Automotive Awards 2022

Australia’s Best Accident Replacement Vehicle Service Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is a customer-focused business that helps its customers through some of the most traumatic moments of their lives. When it comes to car accidents, they can happen at any time anywhere and they, of course, are never planned. It’s up to us to protect ourselves with insurance however, sometimes the insurance companies can’t respond fast enough when we have an accident. That’s where Carbiz comes in. CEO, Alex Rodov, tells us, “It’s not always clear who is at fault, but Carbiz works through what customers need to do, guides them, and helps them to get the best possible outcome.” Carbiz assesses and explains the situation in a way that truly helps each customer to be aware of their obligations and entitlements after a car accident. The whole team is built upon this customercentric approach and always prioritises the customers’ needs. Constructed upon the foundation of trust, integrity, education, respect, and collaboration, Carbiz values people above all else. It is always growing and developing for the greater good of the overall customer experience. The entire team is constantly evolving. Going from just six original members to almost 100 in just a couple of years, Carbiz is operating on a much larger scale. The team works hard to support one another so that every case can be approached with confidence and efficacy. Alex says, “We make sure all the teams work closely together to grow together and support each other. We believe the staff care about the customers.” By being a close-knit team, and a team that truly takes the time to understand each case, each customer can rest assured that they will be getting the best treatment available on the market in Australia. When taking out our car insurance policies it can be difficult to understand what we will actually get should any problems arise. For those moments where a car accident does happen, it’s of utmost importance that we receive the help we are entitled to. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles is that avenue of aid for us when we need it most. Here we talk to CEO, Alex Rodov, as Carbiz wins this astonishing award. With the greatest challenge being the extortionate prices of replacement cars and car parts in Australia, customers may find that, after having an accident, their car takes much longer to fix or replace. That is never a problem for Carbiz, as it can supply one of its fleet cars for any length of time – no matter how long it takes, Carbiz is there for us in our time of need. Carbiz has great energy about it – offering customers a buttress to lean on, Carbiz’s positive attitude rubs off on each customer, easing their minds as they go through a traumatic situation. Throughout the period of repairs, or when waiting for a replacement car, Carbiz does everything it can to provide a like for like vehicle that ticks all the boxes – so that customers don’t have to settle for less than what they’re used to. With over a thousand cars in its fleet, Carbiz can offer more than mental wellbeing, it offers the physical convenience of being able to get around as though no accident has occurred. Alex shares, “We send our bill to the at fault insurance company so that the customer has no out-of-pocket expenses for their rental –