Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2022

Most Reliable Maritime, Air & Land Transportation Services – Panama City We live in a world where anything we want to buy is just one click of a button away, and it is available from anywhere around the world. The supply chain never sleeps. So why should you use a company that does? Here we introduce ICL Freight as it wins such a fantastic award in the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2022. “ICL Freight is a logistics operator with a set of transport services and very versatile logistics solutions. In our organization, we strive to make the logistics service more efficient and reliable, providing innovative solutions, with the best people, processes and technology, to generate added value to our customers.” Our highly digital world means that we have the power to acquire anything we wish, all with one tap on our screens – and we shop online more than ever. However, ICL Freight covers more than fast fashion, it covers the transportation of all goods – large, small, and in-between – around the clock. Its diverse selection of full containers to loose cargo services, as well as break bulk, bulk cargo, Lo/Lo, and Ro/Ro, promise the maritime transport experience of the future. Providing full truckload and less than truckload land transport, ICL gives us all of the options to do everything our way, and feel confident that it will be the best way. ICL’s global coverage links us to 846 ports and airports in 190 countries through its web of connections. Its maritime, air, and land transport services all support industry and commerce around the globe, making for a more streamlined service throughout every transaction. “We provide you with 100% customized logistics solutions, adjusted to your requirements and aligned with your business strategy.” ICL understands that the supply chain doesn’t rest, so it helps each of its clients any time of day and night – 365 days a year. Its cargo insurance policies ensure there’s coverage against any losses or risks during transportation, and its customs clearance solutions guarantee fast and stress-free shipping admission from one part of the world to another. By offering its services to clients, ICL breathes life into their business. ICL doesn’t simply make things run smooth as the transportation process progresses, but it actually helps clients to build better relationships with customers by delivering on time and in a highly professional manner. We are pleased to announce that ICL Freight has now won Most Reliable Maritime, Air & Land Transportation Services, Panama City, and we know it will go on to aid even more businesses in their shipping endeavours. Contact: Vladimir Perez Company: ICL Freight Web Address: https://www.iclfreight.net/ Nov22241