Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022

Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 - India Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in September 2007 as a highly advanced freight forwarding company with expertise in air and sea freight, import and export consolidations, and customs clearance. Its specific focus on the Italy air and sea import trade line, in line with the rest of the world, has grabbed our attention.

About the Logistics Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022 The Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards aim to recognise those industrious individuals and firms within the sector who have gone above and beyond to provide a topclass service. Transporting goods fromA to B, at the correct time and quantity, can be the most crucial part to retaining clients and customers. Brexit has already shown delays in getting shipments delivered on time and undoubtedly the increase in costs. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to supersede our livelihoods this sector has seen a huge demand as customers turn to online shopping at an unprecedented level. This demand means suppliers are now needing to invest in additional materials such as, blockchain, IoT, 5G, more distribution centres as well as an increase in taking on more staff. Through this awards programme, we want to recognise the efforts of those behind the scenes who, through extensive planning and execution, allow their clients to trade with ease. Sofi Bajor - Senior Editor

Contents 4. Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd: Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India 8. Freshport (Asia) Ltd: Best End-to-End Cold Chain Network Design Specialists - South East Asia 10. Ancra Systems: Best ATLS Solutions Provider 2022 12. Knights MPR [representing TotalEnergies Marine Fuels: Best Marine & Maritime PR Experts - UK 13. Severn Transport Services Ltd: Best Palletised Freight & Logistics Services Provider – Wales 14. Rapid Pack Fulfilment: Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Specialists – UK 15. ICL Freight: Most Reliable Maritime, Air & Land Transportation Services – Panama City

Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India As we all know, air and sea freight methods have been used for centuries gone by, but the need for these shipping solutions have grown year upon year as the population, globalisation, and digitalisation has skyrocketed. Engaged in all aspects of freight forwarding, Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. has not only become one to watch in the industry, but it has grown to be one of the leaders in the market today. Managing and protecting freight from all around the globe, Eagle Air has constructed an unbreakable bond with clients through means of “transparency, sustainable rates, nominal margins & a goal of long-lasting, “all weather” business.” When Eagle Air sets out to do something, it always follows it through to the end. Sriram says, “Our focus is very specific and not scattered. When we pick an area of focus, we see it through to the end without diverting our attention.” There for clients from all walks of life, Eagle Air is not simply an upcoming logistics service provider, but it is our cover of the Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2022 – and we couldn’t be happier to present its innovative ways to you. Beginning in mid-August 2007, before it took off into the atmosphere in September, it started as a small, modest, yet impactful provider of peace of mind. With such humble beginnings, it is clear to see how it has made it this far. Eagle Air has never been out to grab as much money as possible and it has always worked its magic at fair rates – so as to give everyone the same opportunities for unbeatable service. It Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in September 2007 as a highly advanced freight forwarding company with expertise in air and sea freight, import and export consolidations, and customs clearance. Its specific focus on the Italy air and sea import trade line, in line with the rest of the world, has grabbed our attention. Here we speak to Sriram Girish as Eagle Air wins this excellent accolade. works hard to do everything ethically, fairly, and with a lot of heart and soul poured into its every move. “Eagle Air follows in the footsteps of its founding father Mr. C.S Girish (September 27th, 1954 - June 7th, 2020), seeking to continue his glorious legacy of complete compliance with the legal framework. His family members Mrs. Saraswathy Girish (spouse) & Mr. Sriram Girish (son) are white-collared tax payers, as is the company itself, something Mr. Girish was very particular about. The company is also AEO certified & believes strictly in ethical business. Today, Eagle’s biggest challenge is to be worthy of its founding father, chairman emeritus Mr. Girish & carry forward his legacy without a single blemish.” Eagle Air promotes its corporate social responsibility through its every action, and does this because it believes that everyone should be responsible, ethical, and respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. Its dream, and vision, is to be the most dependable and genuine logistics partner in India so that it may cultivate growth and sustainability for locals – increasing the livelihood of the population. Not only this, but as an extension of this, Eagle Air supports its global clients in a way that encourages their growth and prosperity – making for a more affluent and successful world. Always searching for ways to innovate the industry, Eagle Air consistently develops new ways to support supply chain solutions. Its work with clients has propelled it forward in the market, whilst keeping its values close to its heart. Its clients’ businesses will always benefit from Eagle Air’s ability to transmogrify the way they operate and, no matter the size of the business, Eagle Air will be able to support them in being more economical, active, and competent. By helping them to utilise its proficient logistics solutions, Eagle Air’s clients are always able to rely on it for the most up to date services, honest rates, and unmatched progress that inevitably elevate their business to the next level. Eagle Air does this by applying its intricate,

5 Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India

skilled, and deeply passionate team, all of which work hard to problem solve and create bespoke plans for the client in need of assistance. Ensuring the best service from start to finish, the team at Eagle Air aids with a keen eye for detail. They work tirelessly to safeguard each transportation so that no issues may arise and respond quick to any concern raised during the process, in order to guarantee a stress-free process for all involved. For cargo that is kept safe, handled with care, and delivered on time, Eagle Air presents a door-to-door service that is incomparable at present. Covering all incoterms, Eagle Air’s air sea freight services are making a huge impact on the world we experience every day. For all import and export products via international freight forwarding services, Eagle Air meets our needs in a quick, economical, and client-centric manner – freeing up time and headspace for each of its clients. “We recommend air transport to those who need timely deliveries with daily services to and frommajor international airports. We select the most appropriate carrier for your shipment that we give you a head start over other Air freight forwarding companies.” Since the beginning, Air Sea Service has earned a status in the industry. All clients need to do is ask for its aid and it will provide. Eagle Air promises results they want and deserve, and delivers right on time. Its air services are all door-to-door, door-to-airport, and airport-toairport services that will be carried out in a precise manner, so as not to miss anything. In addition, it offers unique shipments such as large machinery or part/full charters as well as its ad hoc services as a whole. With a full range of maritime freight forwarding services, Eagle Air offers traditional yet original ways forward for those looking to transport overseas. It works with all countries and areas of the world, making sure to fully document everything correctly and consistently. For warehousing, cargo carting and packing, lashing, customs clearance, cargo consolidation, and much more, Eagle Air connects goods from one place to another with ease and accuracy. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or weight your shipment is, whether it’s dimensional or over dimensional, LCL or FCL, special equipment to bulk, liquid bulk, dry bulk, containerised box, or tank, Eagle Air has everything covered – anything is possible. Eagle Air’s services include, but are not limited to: • Rate analysis • Carrier selection and booking • Weekly scheduled arrival & departures using reputed carriers • Containerization arrangements • LCL, FCL consolidation • Multimodal arrangements likeAIR/SEA&SEA/AIRCombinations • Buyers’ Consolidation • GOH Handling • Inland Trucking • Door-to-Door service • Electronic Entry of Export / Imported Goods • Local Transport and Deliveries • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports • Tariff Classification Advice • Duty Drawback Calculation • Quarantine Formalities With its free quotes available on request to top it all off, Eagle Air has made itself a friend of anyone looking to do business with it. Its team is there for you any time, any day, so that you may feel at ease when looking for the best way to transport your goods. Its staff members are productive and always let their true selves shine through everything that they do. Sriram adds, “We have a training system in place to provide adequate opportunities to trainees and bring them to required levels in no time. It is the intention of the employees that matter to us – we take care of the rest.” Looking to the future Sriram tells us, “On a long term basis, we wish to expand across continents first to the United States and then subsequently to Australia. But until 2025, we see ourselves being confined to India, first spreading our wings to Delhi and then subsequently Mumbai, hoping to replicate our success in Chennai and Bangalore in Delhi and Mumbai.” With its bright ideas and big heart, Eagle Air always looks for ways to make the world a better place. With its dedicated staff members and unparalleled logistics, Eagle Air has become a leader in its field. Being so entwined with charity is something that Sriram strives to carry throughout his years as a business leader and beyond. Sriram shares, “We are connected to our sister concern – M/s. Girish Foundation, which is a charitable non-profit organisation in memory of my late father Mr. Girish who passed away on June 7th, 2020, due to lung cancer. My personal motto is productivity to myself and society at all times. I believe everyone around me, my staff included, should strive for the same. The aim of Girish Foundation is to uplift society, help one and all across all sections of society, particularly the under-privileged. Eagle provides employment opportunities and also provides its staff with an opportunity to contribute to social upliftment.” Not only is Eagle Air well on its way to working with these areas of the world, but Eagle Air owners will be looking to donate 100% of what they earn – in addition to existing donations – to the Girish Foundation so that schools and hospitals can be set up by the Girish Foundation after 2025. From its very beginning all those years ago, Eagle Air has an excellent performance record of being honest, reliable, and always on time. It is this dedication that has truly caught our eye when awarding it with Euro-India Air Freight Logistics Experts of the Year 2022 – India, and we are sure to see it flourish even further in the years to come. Congratulations to the entire team at Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. Contact: Sharanya Lakshmi Narasimhan Company: Eagle Air Sea Services Pvt. Ltd. Web Address: http://eagleair.in/about-us.html


“Cool Care Experts” Transporting goods is a careful balance between efficiency, accuracy and care. Transporting perishable goods adds another layer of difficulty: being efficient, accurate, careful and – crucially- fast. While, as they say, the world is smaller than ever, it’s not too small to make the unique challenge of transporting perishables negligible. Far from it. It quite literally pays to have the best infrastructure and most efficient processes in place to secure success in this space. Any waste, any inefficiencies at all, result in poor service, with both goods and potential profits at risk. “Shipping perishables is both an art and a science. Our culture of innovation and application makes shipping perishables a breeze.” - Chris Catto-Smith, Supply Chain Consulting & Solution Development Team Leader Operating out of offices in Thailand and Hong Kong, Freshport has made its reputation through a singular expertise and flawless track record for its services in fine-tuning and perfecting cold chain networks. From warehouse design, cost reduction, end-to-end supply chain analysis to offering logistical solutions and a client-centric focused approach, Freshport has becoming the de facto leader in a space that upholds the highest of expectations. This is made all the more impressive when you bring in another consideration – that the logistics industry continues to change, and more specifically, grow at a breakneck pace. The COVID-19 pandemic notoriously hindered physical business growth, but it resulted in a booming e-commerce space. The global network had to adapt accordingly, and industry leaders had to drive that change. Of course, the pandemic also brought about a greater focus on temperature control in shipments, with new medication and supplies needing a bespoke approach to transportation. Throughout all of the challenges that last couple of years has bought to the table, Freshport remained on hand and in the trenches, eager to offer support and lead wherever it was needed. With all of the above and aforementioned in mind, Freshport specialises in reducing waste, in whatever form that may come in. Space, goods, profits – Freshport is driven by a need to change a common issue in the industry, and form better best practices, acting The world of logistics can be notoriously difficult to navigate and transporting any type of goods comes with its fair share of challenges. However, when it comes to perishables, it pays to have the most efficient infrastructure and processes in place – and that’s where Freshport (Asia) Ltd (Freshport) has made its mark. We take a closer look at the company on the back of its welldeserved recognition in the programme. as a pacesetter for a sector that urgently needs it. By aiming for this standard, it has also achieved an ability to exceed all expectations. After all, what more could its clients want but an efficient process that reduces waste by delivering goods on time and in perfect condition? Client service is another area that Freshport has excelled in. You simply can’t operate a business in the logistics industry by adopting a cookie cutter approach, assuming that all shipments will require the same approach and treatment. Freshport offers a fully tailored service depending on the individual needs of the client in question, and the team have the resources and experience to meet those needs. Indeed, the team describe themselves as the cargo’s “guardian angels”, guaranteeing that it lands in the right place at the right time in the right condition. Beyond the perishables space, the company has also excelled in offering guidance across the greater logistics landscape. Here, it wields its earned expertise in managing perishables to offer indispensable advice in supply chain management, air cargo (and environments that require temperature control), thermal solutions and warehouse design solutions. These are all areas that any company operating in transport needs to perfect in the current economic climate. No company, regardless of size, can operate with excessive waste at the moment, making Freshport a key ally and partner for anyone looking to flourish in difficult times ahead. Ultimately, there’s a lot to say about Freshport and its services. Its expertise and guidance is invaluable when it comes to innovating an industry that demands efficiency and efficacy. Any weakness in a network can be devastating for clients and the goods that they offer. Freshport has made a name for giving its clients true and absolute peace of mind, with an established record for exceptional service, whatever the client may need. As the ‘Best End-to-End Cold Chain Network Design Specialist’ in South East Asia, it can be considered a true expert and goliath in the sector and region. Cold Chain is challenging for numerous reasons, so it is incredibly impressive that Freshport enjoys the reputation it has worked hard to cultivate over the years. With all this in mind, there is no company more deserving of the recognition than Freshport (Asia) Ltd, and its continued future as a logistics leader is firmly secured. “Shipping perishables is a task that requires extra special care and attention. Making sure your cool chain is as reliable as possible, is our top priority.” -Chris Catto-Smith Best End-to-End Cold Chain Network Design Specialists - South East Asia

9. Freshport (Asia) Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.freshport.asia/ Operations: Eng+66 (0)858034809 / Thai+66 (0)959163426 Consultation: +66(0)817357617

Best ATLS Solutions Provider 2022 Ancra Systems is one of the world’s leading specialist automatic truck, trailer, and container loading and unloading solutions (ATLS) providers, with over 35 years of experience supporting its comprehensive package of exceptional standards and bespoke solutions. The company has a particular focus on cost-effective solution design, which has been developed to help its market achieve its goals of improved loading and unloading efficiency, optimised logistics costs, improved worker ergonomics, and elimination product damage. Quite simply, this is what makes Ancra Systems stand out from its competition. Ancra Systems has experienced multiple incarnations over the years, with its origins going back to the 1970s as a subsidiary of the American firm Ancra International LLC to sell products for load restraints handling air freight pallets. By the mid-eighties, Ancra Systems was producing and selling roller conveyors for air freight pallets, and it was during this period that the company took its first steps into loading and unloading systems. This was the beginning of Ancra Systems’ meteoric rise to success. After a series of ownership changes, Ancra Systems became an independent company in 2005, and its focus was firmly on long term growth. Consequently, by 2008, Ancra Systems was the market leader in the field of automatic loading and unloading systems. The company’s passion for innovation was bolstered by its exponential growth, culminating in the development of new systems and products, including 2019’s development of automatic train loading & unloading solutions. Additionally, in 2021, Ancra Systems had developed and engineered a new version of Skateloader, which automatically loads high volumes of palletised goods or slip-sheeted goods into non-modified trucks, trailers, or containers in a total cycle time of approximately eight minutes. As such, Ancra Systems currently acts as a one-stop-shop ATLS manufacturer, with services including trailer systems, dock systems, and peripheral equipment. The company provides turn-key solutions for ATLS to both end customers and as a sub-contractor through system integrators. Thanks to its wealth of experience, Ancra Systems is able to seamlessly integrate ATLS systems into any automated production or warehouse system. Such solutions have a variety of benefits, including the optimisation of worker ergonomics, they improve dock utilisation and boost efficiency, and cut labour and equipment costs. However, in order to achieve true excellence, Ancra Systems has delved into Modified Cargo Space Solutions (MCS) and Nonmodified Cargo Space Solutions (NMCS) solutions. Indeed, MCS loading and unloading requires two combined systems – one in the truck or trailer and a fixed installation on the loading platform or warehouse. Truck loading conveyors and other automated solutions allow increased efficiency. Henceforth, through a direct connection to a production line or warehouse system, the rate of truck turns can escalate. Through the implementation of MCS solutions, truck loading and unloading times can be reduced from half an hour to just three minutes. Meanwhile, NMCS solutions adjust automatically to the exact trailer position or the stationary system installation on the loading platforms in a warehouse or distribution centres – without modifications. It transfers a pre-staged collection of unit loads directly into a non-modified truck, trailer, or container. The most commonly used truck loading systems are for outbound service – thereby, the addition of these systems can reduce these processes Ancra Systems is a premium ATLS solutions provider, with over three and a half decades of experience supporting its innovative solutions. The company is known internationally for its devotion to quality and ingenuity, and as a result, it has become a leader within the industry. from half an hour to just eight minutes. This system is perfect for loading or unloading palletised goods or non-palletised goods, or even both at the same time. It can be said that Ancra provides the most comprehensive package for both NMCS and MCS solutions on the market. Ancra Systems understands its clients’ specific needs and challenges, and it plans to leverage this knowledge to continue developing, engineering, and refining its technology to meet the evolving needs of its customers’ loading and unloading bays worldwide. A significant factor in this mission is trends, which the company strives to remain on top of. Ancra Systems endeavours to build the richest portfolio of ATLS solutions that it can offer to businesses around the world, whilst responding to movements within the industry. Firstly, Ancra Systems aids businesses in line with rising labour costs, unavailability of workforce, the development of infrastructure, and the rapid growth of the e-commerce market. By offering its expert advice and experience of creating Automatic Truck Loading Systems (ATLS), Ancra Systems improves the overall workforce so that businesses can work like clockwork, every day. Secondly, the adoption of autonomous vehicles and robots in an increasing number of companies creates an important role for Automatic Truck Loading Systems (ATLS) as the last related step in the logistic process, the loading of the truck is often still done manually. The future of logistics would consist of fully automated production lines in combination with fully automatic loading of trucks and automatic transportation. Ancra offers a range of solutions for the automatic loading of trucks, from large automatic systems that can load a full truckload into a trailer in one shot in several minutes to automatic forklifts that assist in the (un)loading of goods. Ancra ensures a brighter future for all by successfully integrating Automatic Truck Loading Systems (ATLS). The systems elevate safety during the goods receipt and dispatch process within warehouses and focus on more economical logistic procedures. This means that we can all experience better ROI and streamlined logistic chains that keep the world of logistics turning. The future of Ancra Systems can be summed up in one word: success. The company is utilising its experience and knowledge Thanks to its wealth of experience, Ancra Systems is able to seamlessly integrate ATLS systems into any automated production or warehouse system. Such solutions have a variety of benefits, including the optimisation of worker ergonomics, they improve dock utilisation and boost efficiency, and cut labour and equipment costs.

to ensure the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading operations for trucks, trailers, and shipping containers. Moreover, with demand rising in European and American markets, it can be expected that the company will further increase its operations within these areas. Contact: Fenghua Folmer Company: Ancra Systems Web Address: www.ancrasystems.com

Best Marine & Maritime PR Experts - UK Knights MPR experts work with companies of all sizes and geographical reach in maritime, energy, technology, manufacturing and aerospace industries to consistently create and distribute relevant and valuable information about a company’s product or service. It applies PR techniques to help build mutually beneficial relationships between a company and the public, with the core of its PR offering focused on brand awareness, reputation management, and building trust and credibility with a company’s audience. The essential ingredient in the recipe of Knights MPR’s communications activity is in delivering consistent and compelling storytelling that develops a favourable opinion of a brand, and which targets a specific audience to attract and retain new customers and encourage them to have a favourable opinion of a brand. Typically, it applies metrics to campaigns that revolve around leads, sales, and engagement in content marketing, social shares, website traffic, CTR (Click-Through-Rate), post engagement (comments/likes), and SEO performance. Lead generation, conversions, and sales data are also critical metrics for determining the success of how campaigns are performing. Customers and consumers trust brands that knowwhat they’re talking about and deliver content in a way that is informative and educational. This is why Knights MPR believe in developing the right influencers to help scale content marketing efforts, and it has helped companies draw out their own in-house experts to become industry thought leaders. Through the way Knights MPR engages on commercial and industry insights, it has proved that compelling, content-led PR and communications can be an extremely effective tool for raising the profile of a company and gaining traction for ideas and initiatives as a mainstream concern. Governments, businesses, organisations, and consumers have recognised that urgent climate action must be taken, and in this decade of zero emissions transition, everyone must be part of a profound transformation. What everyone does today will determine the state of the planet that is handed over to future generations. Knights MPR believes that those companies best prepared for future market, environment and energy turbulence are those working now to make life and the environments in which they operate cleaner, better, and safer; decarbonizing their operations ‘here and now’ – not waiting for tomorrow. Its own business model encapsulates an ambition to help all its clients to communicate and engage with their stakeholders on their low carbon projects, and to create a lasting positive legacy. These In today’s digital era where a single message can make or break the perception of a brand, the creation of timely content that resonates with a business’s customers and its consumers is critical. Content should positively shape perceptions using the available channels across the full communications mix. Amplified in the right way, it will help to grow brand awareness. Knights MPR’s approach lies in its ability to deliver a hybrid communications solution, combining both public relations (PR) and content-led marketing efforts. are usually projects that grow economies; improve the resiliency of a nation’s infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunity; and drive a focus to get the world closer to net zero; as well as tackle critical environmental challenges to protect people and the planet. It will only work with companies that have this ‘blue’ or ‘green’ circular economy focus, and are intent on accelerating progress to make the world a cleaner, better, and safer place. Working with its clients, Knights MPR aims to raise awareness of the biggest challenges in the industry, and it focuses on helping its clients communicate how they are working towards achieving a fully decarbonised and circular economy that will build the resilience of tomorrow’s commercial infrastructure and supply chains that the world relies on. The company is genuinely excited about its partnership with TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, and in shipping’s wider decarbonisation transition journey. Knights MPR works hard to bring greater focus, clarity, and awareness through a highly executed programme covering the full communications mix on the challenges around cleaner marine fuel options for vessel operators, and revealing how TotalEnergies is supporting its customers’ decarbonisation efforts. Knights MPR finds it satisfying to represent such an innovative and integrated global energy major that across all its business operations onshore and offshore, are making deep investments in to renewable energies and new, low-carbon molecule solutions to better support our planet. Ultimately, as an agency with clients offshore and onshore, Knights MPR is responsible for ensuring that communications help to nurture an engaging culture that influences how the business and its people and services are viewed, and acted upon – which should always be the overall goal. It is praised by clients for its agility and responsiveness, technical, political and business understanding, and it has successfully delivered work with real, measurable results, from changes to the legislative and regulatory environment, to shifts in opinion and market perception. Knights MPR is passionate about helping companies to create and deliver compelling insight and campaigns that inspire public communities, create business trust and build awareness with audiences worldwide. This is why what the company does is not just about creating stories – it’s about creating a state of mind. Company: Knights MPR [representing TotalEnergies Marine Fuels] Contact: Jason Knights Email: [email protected] Oct22053

172. Best Palletised Freight & Logistics Services Provider – Wales When it comes tomaintaining the supply chain, it’s businesses such as Severn Transport Services Ltd thatmake all the difference. Their skill and expertise havemade them incredibly popular with customers, as they arrange collections and deliveries throughout theUK. In the Logistics, Warehouse andSupplyChainAwards 2022 from TheBusiness Concept, the firmwas recognised for its stunning achievement.We caught upwith MarkHoward to find outmore. situation. “The huge surge in deliveries during the pandemic which has somewhat levelled now,” Mark explains, “but caution remains around inflation, fuel and energy increases, rising costs and shortages in the supply chain. We are fortunate to be a shareholder member of the Pall-Ex and Fortec distribution networks which keeps the majority of our vehicles local for network deliveries and customer collections.” Building such incredible demand for services has not happened by accident, clearly, and the team has worked tirelessly to make life as easy as possible for clients. “Our one-stop logistics management solution enables the highest levels of efficient service and visibility to our customers whether their goods are destined for the UK, Europe, or beyond,” Mark tells us with a grin. “Our service is underpinned by powerful and innovative systems which mean that customers can manage their consignment distribution more effectively.” The system, MyNexus, provides full freight visibility and control to customers. Instead of pallets being hidden behind a web of paperwork, MyNexus offers comprehensive tracking, alongside the ability to book jobs or search for digital PODs. Having this information at the click of a button allows customers the ultimate in control over their deliveries. This degree of information builds enormous confidence that the Severn Transport Services team will be able to deliver. Drivers, too, have embraced the potential of the digital revolution, with NexusGo offering them the chance for realtime digital signature capture upon delivery. At the time of writing, Christmas is approaching fast, and Mark, Steve and the team are preparing for the inevitable Christmas rush. “It’s an annual challenge to ensure that our excellent service levels are maintained,” Mark says. His ambition, however, is looking beyond Christmas and well into the new year. “Whilst we have to remain cautious in 2023 collaboration within our networks will be key and we do expect to see modest growth. We have exciting expansion plans within the next three to five years which include diversification in the services we currently offer.” Here at SME News, we can’t wait to see what shape those plans take! Company: Severn Transport Services Ltd Name: Mark Howard Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.severntransportservices.com Established in 2019 byMark Howard & Steven Goodwin, Severn Transport Services has gone fromstrength to strength over the years. Building on a background as part of the Pall-Ex Distribution Network where he was a Regional NetworkManager, he and his teamhave set new and stunning standards for quality when deliveries need to bemade. Since opening their doors, the Severn Transport Services teamhave worked tirelessly to ensure that their customers are always totally satisfiedwith their performance. Based in Welshpool, Powys, the team have proven capable of arranging collections and deliveries in any part of the country for Next day, Next day timed or Economy 48-hour delivery. Providing a measure of this success, however, is howMark prefers to explain the business to us. “We are monitored by weekly KPI reports which covers all disciplines which are exceptional on a weekly basis,” he explains. “This shows our commitment to service excellence and gives our customers confidence in the services we offer. We strive to offer our customers service excellence as standard and the whole team at Severn Transport Services are passionate about providing the best costeffective quality service by standing by our values of accountability, trust, honesty, transparency, communication, passion and teamwork.” Deliveries were big business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the team had to adapt swiftly to make the precarious Oct22387

Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Specialists – UK The world is going digital, and it has been for some time. While many businesses understandably struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, other industries thrived. None more so, perhaps, than the e-commerce sector. When people were forced behind doors, they moved online, pouncing on any means to keep connected. Unable to visit shops physically, they visited online storefronts. Established in 2021, Rapid Pack Fulfilment (Rapid Pack) has quickly forged a reputation for working in partnership with its clients to ensure their order fulfilment processes meet demand. Founder Ben Slater’s experience working as an Operations Director in the military – as well as an NHS contractor – certainly offered Rapid Pack a robust foundation for the success it now enjoys. Here Ben begins by offering more insight into the work Rapid Pack undertakes. “Rapid Pack specialises in helping e-commerce brands in the fashion, beauty, cosmetics and electronics space that are scaling and growing fast. In this capacity, we provide fulfilment solutions for e-commerce brands. This includes storage, pick, pack and shipping twinned with our unrivalled business support team. “This team actively looks to help brands grow and lower costs through sign posting and giving to access to a network of approved finance houses, insurance providers, marketing experts and more as well as our own in-house team. We also have particular expertise in helping businesses expand to shipping internationally with ease.” In this manner, Rapid Pack has firmly established itself as an indispensable ally for those needing an expert, guiding hand. That ethos runs through all elements of the company – that crucial drive to help clients in this rapidly changing business landscape. To help them to thrive and flourish and capitalise on an opportunity to capture enduring success of their own. Of course, there are challenges to be met, and obstacles to overcome. After all, many companies are looking to capitalise on the e-commerce boom, and the logistics industry has always been an incredibly competitive arena. Worse, the UK economy is now officially in a recession, but Ben knows how to navigate such difficulties. “It’s a tough market with limited available space causing pressure on businesses’ ability to grow. The ongoing energy prices are a big problem for warehouses with large spaces and more needs to be done to help warehouses become energy efficient. As we continue into a recession keeping control of costs is key and reviewing and renewing contracts is essential.” Naturally, Rapid Pack needs to grow to allow its clients to do the same. “We have our own in-house tech team and are developing our own systems and capabilities as well as working with many industry experts and solutions providers to plan the next six months, 12-18 months and five-year plan. We are to be investing heavily in optimised systems and infrastructure as well as in various robotic automation. Rapid Pack is growing quickly but ensure we do so in a sustainable way. “We are having a new mezzanine floor fitted at the end of 2022 to expand our fulfilment area and to extend our specialism in fashion shipping with new steammachines and packing areas. Next couple of The eCommerce sector has become a global goliath over the last two decades, and its growth continues, matching pace with the technology industry’s swift expansion and development. If you want to succeed in this space, you need to be fast. Rapid Pack Fulfilment certainly fills that criterion and many others. On the back of its recognition in the programme, we took a closer look at what makes this company a leader in eCommerce. years will be another larger centre opening with a heavy emphasis on automation as well as a European centre,” Ben adds. Away from the infrastructure and facilities, Rapid Pack is also delving into the podcast space with ‘Brand & Boost’, which aims to help entrepreneurs and brand owners alike. “New episodes will include marketing experts, finance insiders and business owners who have experienced the ups and downs. We will be inviting new speakers over the coming months and hope it is a useful insight for listeners.” All in all, it’s easy to see why Rapid Pack Fulfilment was recognised as the Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Specialists in the UK – it’s unique expertise, track record and company culture ensure that its clients succeed, regardless of the challenges they may face on the road to get there. Rapid Pack Fulfilment Website: www.rapidpack.co.uk Email: [email protected] Telephone:01216303380 Oct22585

Most Reliable Maritime, Air & Land Transportation Services – Panama City We live in a world where anything we want to buy is just one click of a button away, and it is available from anywhere around the world. The supply chain never sleeps. So why should you use a company that does? Here we introduce ICL Freight as it wins such a fantastic award in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2022. “ICL Freight is a logistics operator with a set of transport services and very versatile logistics solutions. In our organization, we strive to make the logistics service more efficient and reliable, providing innovative solutions, with the best people, processes and technology, to generate added value to our customers.” Our highly digital world means that we have the power to acquire anything we wish, all with one tap on our screens – and we shop online more than ever. However, ICL Freight covers more than fast fashion, it covers the transportation of all goods – large, small, and in-between – around the clock. Its diverse selection of full containers to loose cargo services, as well as break bulk, bulk cargo, Lo/Lo, and Ro/Ro, promise the maritime transport experience of the future. Providing full truckload and less than truckload land transport, ICL gives us all of the options to do everything our way, and feel confident that it will be the best way. ICL’s global coverage links us to 846 ports and airports in 190 countries through its web of connections. Its maritime, air, and land transport services all support industry and commerce around the globe, making for a more streamlined service throughout every transaction. “We provide you with 100% customized logistics solutions, adjusted to your requirements and aligned with your business strategy.” ICL understands that the supply chain doesn’t rest, so it helps each of its clients any time of day and night – 365 days a year. Its cargo insurance policies ensure there’s coverage against any losses or risks during transportation, and its customs clearance solutions guarantee fast and stress-free shipping admission from one part of the world to another. By offering its services to clients, ICL breathes life into their business. ICL doesn’t simply make things run smooth as the transportation process progresses, but it actually helps clients to build better relationships with customers by delivering on time and in a highly professional manner. We are pleased to announce that ICL Freight has now won Most Reliable Maritime, Air & Land Transportation Services, Panama City, and we know it will go on to aid even more businesses in their shipping endeavours. Contact: Vladimir Perez Company: ICL Freight Web Address: https://www.iclfreight.net/ Nov22241