Customer service is required to keep customers happy and engaged. But agents can’t resolve tons of support tickets without automation and collaboration. This is why companies should invest in a help desk ticketing system. It helps to automatically create, track and route support tickets to agents. It also offers other tools that help to boost internal communication among agents. In this article, we’ll discuss how a helpdesk ticketing system can facilitate collaboration between agents.

What is a help desk ticketing software?

A help desk ticketing system is a platform that contains all the necessary tools for delivering customer service. It often includes features such as multiple channels, ticketing system, self-service, integrations, reporting and analytics, etc. It’s referred to as a one-stop-shop for almost everything that concerns customer service.

It’s important to carefully choose a help desk software because the right one can boost agent productivity. Helpdesk helps to automate manual tasks so your support agents can spend more time on resolving tickets. Employees can also communicate with each other via the helpdesk and ask for help when required.

There are times when customer support agents need to reach out and collaborate on complex tickets. They should be able to communicate even if they may work onsite or remote. A helpdesk system makes it possible for agents to manage each other’s tickets and collaborate on resolving customer issues in real-time. Here are ways for agents to work together in helpdesk:

  1. Assign tickets to the right agents, team managers or departments.

The best way to get customer queries resolved quickly is to assign them to agents with the right expertise. It helps to save time and skip unnecessary hassle. With a help desk system, you can assign support tickets to experienced agents. The software supports automated tagging, and categorization as well query escalation.

  1. An internal communication channel for agents

It doesn’t matter if support agents are available in the same physical location or if they mainly work remotely. There should be an online communication platform that allows them to communicate with each other without having to leave the help desk system. This allows them to ask one another for help when dealing with queries.

  1. Centralized with customer information and the latest status update for any agent to view.

There are situations where a customer may submit a ticket and receive different responses from two agents. This often happens when support agents can’t see the status of a particular ticket. A helpdesk helps to know if an agent has replied and started a conversation. It is useful when another agent is trying to follow up on a ticket and also helps avoid duplicate replies to queries.

  1. Alerts and reminders to prompt agents to follow up on outstanding tickets

More customers want agents to respond and resolve their tickets without delay. So support agents need to receive regular alerts and notifications so they can be aware of ticket updates. Apart from a notification when there’s a new customer request, the helpdesk should be able to inform support agents of outstanding tickets.

  1. Cloud-based help desk ticketing software

Since more companies are embracing remote work, it’s a great idea to work with a cloud-based help desk. This

makes it possible for agents working remotely or at other locations to access customer information from any location. They can also access the helpdesk from multiple devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.

  1. Better team support and management

Every customer support team needs to be managed properly and effectively. But it can be difficult to where your agents may need help with. However, a help desk ticketing system can measure agent performance so you can determine top performers as well as identify those crucial areas where they are having difficulty.

How can improved team collaboration benefit customers?

According to service stats, 81% of customers are likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. More businesses also report on having more sales after fixing their customer service. All these show that good customer service helps to drive sales, retain customers and grow the business.

However, there are some things to put in place in order to provide quality customer service. You can start by hiring and training some diligent support agents. Then, you’ll invest in a good help desk ticketing software. The platform allows agents to collaborate with each other, automate mundane tasks and provide the best service.


There are so many benefits of equipping your support agents with a helpdesk ticketing system. It’s a platform that allows them to manage all aspects of customer service, automate ticket creation and tracking, and also allows for seamless collaboration with one another.


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