwalker was equally delighted with his experience from Action Auto, and says: “Having dealt with many dealers across Africa, it is amazing to experience such quick and efficient service here in Zambia. Action Auto’s pre and post sales service is nothing short of the best!” Company: Action Auto Zambia Web Address:

Australia’s Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Service Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is a customer-focused business that helps its customers through some of the most traumatic moments of their lives. When it comes to car accidents, they can happen at any time anywhere and they, of course, are never planned. It’s up to us to protect ourselves with insurance however, sometimes the insurance companies can’t respond fast enough when we have an accident. That’s where Carbiz comes in. CEO, Alex Rodov, tells us, “It’s not always clear who is at fault, but Carbiz works through what customers need to do, guides them, and helps them to get the best possible outcome.” Carbiz assesses and explains the situation in a way that truly helps each customer to be aware of their obligations and entitlements after a car accident. The whole team is built upon this customercentric approach and always prioritises the customers’ needs. Constructed upon the foundation of trust, integrity, education, respect, and collaboration, Carbiz values people above all else. It is always growing and developing for the greater good of the overall customer experience. The entire team is constantly evolving. Going from just six original members to almost 100 in just a couple of years, Carbiz is operating on a much larger scale. The team works hard to support one another so that every case can be approached with confidence and efficacy. Alex says, “We make sure all the teams work closely together to grow together and support each other. We believe the staff care about the customers.” By being a close-knit team, and a team that truly takes the time to understand each case, each customer can rest assured that they will be getting the best treatment available on the market in Australia. When taking out our car insurance policies it can be difficult to understand what we will actually get should any problems arise. For those moments where a car accident does happen, it’s of utmost importance that we receive the help we are entitled to. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is that avenue of aid for us when we need it most. Here we talk to CEO, Alex Rodov, as Carbiz wins this astonishing award. With the greatest challenge being the extortionate prices of replacement cars and car parts in Australia, customers may find that, after having an accident, their car takes much longer to fix or replace. That is never a problem for Carbiz, as it can supply one of its fleet cars for any length of time – no matter how long it takes, Carbiz is there for us in our time of need. Carbiz has great energy about it – offering customers a buttress to lean on, Carbiz’s positive attitude rubs off on each customer, easing their minds as they go through a traumatic situation. Throughout the period of repairs, or when waiting for a replacement car, Carbiz does everything it can to provide a like for like vehicle that ticks all the boxes – so that customers don’t have to settle for less than what they’re used to. With over a thousand cars in its fleet, Carbiz can offer more than mental wellbeing, it offers the physical convenience of being able to get around as though no accident has occurred. Alex shares, “We send our bill to the at fault insurance company so that the customer has no out-of-pocket expenses for their rental –

7. apart from fuel, tolls, or any fines if they occur – so there’s no cost to the customer.” By providing each customer with answers to questions, support for their cases, and a car to rely on in the meantime, Carbiz’s customer experience is one in a million. One extremely happy customer said, “After having the accident that was not my fault, I was worried that I had no car. After contacting my insurance company asking them for a replacement car, they said I have to wait for until they approve the damage etc. So I decided to contact Carbiz and they answered straight away. I ended up talking to Jasmin and took care of my case and said they will drop me a car on the same day, to my surprise they delivered me a brand new 15km on the clock Santa Fe at my place. “Replacement car was delivered within 2 hours even though it was News Years Day. Very helpful and polite staff. Cant fault the service provided. Replacement car in perfect condition and supplied with a full tank of fuel. Would recommend Carbiz to everyone.” For the future, Carbiz is always looking to grow and adapt so that it may help a higher volume of individuals through their tough times. It knows that these events can be some of the most difficult times and, no matter who is at fault, Carbiz provides its services to a plethora of people in need. It helps people to establish liability and can translate any jargon from insurers throughout the entire process. As Australia’s Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Service, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles has truly risen to the top. Influencing those around it, not just in Australia, this business is setting a fine example for active vehicle services. We wish it all the best as it continues to expand and fill its fleet, and we are sure to see it respond quickly to even more cases that will inevitably save people from stress. Congratulations Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles! Contact: Alex Rodov Phone: 1300 889 256 Company: Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles Web Address:

Best EV Charger Installation Company - East of England In 2018, Story Electrical was established to produce high quality installations in the burgeoning EV charging sector. In under five years, the business has outgrown its sole trader origins to become a limited company with employees and premises of its own. But how did Mark Story, founder of the business, manage to achieve this successful growth? The electrical sector is one which is developing rapidly, with new technologies opening up exciting opportunities for those who are willing to explore them. It goes without saying that Story Electrical has found itself at the forefront of what the industry can offer, aiming to produce high quality EV charger installations that meet client requirements. “Since the pandemic, it seems more and more companies are turning to changing their fleets to electric vehicles,” Mark tells us. “This has given us opportunities to install car chargers at properties throughout the region.” In this sector, Story Electrical stand apart because of the range of services they are able to offer their clients, and the depth of knowledge they use to advise them. “Our USP is quite simply ‘we’re not the cheapest, we’re not the most expensive, but we’re the best around’.” Mark says with a smile. “We offer advice, we offer finance on the work to help make the job more affordable, and we also offer after care services where we return at two six month periods to check everything is still working as it should.” Naturally, this flexibility had put the team in a good place, allowing them to gain the trust of people the length and breadth of the UK. Whilst focusing The automotive industry is in a state of revolution, with the electric car set to play a prime role in how we live moving forward. Creating the infrastructure to make this happen is no easy task, but one which the Story Electrical team have thrived on. Over the last five years, Mark Story and his team have earned their place in the Automotive Awards 2022. We caught up with him to find out more. on the world of EV Charging, the team are also able to incorporate these developments into larger projects to make installation more costeffective. “We will carry out other electrical jobs such as re-wires, new builds, electrical work on kitchen and bathroom renovations and also garage conversions and extensions,” Mark explains with a smile. One of the reasons that so many people turn to Story Electrical is because of the team’s incredible capacity to deliver stunning results in multiple fields. Maintaining such high standards is only possible through continual investment, both in the equipment used and in the staff who use it. Those who work for Story Electrical have found that constant training on the latest technologies has given the team the edge over the competition, drawing in the highest standard of electrical specialists in the industry. With such impressive achievements after just five years in the industry, we thought it right to ask Mark precisely what he thinks the future holds for him and his team. “Plans for next year include expanding into the solar generation market to then be able to offer solar power and EV Chargers as a package, and also keep in line with our companies goals,” he says, adding “We’re driving the country to a greener future!” We couldn’t agree with Mark more, and cannot wait to see what he and his team do next. Company: Story Electrical Name: Mark Story Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec22157

78. Best Used Luxury Car Dealership - Yorkshire Founded and run by people with a passion for cars and bikes, it’s little wonder that The Car Specialists has become a name to watch in the Yorkshire vehicle scene. Standing out for their high standards in the industry, the team earned success in the Automotive Awards 2022. We caught up with Mark Pemberton to find out more. market himself, it’s little surprise that James has tailored his firm to match the standards he would himself expect. One of the challenges that the team have faced in recent years is maintaining this high quality of connection without being able to meet face to face. “The impact of COVID-19 hit us with having to change the way we did business in terms of face to face and distance sales,” Mark admits, but the plucky company was quick to adapt and embrace slightly different ways of working. “We still managed to give a safe, but personalised experience complying with government guidelines through pre-arranged appointments and vehicle drop offs/ pickups,” Mark tells us. Such tenacity through difficult times earned them immensely loyal customers. Of course, we are currently living in a cost of living crisis, and you might think the demand for luxury cars, used or otherwise is in decline. Not a bit of it, as Mark is keen to point out. “We have noticed a slight change in business, but people are still buying cars and taking finance,” he says. “We have adapted to these changes is by being more selective with the cars we buy. We prepare the cars ready for sale, including servicing and MOTing the cars if required. This often saves our customers money, as well as keeping them happy.” Whilst it was a passion for cars and bikes that offered an way into the automotive industry, it’s the commitment to the customer that has kept The Car Specialists at the forefront of what the sector can provide. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success and cannot wait to see what they deliver in the future! Company: The Car Specialists Name: Mark Pemberton Email: [email protected] Web Address: Founded in 2006 by James Holland, The Car Specialists and The Bike Specialists have been names to watch in the automotive industry. With a depth of knowledge that exceeds most specialists, James has built a team of professionals who have built his business into something very special indeed. Peeling back the layers of The Car Specialists is Mark Pemberton, who is quick to pin the success of the firm on the way in which it has been run since its inception. “We are a family run business and offer a personalised face to face experience,” he explains. “We look after our customers the best we can. We don’t use any pushy sales tactics.” Such an approach has marked The Car Specialists as a place where the connoisseur can thrive. The key to the firm’s continued success, unsurprisingly, has been the focus on customers. “Driven by customer service, James and his team take great pride in delivering to an exceptional standard,” Mark tells us. “No excuses, no ifs or buts – just quality used vehicles with an outstanding professional service to match.” As a member of the Nov22438

Best Car Repair & MOT Centre - West Yorkshire Founded by Asif Ali, this Hudderfield icon has earned a remarkable reputation within the local community. As the only only fully approved RAC garage for MOTs and car servicing in Huddersfield, it’s little wonder that the team are in such high demand. For work which is affordable, but of the highest quality, this has to be the first place you turn to. It goes without saying that cars undergo enormous stresses and strains over time. You might become used to the quirks and habits of your runaround, but these experts in mechanical engineering can spot a fault a mile off. Not only that, but they can fix it on site too. The friendly local technicians who keep Five Star Autocentre at the forefront of what the industry can offer customers. They know how important your car is to you, so they treat it with the respect and care it deserves. Turning to the team at Five Star Autocentre can do wonders not only for your vehicle, but for your bank balance too. As an independent operator, the team can provide an impressive service without the costs of paying a main dealer. There are no hidden extras, and no surprises at the end of the day. Throughout the process, you are kept If you have a car, it’s a lifeline. Knowing it can get you where you want to go in perfect safety is essential. Whilst you may rely on your car, many cars rely on the team from Five Star Autocentre Ltd to ensure they are in good fettle. This one-stop-shop has earned tremendous acclaim in the Automotive Awards 2022. We take a closer look to uncover more. Oct22239 updated on your car’s condition, with all-inclusive, fixed price servicing options to suit any pocket. You put a lot of faith in your car, and even more faith in the team at Five Star Autocentre to keep it running. This trust is repaid through a commitment not to overcharge for work that doesn’t need to be done. Indeed, all repairs have to meet the high standards set by the RAC and are covered by a 12-month, or 12,000 mile, guarantee – whichever comes first. With such commitment to aftercare already in hand, it’s little wonder that many consider Five Star Autocentre their go-to choice when needing a professional eye to look over a vehicle. Attention to detail sets Five Star Autocentre apart from the competition, and the team know how important your car is to you. These two factors drive so many of their decisions, as they aim to offer a premier service at prices which don’t break the bank. For them, people come first every time. After all, your car is a lifeline – and it deserves to be treated like one. Company: Five Star Autocentre