Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022

Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India As we all know, air and sea freight methods have been used for centuries gone by, but the need for these shipping solutions have grown year upon year as the population, globalisation, and digitalisation has skyrocketed. Engaged in all aspects of freight forwarding, Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. has not only become one to watch in the industry, but it has grown to be one of the leaders in the market today. Managing and protecting freight from all around the globe, Eagle Air has constructed an unbreakable bond with clients through means of “transparency, sustainable rates, nominal margins & a goal of long-lasting, “all weather” business.” When Eagle Air sets out to do something, it always follows it through to the end. Sriram says, “Our focus is very specific and not scattered. When we pick an area of focus, we see it through to the end without diverting our attention.” There for clients from all walks of life, Eagle Air is not simply an upcoming logistics service provider, but it is our cover of the Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2022 – and we couldn’t be happier to present its innovative ways to you. Beginning in mid-August 2007, before it took off into the atmosphere in September, it started as a small, modest, yet impactful provider of peace of mind. With such humble beginnings, it is clear to see how it has made it this far. Eagle Air has never been out to grab as much money as possible and it has always worked its magic at fair rates – so as to give everyone the same opportunities for unbeatable service. It Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in September 2007 as a highly advanced freight forwarding company with expertise in air and sea freight, import and export consolidations, and customs clearance. Its specific focus on the Italy air and sea import trade line, in line with the rest of the world, has grabbed our attention. Here we speak to Sriram Girish as Eagle Air wins this excellent accolade. works hard to do everything ethically, fairly, and with a lot of heart and soul poured into its every move. “Eagle Air follows in the footsteps of its founding father Mr. C.S Girish (September 27th, 1954 - June 7th, 2020), seeking to continue his glorious legacy of complete compliance with the legal framework. His family members Mrs. Saraswathy Girish (spouse) & Mr. Sriram Girish (son) are white-collared tax payers, as is the company itself, something Mr. Girish was very particular about. The company is also AEO certified & believes strictly in ethical business. Today, Eagle’s biggest challenge is to be worthy of its founding father, chairman emeritus Mr. Girish & carry forward his legacy without a single blemish.” Eagle Air promotes its corporate social responsibility through its every action, and does this because it believes that everyone should be responsible, ethical, and respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. Its dream, and vision, is to be the most dependable and genuine logistics partner in India so that it may cultivate growth and sustainability for locals – increasing the livelihood of the population. Not only this, but as an extension of this, Eagle Air supports its global clients in a way that encourages their growth and prosperity – making for a more affluent and successful world. Always searching for ways to innovate the industry, Eagle Air consistently develops new ways to support supply chain solutions. Its work with clients has propelled it forward in the market, whilst keeping its values close to its heart. Its clients’ businesses will always benefit from Eagle Air’s ability to transmogrify the way they operate and, no matter the size of the business, Eagle Air will be able to support them in being more economical, active, and competent. By helping them to utilise its proficient logistics solutions, Eagle Air’s clients are always able to rely on it for the most up to date services, honest rates, and unmatched progress that inevitably elevate their business to the next level. Eagle Air does this by applying its intricate,